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One Projector Two views Only from the New BenQ Projector – SP831

The BenQ SP831 projector introduces a unique split-screen digital display technology for projectors.

With this new BenQ SP831 special feature, the projector has the ability to receive two source / input to project two independent visuals with a single attachable lens, thereby allowing two users to do a side by side presentation and even compare their work with the use of one projector.

The content of projection can be edited independently and activating the Split-screen function only takes a simple push of one button.

Visually superior, the SP830 / SP831 is also built with HQV (Hollywood Quality Video) Detail Enhancement Technology which improves details in areas of high contrast and greatly reduces noise and blurring after keystone correction.

The SP830 / SP831 incorporates Texas Instruments’ BrilliantColor™ Technology which boosts brightness as well as enlarging the color area.

On top of the RGB color, BrilliantColor™ Technology adds three more colors (cyan, yellow and magenta) to produce images with precise color and detail. The independent six color adjustment (RGBCYM) makes color management convenient.

The SP831 features a powerful 4000-ANSI LUMENS lamp that ensures an ultra-bright projection irregardless of lighting condition to deliver the best in viewing experience.

Powered by DLP™ Technology by Texas Instruments which ensures crystal clear images with superior quality, the SP831 has a sharp contrast ratio of 2000:1 and a high 1366 X 768 WXGA widescreen aspect ratio native resolution.

Designed with users in mind, the SP831 runs extraordinarily quiet (32dB of audible noise) as well as incorporating additional special features such as a 4X digital zoom and offline cooling to provide the users with the highest standards of style and reliability that BenQ is known for.

Visit the BenQ booth at the Comddap Exhibit from November 8-11 at the SMX Convention Center Hall 1 Seashell Drive Mall of Asia Complex Pasay City and see how BenQ makes work and play more enjoyable.

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Canon’s Personal Workspace Adds New Dimension to Office Productivity

Canon Marketing (Philippines) Inc., announced a new office solutions suite that will increase office productivity by streamlining the way office workers capture, manage and print documents. Canon iW360 comprises an integrated suite of powerful software that support a wide range of desktop functions for office work and document handling like “one-touch scanning,” creating and compressing searchable PDF files, document management, and production of professional looking printouts.

“The launch of Canon iW360 is part of Canon’s Business Imaging Solutions (BIS) Division’s campaign to deliver simple business solutions that yield greater results. By bundling the software with a Canon multifunction printer such as imageRUNNER machines, business organizations are able to take advantage of powerful desktop solutions for greater office efficiency and increased productivity,” said Jojo Bolima, Assistant Director, BIS Division, CMPI.

The software allows broad usage flexibility as it can be used through many aspects of daily work in any type of business organization, whether small and medium enterprises (SMEs), startup offices or departments of large corporations.

Herman Lundquist, Senior Marketing Manager, Regional BIS Division, Canon Singapore, said: “The sheer volume of information that office workers have to file, search and re-use puts pressure on them like never before. Everyone can picture a time when they’ve been asked for a report at the very last minute, but couldn’t find the relevant information. Canon iW360 allows office workgroups to archive information, locate the documents that they want, collate and edit them, select the requisite finishing functions on their multifunctional printer (MFP) and then output. With iW360 you can create professional documents within minutes – a significant time saving.”

Canon’s Regional BIS Division’s extensive research of office managers, IT managers and office workers revealed a consensus: that greater simplicity is needed when it comes to dealing with information and technology, without changing processes. Canon iW360 addresses this by combining powerful desktop- and device-based software that allows users complete control over their documents.

“Workplace efficiency is now a priority among businesses and this begins with improvement of personal workspace and avoiding duplication of work. Canon iW360 tackles this problem head on and ultimately enables businesses to manage and use their information in a much more effective way,” added Lundquist.

Canon iW360 will be available locally starting October 2007.

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ViewSonic launches innovative DCR technology

A leading global provider of visual display products recently introduced an innovative technology for wide screen LCD monitors that can greatly enhance contrast ratio by up to 2000:1.

ViewSonic, the no. 1 display brand in the US , has recently incorporated a new technology in its latest LCD monitor product offerings. Called DCR (or dynamic contrast ratio), this feature can automatically detect image signal and intelligently control backlight brightness — making the black “blacker” in a dark scene and the white, “whiter” in a bright environment. It also automatically adjusts gray level and enhances an LCD monitor’s gray level performance range.

When there’s a need to display a dark image, DCR can underpower the backlight lamp while proportionately amplifying the transmission through the LCD panel. The primary advantage of DCR is that it intelligently controls LCD panel backlight. By modulating the backlights, a user is able to experience lower black levels while watching darker movies or video games. This helps provide for better user experience and overall front of screen performance.

Another advantage of DCR technology is its power-saving capability. Owing to DCR being able to automatically detect image source then adjust LCD panel back light, the back light power consumption will differ from back light usage. Compared to conventional LCDs with the backlight always on, the voltage of LCDs with DCR technology is flexible based on the contrast ratio.

The latest DCR technology can enrich image scale level and provide end-users the best color performance when seeing video or gaming. Also, for professional users, DCR technology can provide the real image performance quality for graphic designer and multimedia editing.

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HP Closes Neoware Acquisition

HP announced that it has completed its acquisition of Neoware Inc., a provider of thin client computing and virtualization solutions, for a fully diluted, enterprise value (net of cash) basis of approximately $214 million.

With the acquisition of King of Prussia, Pa.-based Neoware, HP plans to use the best of both companies’ technologies to create thin clients that are easier to deploy, more secure and more affordable. The deal will also extend HP’s regional sales reach.

Thin clients provide a higher level of security, can reduce maintenance costs, and consume less electricity compared to other desk-based computing products because they contain no local data, no moving parts, utilize low-power components and connect over a network to remote blade PCs and servers where data processing and storage occurs.

“The integration of Neoware will enable us to offer the industry’s broadest portfolio of remote client solutions that deliver the most secure, reliable and easily managed computing infrastructure available today,” said Kevin Frost, vice president, Business Desktops, Personal Systems Group, HP. “Our top priority is to ensure that Neoware and HP deliver uncompromised product and business continuity to our combined customers.“

Prior to the acquisition, HP was the worldwide leader in each of the Microsoft Windows® XPe, Windows CE and Linux thin client categories. Acquiring Neoware is expected to boost HP’s thin-client business in the areas of Linux software, client virtualization and customization capabilities.

Under the terms of the merger agreement, Neoware stockholders will receive $16.25 for each share of Neoware stock that they held at the closing of the acquisition and the company will be integrated into the Business Desktop unit of HP’s Personal Systems Group.

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