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What differentiates GMASK LAPTOP WRAP as compared to other brands which call themselves with many names ending in “SKINS” :

1) The Gmask film is removable – and will not leave any stains or marks on the laptop even years later.

2) the Gmask film has an EXTRA transparent protective layer – that prevents color-fading that from human touch, this EXTRA layer also gives added protection from scratches.

3) the Gmask film covers the SIDES of the laptop – this prevents “peeling” which is a natural result if the “skin” cannot cover the sides…peeling comes from friction and constant usage

4) the Gmask film uses the best quality protective film from Japan – as compared to poorer quality (but cheaper) films from China – this makes it durable up to 5 years and stretchable as well.

5) Gmask gives the customer 100% FULL SERVICE w/ warranty, our trained and experienced staff wraps for the customer – as compared to others who require the customer to cut and put the “skin” by himself. An untrained person will probably damage his own laptop by self-application and thereby cannot even complain to the seller

For all these reasons, we call our product a WRAP, not a “skin”.

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