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Cisco Philippines Kicks Off 2008 with Initiatives for SMBs and an Innovative Mobile Technology Showcase Called the Cisco Express-Network on Wheels

Cisco Philippines kicked off 2008 with new initiatives that will make its technologies more accessible to a wider range of customers. First up is a promotional campaign that will make it easier for companies with fewer than 1,000 employees to own Cisco’s enterprise-class unified communications system, the Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Businesses (UC 500) at affordable price options.

This announcement gives small and medium businesses (SMBs) the opportunity to reap the business benefits of unified communications without breaking their budget. Combined with Cisco’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Advantage Program, a low-cost subscription model that will deliver enterprise applications on a customer portal via the Internet, the program will also give SMBs easy access to CRM applications like Call Details Logging, Security Reports, VPN Reports and Call Center Reports.

Able to support up to 50 users, the UC 500 is an all-in-one, smart platform that eliminates multiple servers and features voice, data, voicemail, Automated Attendant, video, security, and wireless capabilities. It also integrates with existing desktop applications such as calendar, e-mail, and customer relationship management (CRM) programs. The UC 500 is an integral part of the Cisco Smart Business Communications System (SBCS), a complete system of voice, data, video, and wireless networking products for small businesses.

“SMBs are the bedrock of any economy and we are convinced that these companies can benefit from networking and ICT technologies,” said Luichi Robles, Cisco’s Country Manager in the Philippines. “By investing in a unified communications platform, SMBs are taking advantage of a new way to communicate, enabling secure access to information anytime and anywhere, while helping people to work together more efficiently and effectively.”

Another milestone to mark the opening of the year for Cisco Philippines is the upcoming arrival of the Cisco Express-Network on Wheels (Cisco Express-NoW), a 40-foot mobile solutions showcase featuring the latest networking communications products from Cisco. Part of a 12-month, 30-city tour across Asia, the Cisco Express NoW will be in the Philippines from January 21 to February 7, 2008, making stops in 7 key locations across Luzon to demonstrate how Cisco technologies can transform how businesses, governments and communities communicate.

“We see tremendous opportunity for the Philippines and for Cisco in 2008. Starting early with the launch of the UC 500 promo campaign and the Philippine tour of the Cisco Express-NoW, Cisco is demonstrating its commitment to our customers in bringing our world-class technology and solutions right to their doorstep,” added Robles.

Cisco had a banner year in 2007, with significant partnerships formed among top players in the outsourcing industry and the education sector. Its initiatives included a partnership with the University of Sto. Tomas (UST) to implement a fully Wireless Campus Mesh to lay the foundation for a collaborative online environment. The new network provides high-speed wireless Internet connectivity to the more than 35,000 members of the Thomasian community.

Key wins also characterized the year with Cisco winning its first TelePresence customer in the Philippines. Cisco TelePresence is a new technology that delivers a unique, “in person” experience over the network using advanced visual, audio, and interactive technologies. Cisco was also selected by a printing and imaging giant to further improve its internal efficiency by migrating to IP and implementing Cisco’s 10 Gbps (Gigabits per second) backbone.

Cisco also grew its channel base, gaining 30 new partners in 2007. The new channel partners include Commverge, Compucare, Another Level Consultancy Inc., Fastnet Development Corporation, Netmarks Phils., Advance 2000 Inc. and Accent Micro Inc. The addition of these new partners will give Cisco wider coverage of the Philippine market and enables enhanced delivery of its technologies and services to its customers in the Philippines.

In 2007, Cisco also celebrated the 10th year of the Cisco Networking Academy, a program enabling Filipino students to learn about networking technologies and become world-class IT professionals. In the Philippines, there are 124 active Academies with an estimated 22,000 students. Cisco expects to further enrich its training program with ongoing efforts in partnering with recruiting companies for its graduates, curricula enhancements and other initiatives.

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Intel unveils 16 Next-Generation Processors

Intel Corporation unveiled 16 products at the International 2008 Consumer Electronics Show, including the company’s first 45 nanometer (nm) processors for Intel® Centrino® Processor Technology based laptops.

All of these new chips include the company’s new transistor formula and 45nm manufacturing process that boost a PC’s speed, reduces power requirements, saves on battery life, helps the environment and comes in smaller packages for more fashionable and compact computer designs. With the introduction of the new processors, Intel will be offering a total of 32 desktop, laptop and server processors based on these industry-leading innovations.

The company also highlighted how it will take advantage of its transistor and manufacturing advances to spur a category of small form-factor, low-powered, high-performance devices that deliver broadband Internet access “in your pocket.” The processors are up to 25 percent smaller than previous versions so computer makers can create sleek, new designs for consumers ranging from stylish all-in-one desktop PCs to smaller notebooks.

Among the 16 new products, 12 are designed for new laptops and desktops products and four are for servers. All are now lead-free1 and, starting this year, halogen-free2, making the processors a more eco-friendly.

“The new products we’re announcing today provide consumers and businesses with the benefit of sleeker and higher-performing laptops and more powerful and fashionable PCs that deliver for the most hard-core gamer, high-definition enthusiast and just about every other consumer demand,” said Mooly Eden, vice president and general manager, mobile platforms group, Intel. “And later this year, Intel will begin delivering the mobile Internet with much smaller, lighter and powerful Internet-enabled devices that ultimately will fit right into your pocket.”

Intel Adds Mobile Processors to Line-up

Intel is shipping five new mobile processors, enabling breakthrough performance and improved battery life, providing consumers with the ability to be more productive or just enjoy their digital entertainment while on the go. Helping to extend battery life is also a new Intel Core microarchitecture design feature for advanced power management state called Deep Power Down Technology that reduces the power of the processor when it’s not running data or instructions to the laptop.

The processors are the foundation for the company’s popular Intel® Centrino® technology for laptops, and deliver improved content and video capabilities with HD DVD* and Blu-Ray* support with an optional third-party decoder. Centrino-based notebooks also come with the Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset and wireless networking including the optional support for 802.11n networks with Intel® Next-Gen Wireless-N.

Intel has also added new video and graphics capabilities with Intel® HD Boost that includes Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions 4 (SSE4) for speeding up workloads including video encoding for high-definition and photo manipulation.

Intel will also use this mobile technology foundation and energy-efficient performance to enable a variety of smaller, cooler and quieter, stylish desktop designs. These computers, including the increasingly popular “all-in-one” category, provide the performance to run a variety of digital media and the latest software simultaneously, as well as enhanced high-definition video and smoother playback using Intel® Clear Video Technology.

More Mobility on Tap: in Your Pocket; Wireless WiMAX

Pushing the power of the full Internet “in your pocket,” Intel’s strategy for using low-power Intel Architecture platforms that drastically reduce CPU and chipset power, and package size continues to gain momentum. Intel plans to ship in the first half of this year its first-generation low-power platform chipset that will help deliver a range of ultra mobile and mobile Internet devices from a growing ecosystem of customers.

Intel also continues to work closely with carriers around the world to deploy mobile WiMAX networks. These networks will help deliver true high-speed mobile Internet experiences to a variety of digital devices starting later this year.

Mainstream Desktop PCs Get 45nm Performance and Efficiency Boost

Building on its November 2007 introduction (the Intel® Core™2 Extreme quad-core processor QX9650), Intel announced three quad core and four dual core 45nm-based processors for mainstream desktop PCs arriving later this month and throughout the first quarter of the year.

The new Intel® Core™ 2 Quad and Intel Core™ 2 Duo processor offerings will speed the transition to Intel’s newest processor line and multicore adoption, and are arriving at a time when digital and high-definition content, including photos, home videos, music, television shows and social networking, continues to grow exponentially.

Consumers will realize more performance at a variety of PC purchase prices as these processors feature a range of clock speeds, large L2 caches, and also come equipped with Intel® HD Boost (SSE4 instructions). These 45nm processors are also a requirement for computer-makers carrying the Intel Core™2 Processor with Viiv™ technology brand, making it easier for consumers to select a great entertainment PC with Intel’s most innovative technologies.

Dual core desktop processor-based PCs using these new processors begin shipping this month; quad core-based systems plan to arrive later this quarter.

The company also introduced four Intel Xeon processors for servers and workstations; they are expected to ship this quarter.

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ViewSonic expands boundaries of color with new LED display

ViewSonic® Corporation’s commitment to state-of-the-art technology is again displayed with the launch of its 22-inch widescreen VLED221wm desktop monitor, which features the world’s first 12000:1 dynamic contrast ratio in a LED desktop display. Taking LED backlight technology down to size, the VLED221wm provides color experts, such as graphic designers, multi-media editors and gamers, with color precision and reproduction never before seen in an LED monitor.

“ViewSonic has a long-standing reputation for delivering leading-edge technologies that shatter industry standards,” said Jeff Volpe, vice president of marketing, ViewSonic Americas. “The VLED221wm surpasses the expectations of discerning consumers and professionals who demand the true-to-life, crisp colors and contrast ratios prevalent in high-definition content and want to make green purchasing decisions.”

The VLED221wm offers consumers high-quality color reproduction by leveraging OptiColor™ technology to display 118 percent of the color gamut based on the National Television System Committee (NTSC) guidelines. In comparison, most CRT and LCD monitors on the market today only display 70 to 80 percent of the NTSC’s range of colors. This allows graphic designers to more accurately match colors to printed materials, and gives photographers and video editors access to a broader color spectrum. The VLED221wm is ideal for high-end design applications such as CAD/CAM, desktop publishing and moving production, which must achieve the highest level of color performance.

The stylish, glossy black display supports a native 1680×1050 resolution, boasts a 5ms response time and features an industry-leading dynamic contrast ratio of 12000:1 (typ), making it the ultimate monitor for life-like high-definition content. The display is equipped with dual analog and digital inputs and integrated stereo speakers to connect seamlessly with other professional systems such as soundboards.

The environmentally friendly design is not only mercury free, but also results in lower power consumption of 38W, which is important for consumers looking to reduce energy costs and their footprint on the environment.

The VLED221wm comes with a pixel quality guarantee that exceeds the International Organization of Standardization’s requirements for consumer protection. ViewSonic promises immediate replacement if the display has three sub-pixels locked in the on/off position, or if there is any combination of four defective pixels. ViewSonic’s guarantee offers the world’s highest level of consumer protection against “dead” pixels.

The ViewSonic VLED221wm is Windows Vista™ Certified and will be available in February for the estimated street price of $799. Sold through authorized ViewSonic resellers, distributors, retailers and e-tailers, the display is backed by a three-year limited warranty on parts and labor. The VLED221wm is compliant with the strictest safety and environmental standards, including TCO and ENERGY STAR®, and is made with environmentally friendly materials.

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APC-MGE Receives 2007 Global Data Center Solutions Company of the Year Award

APC-MGE, part of the critical power and cooling services business unit of Schneider Electric, announced that it received the 2007 Global Data Center Solutions Company of the Year Award from global growth consulting company Frost & Sullivan. This honor is based on a number of criteria, including market share growth, quality product performance, manufacturing capabilities, technological skills and the effectiveness of distribution channel partners.

APC-MGE’s uncompromising research and development efforts have produced highly-efficient end-to-end solutions for data centers that address back-up power, cooling and infrastructure issues. The award honors APC-MGE’s unparalleled excellence in the data center solutions market by addressing the most fundamental and evolving needs of customers.

“For the past seven years, APC-MGE has consistently increased its revenue share and mindshare within the data center market. Their success is a combination of customer-centric power and cooling solutions and the execution of successful strategic industry alliances,” said Farah Saeed, senior consultant with Frost & Sullivan. “By advancing the progress of data center solutions in efficiency, design and scalability, while continuing to exceed the latest application requirements, they are a true leader and a worthy recipient of the 2007 Frost & Sullivan Data Center Solutions Company of the Year Award.”

Another factor cited in APC’s selection was the company’s exceptional customer service and customer loyalty levels. The company has the exceptional expertise to identify market needs and changes while executing innovative strategies within the existing competitive landscape.

“We are delighted that Frost & Sullivan chose to recognize APC-MGE’s success in both data center product innovation and company performance,” said Laurent Vernerey, APC-MGE’s president and chief executive officer. “With the investments we are making today, we are positioning APC-MGE for long-term success in our traditional markets, as well as within the data center and enterprise space.”

In order to select the award recipient, analysts quantify several market factors for each market participant according to predetermined criteria, paying close attention to their combined operations. This process includes interviews with all market participants, customers, and suppliers, along with extensive secondary and technology research. The companies’ efforts are then analyzed based on the number of new customers, new segments, and commitment to business expansion together with market growth. Industry participants are then ranked based on predetermined measurement criteria.

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50 Percent Growth in 2007 for HP’s Business Intelligence Services Customer Base

HP has announced a 50 percent increase in the number of its customers for business intelligence services for fiscal year 2007, while the number of business intelligence “mega-deals” – projects totaling more than $1 million in revenue – increased by 32 percent.

HP is quickly becoming a worldwide leader in delivering business intelligence solutions to customers who want faster and easier access to valuable business information for improved decision making across their organizations.

Survey results from analyst firm Gartner Inc. show that business intelligence continues to earn top placement for technology spending priorities. A survey of 1,400 chief information officers revealed that business intelligence had the largest increase in priority for two years in a row.

“HP has greatly increased its share of the market for business intelligence services this year with a major presence in the field,” said David Tan, General Manager, Technology Solutions Group and Managing Director, HP Philippines. “We’re clearly on the right track with the proper vision, talent, experience, and partners to help our customers succeed.”

Customers worldwide partnering with HP Services for business intelligence

Examples of HP’s diverse business intelligence services engagements, many delivered with leading-edge partners such as Informatica, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP AG, SAS and others, include:
–  Industrial Bank of Korea, one of three policy banks in Korea with a specialty in small and medium enterprise financing, worked with HP to integrate customer information and marketing channels to strengthen marketing execution capabilities. This resulted in increased customer satisfaction, sales revenue, and profitability as well as optimized IT infrastructure.
–  Korea’s Kookmin Bank partnered with HP to quickly implement a customer relationship management system to enhance marketing capabilities and increase customer loyalty. The solution included an enhanced IT infrastructure and strong collaboration among business and IT organizations.
–  Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited, the country’s second largest insurer, relied on HP to deliver a fully integrated data warehouse for automated reporting and analysis. For a subsequent upgrade, Vero’s project was delivered ahead of schedule and under budget – reducing extract, transform and load processing time by 60 percent.
–  ASB Bank Limited, a New Zealand bank, worked with HP to quickly comply with new BASEL II reporting requirements, involving the integration of more than 60 extracts from five source systems. Prior to engaging HP, attempts at similar projects resulted in missed deadlines and disappointed business sponsors. In contrast, HP exceeded expectations and is continuing additional phases of development.
–  Claimetrics, a third-party claims administrator, engaged HP to develop a business intelligence master plan to support its analytical needs and position the company for long-term growth.
–  Rush Health Associates, a U.S.-based, not-for-profit healthcare delivery organization, relied on HP to create a business intelligence master plan to develop an information infrastructure that organizes clinical and operational data into information – improving operational efficiency and quality of care.
–  MAVIR, the Hungarian power grid operator, engaged HP for a real-time data warehouse based information system project to deliver real-time monitoring and forecasting of power and reserve requirements for greater consumer cost savings.
–  Telecom Italia worked with HP to design and implement an enterprise data warehouse solution to enhance marketing intelligence capabilities collecting commercial provisioning, billing and traffic data. The biggest Italian telecommunications provider now enjoys improved query and reporting performance, with the right hardware in place for workload needs.

“HP had the right technical and industry expertise to develop a detailed roadmap for our future information needs. Simply stated, HP understands our business,” said Brent Estes, chief information officer, Rush Health Associates. “We leveraged HP’s experience with other healthcare providers to deliver a BI strategy that will return business value from start to finish.”

Expanding HP’s Business Information Optimization portfolio

The HP Business Information Optimization portfolio includes Business Intelligence and Information Management solutions that help companies manage information efficiently throughout its lifecycle. This allows them to make better, faster decisions to improve business performance, support compliance and meet risk mitigation requirements.

This past year, HP expanded the portfolio with:
–  Completion of the acquisition of Knightsbridge Solutions LLC, the largest independent business intelligence services consultancy, with 700 employees;
–  The HP Neoview data warehouse platform, which integrates hardware, software and services to offer customers a comprehensive view of essential business information, enabling real-time decision making and historical analysis;
–  Development of a business intelligence maturity model and complementary online BI Evolution Assessment to help organizations plan their progress; and
–  The HP Integrated Archive Platform, which helps customers mitigate the business risk associated with rapidly evolving e-discovery, corporate governance and regulatory requirements.

With the combined experience of 2,800 business intelligence practitioners and more than 2,000 projects, HP BI services professionals possess a blend of technical, business and industry expertise across a variety of market segments. They also hold significant solution experience in risk and compliance, business performance management and business intelligence for finance, marketing, sales, supply chain operations and IT.

More information about HP’s business intelligence services and solutions is available at and respectively. HP’s online BI Evolution Assessment can be taken at

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Union Bank of the Philippines inks deal with aurionPro Solutions Ltd

In a formal signing ceremony, Union Bank of the Philippines, the country’s front-runner Cash Management Services provider signed a deal with aurionPro Solutions Ltd. for their iCashPro software application.

Mr. Hermie Pugeda, Union Bank EVP said “We have achieved our reputation for being a leader in Cash Management Services by embedding high reliant technologies into our product innovation. We realized early enough the need for large scale payments transformation. We talked with several technology solutions providers and we opted to partner with aurionPro Solutions Ltd. Their iCashPro solution is a web-based application based on industry standard protocols and technologies, and as such, addition of more functionalities and/or integration with internal and external systems can easily be achieved.”

aurionPro Solutions Ltd, a ten-year-old technology product and solutions company with headquarters in Mumbai set up operations this 2007 in the Philippines as part of its global expansion plans. The strength of the company is the caliber of its local staff, with over 50 years of implementation and development experience in Philippine Banks.

“The Philippines plays a critical role in our global operations as we develop more cash management, remittance, treasury and risk management products for banks,” said Krishan Grover, aurionPro Global Sales Director and Southeast Asia Business Head.

About 65 per cent of aurionPro’s revenues come from overseas business and largely from the US and other Asian countries. It has over 1000 employees globally with offices in the US, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Bahrain, and recently in the Philippines. It has publicly listed shares on both the National Stock Exchange and the Mumbai Stock Exchange.

aurionPro was recently placed 5th in the Technology Fast50 India 2007 awards. And just this December 2007, aurionPro Solutions Limited was placed 49th out of 500, in The Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Ranking 2007. This highlights that aurionPro Solutions has had over the past 3 years growth of over 913%.

Among aurionPro’s clients are private and foreign banks such as Citibank NA, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, DBS, Deutsche Bank and Export & Industry Bank. UnionBank of the Philippines is a partner bank in the Philippines.

UnionBank, a partnership among the Aboitiz Group, Insular Life and Social Security System, stands out for its strategy, execution and performance. It has championed e-commerce in the Philippines and achieved success in B2B and B2G, creating electronic communities for multinational and domestic corporations and key government institutions.

In 2006, the UnionBank purchased The International Exchange Bank (iBank). The bank is well capitalized and has a reputation as a tech-savvy and well-managed bank. It registered a Php2.57 billion income in the first nine months of 2007. As of June 2007, UnionBank is the 6th largest private commercial bank in the country and is no. 1 in return on assets; no. 2 in return on equity; no. 2 in efficiency ratio and no. 4 in net profit.

Customers transact and access information through multiple channels: 186 branches nationwide, more than 200 ATMs, additional 5,165 ATMs through Megalink, a call center, and internet bank

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What differentiates GMASK LAPTOP WRAP as compared to other brands which call themselves with many names ending in “SKINS” :

1) The Gmask film is removable – and will not leave any stains or marks on the laptop even years later.

2) the Gmask film has an EXTRA transparent protective layer – that prevents color-fading that from human touch, this EXTRA layer also gives added protection from scratches.

3) the Gmask film covers the SIDES of the laptop – this prevents “peeling” which is a natural result if the “skin” cannot cover the sides…peeling comes from friction and constant usage

4) the Gmask film uses the best quality protective film from Japan – as compared to poorer quality (but cheaper) films from China – this makes it durable up to 5 years and stretchable as well.

5) Gmask gives the customer 100% FULL SERVICE w/ warranty, our trained and experienced staff wraps for the customer – as compared to others who require the customer to cut and put the “skin” by himself. An untrained person will probably damage his own laptop by self-application and thereby cannot even complain to the seller

For all these reasons, we call our product a WRAP, not a “skin”.

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