Packeteer Rolls Out New Unified Central Management System for Complete Intelligent WAN Application Delivery

22 Jan

Packeteer, the global leader in WAN application delivery, announced the availability of IntelligenceCenterTM a comprehensive application and WAN management platform that enables enterprise and service provider customers to easily monitor, enforce and optimize application performance levels with advanced, graphically-rich and highly customizable reporting capabilities. IntelligenceCenter provides a single sign on Web 2.0-based interface with simplified portal access to each of its performance monitoring and reporting, policy enforcement and Packeteer system configuration modules. The IntelligenceCenter system, which is comprised of the IntelligenceCenter Console the IntelligenceCenter Reporting Module and the highly efficient IntelligenceCenter Data Collector will scale to centrally manage up to 2,500 PacketShaper, iShaper and iShared appliances concurrently.

Among the most strategic new features of IntelligenceCenter’s modular architecture is a new Application Performance Monitoring Portal. TM This enables customers to define, monitor and set threshold-based performance levels for all file-based, transactional, voice and video applications. This ensures that existing applications perform to the highest performance standards and streamlines the process of troubleshooting new application rollouts.

“While WAN optimization continues its rapid inroads as one of the most strategic network infrastructure technologies, the table stakes are being raised yet again,” said Peter Sevcik, president of NetForecast. “Enterprises and service providers are now starting to demand WAN-based application service level agreements. Simply put, they want absolute assurances that any data, voice and/or video application can be delivered within measurable performance and reliability service level parameters to any user at any location, especially during peak load conditions. Packeteer’s IntelligenceCenter is playing an instrumental role in delivering on this promise.”

What’s in IntelligenceCenter

· Centralized reporting and device management: IntelligenceCenter aggregates application performance data from multiple Packeteer sources, enabling performance monitoring and device management for all enterprise network locations across thousands of devices through a single interface. The new platform also supports multiple data formats, including Netflow-5, Packeteer-2 FDR, XML, and SQL to support a broader range of analyses for application optimization.

· Single sign-on across CMS modules: The IntelligenceCenter Console provides a single location for accessing key performance and configuration data. This allows IT administrators to monitor enterprise-wide performance through the same interface used to configure policies, troubleshoot issues, and manage device roll-outs.

· Extended Application Visibility: IntelligenceCenter extends Packeteer’s industry- leading application visibility capabilities by monitoring average and peak utilization, network efficiency, response times, connection-related statistics and more by application and host on a network-wide basis. It also reports on and validates MPLS usage, configuration and compliance for all applications. This provides network managers with a network-wide perspective on application performance for granular troubleshooting all the way down to specific users at specific sites.

· Advanced Customizable Reporting: In response to pent up customer demand, IntelligenceCenter allows customers to access and display network traffic and application performance in whatever format they choose. For example, customers can create reports that compare application performance and response times at different sites during certain business hours or validate that applications are being mapped to the correct classes of service on an MPLS network. This new reporting capability is a critical element of Packeteer’s Intelligent Service Assurance strategy.

“While IntelligenceCenter has been designed to make application delivery and WAN optimization radically more simple and effective today, it is also the starting point for a whole new class of products that will change the way applications and services are delivered to any user anywhere across global networks,” said Packeteer CEO and President Dave Côté.

“By unifying application SLAs, performance monitoring and reporting, and device management into a single dashboard that is easy to use and navigate, we’re giving administrators unprecedented network visibility and control. This will become increasingly valuable as enterprises gain a deeper understanding of their application performance to set policies that assure service levels and fully leverage business processes.”

Product Availability
The IntelligenceCenter Console is available free of charge to Packeteer customers and orders are being taken. The IntelligenceCenter Reporting Module and Data Collector are also available now and are priced based on the number of devices managed and the rate of application flows supported, respectively.

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