ViewSonic launches new CASA LCD series from 17’’w to 22”w

13 Nov

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual display products, launches its latest CASA series of LCDs from 17’’ to 22’’ with innovative DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio) technology, which enhances LCD contrast ratio by up to 2000:1. ViewSonic’s new CASA series LCDs include the 17-inch VA1716w, 19-inch VA916 and VA926, 19-inch VA1916w and VA1926w, 20-inch VA2016w and VA2026w, and the 22-inch VA2216w and VA2226w, which are all certificated with Windows Vista .

With these new displays, ViewSonic is now able to provide one of the most comprehensive LCD monitor product lines with affordable pricing and innovative technology to satisfy every PC user’s needs.

Alan Chang, the Managing Director of ViewSonic Asia Pacific region, says “As the leading LCD provider in the market, ViewSonic strives to provide only the most innovative LCDs. With the launch of our CASA series LCDs from 17-inch to 22-inch widescreen displays, we hope to provide price-friendly products with 2000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. We also expect this series to enable users to easily experience ViewSonic LCDs’ high quality performance.”

ViewSonic CASA series LCDs feature DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio) technology, which can automatically detect image signal and intelligently control backlight brightness to make the black “blacker” in a dark scene, and the white “whiter” in a bright environment. One primary advantage of DCR technology is it intelligently controls LCD panel backlight. When an image is viewed in a dark room, the drawback is that a dark scene that does not contain small areas of superbright light may get blown out. By intelligently modulating the backlights, a user gets to experience lower black levels while watching darker movies or video games. This provides for a better user experience, and overall front of screen performance.

A second advantage of DCR technology is its power-saving feature. With DCR automatically detecting image source then adjusting LCD panel back light, back light power consumption therefore differs in back light usage. Compared to conventional LCDs, whose backlight is usually always on, the voltage in LCDs with DCR technology becomes more flexible based on its contrast ratio.

Finally, the ViewSonic CASA series LCDs can provide faster response time with ClearMotiv II technology while still demonstrating smooth video performance and delivering broadcast-quality, fast-action video for gaming, entertainment and graphics-intensive applications.

The VA1716w is ViewSonic’s 17’’ widescreen LCD with a stylish slim-bezel design enhanced by a contrast ratio of up to 2000:1 and with 5 millisecond response time. For conventional 19’’ LCD users, ViewSonic has the VA916 (non-DVI) and the VA926 with 5 millisecond response time. Both the VA2016w (non-DVI) and the VA2026w are 20’’ widescreen LCDs that feature a 5 millisecond response time. Also, the new ViewSonic series includes 22’’ widescreen LCDs, the VA2216w (non-DVI) and the VA2226w.

With these comprehensive widescreen LCD monitor product offerings, end-users now have a choice as to the most suitable LCD to fit their needs. More importantly, ViewSonic’s newest LCD series only offer the best price/performance in LCDs, so they should always be your first choice.

The CASA LCD models will be available soon through ViewSonic’s authorized distribution outlets, with the VA2026 now available at a suggested retail price (SRP) of P13,570 while the VA2226 costs P15,870. For pricing and other information about these products, call Innovista Technologies at 723-4273. To find out more about ViewSonic and its various other products, you can also check out

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