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EMC Forum 2007 Unplugged

EMC announced that it will hold EMC Forum 2007 Unplugged , a showcase for information storage and management best practices, in Makati City at the Hotel Intercontinental Manila on August 30, 2007. Targeted at business and technology executives, this one-day event will help Filipino businesses understand how to leverage information for competitive advantage. EMC Forum 2007 Unplugged is part of a global conference series organized by EMC. This year the titanium sponsor for “EMC Forum 2007 Unplugged” is Cisco Systems, the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate.

EMC Forum 2007 Unplugged will be hosted by broadcast journalist Christine Bersola-Babao, and will target more than 250 Filipino professionals across industry verticals. Focusing on innovative approaches to storing, protecting, optimizing and leveraging information, the event will provide unique perspectives on how organizations can avoid the risks and reduce the costs associated with managing their information, while fully exploiting its value for competitive advantage. Attendees will also have an opportunity to network with their peers and participate in a lucky draw.

“As the industry leader, EMC is committed to helping our customers and partners in the Philippines manage information growth and risk, while creating new value. Just as consolidating information enhances its value to an organization; getting our customers, partners and technology experts under one roof, provides tremendous value to the industry,” said Ronnie Latinazo, Country Manager, EMC Philippines. ” EMC Forum 2007 Unplugged will reflect the breadth and depth of EMC’s information infrastructure solution, to help customers keep pace with challenges and opportunities of managing and protecting information”, he added.

“Cisco and EMC have a long standing relationship that stems from our common vision in value generation for customers. As the network increasingly becomes the platform for all communications and IT, Cisco’s unique approach to data centers — tightly integrated with EMC’s solutions — enables our customers to virtualize their resources, consolidate previously silo-ed data centers and decrease power consumption,”,” said Cisco Systems country manager Luichi Robles.

At EMC Forum Unplugged 2007, delegates will have the opportunity to explore solutions for their most pressing information management challenges—through keynote presentations and break-out sessions on topics including:

•   Storing information more intelligently
•   Next-generation backup, recovery, and archive
•   Making protection effective and affordable
•   Automating data center operations
•   Virtualizing your information infrastructure
•   Leveraging content for competitive advantage
•   Securing critical assets
•   Accelerating business value for applications

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Sun Microsystems Completes Next-Generation, Energy Efficient Datacenters in US, UK and India

As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to greening its global operations, Sun Microsystems publicly unveiled three active, new datacenters in Santa Clara, California; Blackwater, U.K.; and Bangalore, India. Put into operation between January and June of this year, all three datacenters were built using breakthrough designs and next-generation energy efficient systems, power and cooling. Sun estimates that the company’s datacenter efforts will save the planet nearly 4,100 tons of CO2 per year and trim 1% from Sun’s total carbon footprint.

The Santa Clara datacenter is the largest of the three datacenters at 76,000 square feet. Phase One of the Santa Clara project began with a hardware consolidation and refresh project that took three months, increased compute power by more than 450% and is expected to save $1.1 million in energy costs a year. Accomplished in an aggressive 12 months, Phase Two involved designing the Santa Clara space and installing the new hardware. Sun estimates that Phase Two will yield an additional 30% savings in energy costs. Silicon Valley Power, a local utility company, has recognized the breakthrough efficiencies and design of Sun’s Santa Clara datacenter by giving Sun nearly $1 million in rebates and awards.

“There are many projects, big and small, that businesses can begin today to make a difference. It doesn’t have to be complicated and the ROI can be larger than you’d imagine,” said Dave Douglas, Vice President of Eco Responsibility for Sun Microsystems. “We’re opening the doors on our new global datacenters today to show what’s possible in a relatively short time frame and because we believe strongly that sharing is the path to a greener world.”

Through its efforts in California, the UK and India, Sun has reduced 267,000 square feet of datacenter space worldwide into approximately 133,000. Today, Sun will hold an event for customers at the Santa Clara facility to share best practices from the company’s global datacenter efforts. Building on Sun’s heritage of sharing and open source, the company will post key learnings from the project free of charge at to help other companies green their own datacenters and be kinder to the planet.

“New standards in datacenter design and management are not only good for the environment, but they are also good for a company’s bottom line,” said Sun Microsystems CIO Bob Worrall, who is responsible for reducing Sun’s corporate datacenter energy usage by 20% in fiscal year 2008. “Most CIOs don’t even see an energy bill, which makes little sense given that datacenters can consume a significant portion of a company’s total energy draw. By working together, CIOs and CFOs can direct their efforts to successfully squeeze ‘green’ into – and out of – the datacenter.”

The three new datacenters run exclusively on Sun’s line of energy efficient products, including Sun Fire T1000/T2000 servers, Sun’s x64 servers and the Solaris Operating System.

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