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HP launches new stylish notebooks

In a hip party at the upscale Mezze restaurant in Greenbelt 2, Makati, HP introduced a new range of stylish mobile computing devices designed to connect you, wherever they are, to the information, entertainment, and people that matter most to you. With the right mix of form and function, these new notebooks enrich the experience and ease of use of HP’s personalized technology.

The event highlighted the latest HP Imprint patterns, featured on all new HP notebooks, which offer a new dimension in industrial design that are as elegantly stylish as they are tough and durable. Aside from launching the various new HP Imprint designs, the party also debuted the clean look of the new HP Compaq logo.

“HP’s new, stylishly comfortable notebooks help customers make meaningful connections to the people and information that’s important to them,” said Dette Nacario, Country Manager, Personal Systems Group, HP Philippines. “We’ve put wireless connectivity and rich digital media into notebooks that are designed to be an extension of your daily lifestyle. They look great, at work or play.”

The HP Imprint: Impressive style in a durable finish

The HP Imprints integrate eye-catching graphics into a high-gloss coating through an advanced molding and film transfer technique. Because the finish is directly molded into the surface, the HP Imprint offers a more scratch-resistant surface that lasts longer than traditionally painted parts.

HP’s new HP Pavilion consumer notebook PCs feature Radiance, an HP Imprint pattern with subtle lines across the surface of the notebook to hint at the interconnectedness of work and play. Special edition Pavilion notebooks will be graced by Verve, an excitingly dynamic design that draws inspiration from the fluidity of life.

Meanwhile, HP’s new Compaq Presario notebook PCs debut the clean new Compaq logo and introduce Trace, a new HP Imprint with a line pattern similar to a human fingerprint.

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SAP Joins 3C Initiative to Combat Climate Change

SAP AG recently announced it has joined “3C – Combat Climate Change,” a business leaders’ initiative seeking to deeply ingrain climate issues into the world of markets and trade. With the addition of the first enterprise software company to its roster of more than 40 signatory companies from 11 of the G8 +5 countries, 3C gains a strong ally in driving a shared agenda to apply innovative technology and business solutions to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In joining 3C, SAP is furthering its long-standing commitment to sustainability, underlined by multiple corporate initiatives and a portfolio of enterprise management, supply chain and compliance solutions that are helping companies optimize their global operations and reduce their “carbon footprint.”

3C is working toward the goals of reducing the growth of carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases to generally accepted safer levels and providing secure and affordable energy for stable, global development. The initiative aims to do so by calling for an enlightened global policy framework, creating incentives for commercial solutions, technological development and market-based investments.

Gaining increasing support from business and political leaders, 3C is calling for the support of the global community in a global ad campaign in publications around the world on June 5, on the eve of the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, Germany, June 6 – 8. To underline their commitment to the initiative in the run-up to the summit, 3C members recently met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who champions the environmental agenda and emphasizes that climate change policy must be backed by industry at global level. The chancellor praised the initiative’s commitment and expressed her hope that more companies would join in.

The meeting saw consensus on common aims to:
attain fair global allocation of reduction targets enabling the developed world to shift its economic base and allowing the developing countries to continue to progress out of poverty
create incentives to apply enabling technology for conservation or reduction of energy consumption as well as enabling use of alternative energy sources
enliven the market to achieve allocated reductions at stable pricing through mature emissions trading systems

“With 3C, we aim to create incentives that will, step by step, lead to our shared vision of a low-emitting, sustainable society,” said Lars G. Josefsson, President and CEO of Vattenfall AB, the company that initiated 3C. “Within the global community, we already have the technology to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions; what we need now are robust financial incitements to make these technologies commercially viable. The 3C initiative is further strengthened in this regard with the membership of business leaders such as SAP, whose expertise and technology are helping Vattenfall and other leading companies tap bottom-line business benefits from compliance and sustainability initiatives.”

Commitment to Business and IT Innovation for Environmental Sustainability
As a global leader in business and IT innovation, SAP is taking public leadership in numerous corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, including the United Nations Global Compact, of which SAP is an original signatory

“The quest for global energy preservation demands a concerted effort of private citizens, non-governmental organizations and the business, technology and political communities, tapping all of the resources, ingenuity and innovative power at our disposal,” said Henning Kagermann, CEO, SAP AG. “SAP has a long-standing commitment to compliance and corporate citizenship. Our expertise and innovative solutions are contributing to this important global effort, helping customers across diverse industries embed environmental responsibility and sustainability into their business strategies to become best-practice global citizens.”

SAP Helps Companies Turn Compliance Challenges into Business Performance Drivers
In addition to the company’s support for the preservation of global energy, SAP software solutions are helping businesses around the world make regulatory compliance a viable and value-driving aspect of their operations. The SAP product portfolio comprises a wide range of software to help customers better allocate enterprise resources, optimize supply chain operations and align regulatory compliance with enterprise performance. SAP’s commitment to helping organizations effectively address regulatory compliance challenges and adopt sustainable business practices is supported by a dedicated business unit and a growing portfolio of SAP solutions for governance, risk and compliance (SAP solutions for GRC).

Software innovations from SAP can play a key role in helping companies manage their carbon footprints and secure their energy supplies at competitive costs, thus minimizing dependency and risks. One such innovation is an application that enables companies to monitor, measure, document and control emissions output to comply with greenhouse gas regulations. The software helps improve manufacturing productivity while enabling companies to seize emerging opportunities in the emissions trading markets.

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Fujitsu & Crescendo

Fujitsu Phils. Inc. signs up as Tier One Partner of MSI-ECS (Phils.) Inc., a leading distributor of information technology products in the Philippines for Crescendo Networks. Crescendo Networks is an innovative, award winning company which develops, markets, and sells application acceleration solutions for data centers.

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Top US online stockbroker’s customer services offshored to RP

E TRADE Financial Corp., one of the largest US online discount stockbrokers that cater mainly to retail clients, has outsourced its customer services to the Philippines.

Lone Catanduanes Rep. Joseph Santiago, the new chairman of the House committee on information and communications technology, disclosed the positive development.

“We definitely welcome E TRADE’s resolve to entrust its customer services to the Philippines,” said Santiago, former chief of the National Telecommunications Commission.

“With this, we also expect E TRADE’s rivals in the rapidly growing US online discount brokerage space to consider the option of relegating their customer services to the Philippines, in order to stay cost-competitive,” Santiago added.

Santiago said E TRADE has outsourced its client services to the Philippine contact centers and back offices of Arlington, Virginia-based Access Worldwide Communications Inc., a business process outsourcing provider that specializes in customer management.

Access Worldwide, with offices in Makati City, supports a number of companies in a variety of industries, including financial services, technology, telecommunications, consumer products, healthcare and media.

New York, New York-based E TRADE is the third-largest US provider of online securities brokerage services and technology-based financial services, predominantly through the Internet.

E TRADE has more than 3.6 million mostly retail brokerage accounts that have more than $214 billion invested in the stock market.

The electronic broker handles an average of 171,387 trades every day.

E TRADE’s customers can buy and sell stocks, bonds, options, futures and over 6,000 non-proprietary mutual funds.

The company also has a banking business, with about 821,000 accounts.

E TRADE has a market capitalization of $8.2 billion. The only two other online brokers that are larger than E TRADE are San Francisco, California-based The Charles Schwab Corp., with a market capitalization of $24.5 billion, and Omaha, Nebraska-based TD Ameritrade Holding Corp., with a market capitalization of $10.2 billion.

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