Brother boosts productivity and efficiency of M. Lhuillier Phils.

24 Feb

When the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) of the Philippines , back in 2004, required all companies operating with money transfer business to have a copy of the customer’s identification card and information with every transaction, leading financial services firm, M. Lhuillier, was faced with the task of providing the right printing solutions to its branches nationwide.

Albert Bantog, division manager of materials and management division of M. Lhuillier, said, “We took into consideration the uncertainties of AMLC requirements (hard copy of documents or electronic file) in deciding what machines to procure and deploy to our locations for compliance purposes.”

Bantog also said the company has been spending a lot of money in purchasing different types of machines for different kinds of jobs.

“For example, a single employee is using desktop computer, a separate unit for phone, fax machine and printer in order to process large volumes of day to day business transactions. Imagine those equipment on top of the tables with little space for clerical works preventing good working conditions,” said Bantog.

With this chaotic scenario, Bantog said that M. Lhuillier conducted a total cost of ownership analysis to asses what are the requirements for the job. The company considered the cost of purchasing the machine, print volume, warranty servicing agreement and consumables to determine the success or failure of its imaging and output strategies. “We compared different brands of multi-function machines to meet the forecast printing, faxing, copying and imaging requirements,” said Bantog.

After conducting a thorough evaluation, Bantog said that Brother products really matched up to the company’s expectations with the print quality of its printers the same as the original for the least cost or no cost at all especially when scanning documents for attachment.

“Brother machines are not only significantly less expensive but are also significantly easier to use. Brother products are robust, easy to maintain and most of all have low cost of ownership. I describe Brother products as an all-purpose player. It is like a bunch of equipment put together in one machine,” he said.

Productivity-wise, Bantog said that Brother products contributed a lot in boosting the productivity of M. Lhuillier by providing the right productivity tools the company needs.

“I could scan and digitize documents and could send them instantly as email attachments to the intended recipient. I could send fax documents from my PC without having the need to print out any hard copy. There’s productivity gain when time management is improved through less time spent in every job done,” he said.

Bantog said the acquisition of Brother machines has also increased the employees’ efficiency, and compliance. Since speed is essential to the company to serve customers better, he said the Brother machines have enabled the company to deliver faster services to their clients.

“Common sense dictates that replacing every printer with departmental multifunction systems would impact both productivity and morale. The capabilities of Brother MFCs provide us excellent efficiency at the most effective cost and of course speed is another factor. The faster we deliver our services to our customers the more customers we could serve. From the moment we acquired our machines from Brother it has increased our employees’ efficiency and productivity. That’s why customers keep on coming back because of the service level we offer that is beyond customer expectation and satisfaction and that is why M. Lhuillier is the Numero Uno ng Bayan,” concludes Bantog.

Aside from print quality, Bantog said another factor that sets Brother apart is the excellent customer support. “All too often these days companies tend to dismiss customers after the initial product purchase. We were finding that working with a variety of vendors was taking too much time to support, which was dramatically impacting our ability to provide service efficiently at a reasonable cost. We are very pleased with how Brother delivers excellent service. “

Since the year 2000, M. Lhuillier has been using Brother fax machines. It started using Brother MFCs since 2005 and has since bought over 900 units of DCP115 / DCP 130 / DCP 150 as well as fax machines. The company is also using the HL 2040 laser printer, Fax 555, 827 and the Laser Fax 2820.

Established in the 80’s, M. Lhuillier Phils. now has more than 1,000 strong locations. M. Lhuillier has added more services like loans, lending, life insurances, real estate, fruit preserves, fine jewelry and even money transfers to ease the public’s financial burdens, thus meeting one of M. Lhuillier’s visions to bring financial services to the Filipinos nationwide. M. Lhuillier Phils. is not only servicing the Filipinos domestically but globally as well.

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