ViewSonic launches innovative DCR technology

04 Oct

A leading global provider of visual display products recently introduced an innovative technology for wide screen LCD monitors that can greatly enhance contrast ratio by up to 2000:1.

ViewSonic, the no. 1 display brand in the US , has recently incorporated a new technology in its latest LCD monitor product offerings. Called DCR (or dynamic contrast ratio), this feature can automatically detect image signal and intelligently control backlight brightness — making the black “blacker” in a dark scene and the white, “whiter” in a bright environment. It also automatically adjusts gray level and enhances an LCD monitor’s gray level performance range.

When there’s a need to display a dark image, DCR can underpower the backlight lamp while proportionately amplifying the transmission through the LCD panel. The primary advantage of DCR is that it intelligently controls LCD panel backlight. By modulating the backlights, a user is able to experience lower black levels while watching darker movies or video games. This helps provide for better user experience and overall front of screen performance.

Another advantage of DCR technology is its power-saving capability. Owing to DCR being able to automatically detect image source then adjust LCD panel back light, the back light power consumption will differ from back light usage. Compared to conventional LCDs with the backlight always on, the voltage of LCDs with DCR technology is flexible based on the contrast ratio.

The latest DCR technology can enrich image scale level and provide end-users the best color performance when seeing video or gaming. Also, for professional users, DCR technology can provide the real image performance quality for graphic designer and multimedia editing.

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