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Viewsonic Unveils New Displays Emphasizing on STRONGER COLOR CAPABILITIES

ViewSonic Corp. recently introduced their latest LCD monitors, the VP 50 Series, that have higher color capability compared to most CRT and LCD monitors on the market that display only 75 % of the NTSC’s range of colors.

The stylized VP 50 Series ensures the widest tonal range and largest color gamut, making the displays critical for professionals that depend on vibrant color for anything from desktop publishing and movie reproduction to CAD/CAM. In addition, ViewSonic boosted the quick response times of the displays, 2000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and four USB ports, support HDCP, Windows Vista certified, 120 degree swivel, pivot and tilt, making up a rare assembly of high-end features at competitive price points.

Available in three models, the VP series is compliant with the strictest safety and environmental standards, including TCO and ENERGY STAR® and is made with pro-environment materials. For more information and images of ViewSonic LCDs, or to locate an authorized ViewSonic dealer, visit

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New HP Offerings Speed Data Center Transformation

HP announced a set of products and services designed to help customers transform their data centers from a standalone collection of physical assets into a virtual and adaptive infrastructure designed to rapidly meet changing business needs.

New research conducted on behalf of HP shows that more than one-third of chief information officers believe that in two to five years their data centers will be unable to meet the rapidly growing demand for business services and applications.(1)

To meet this demand, HP is providing businesses with the technology tools and strategies needed to address top data center initiatives: energy efficiency, automation, virtualization, consolidation and business continuity.

Coupled with HP’s current systems, storage, software and services, the new products and services make up the HP Data Center Transformation portfolio, which enables enterprises to manage and transform their data centers.

“An emergent mobile workforce, the need for real-time access to information, and the explosion of data are the multiple challenges customers face today,” said David Tan, General Manager, Technology Solutions Group and Managing Director, HP Philippines. “HP is exceptionally capable in helping CIOs considerably change the way they manage, operate and create their data centers.”

HP infrastructure additions include new services, plus a powerful HP ProLiant server:
–  HP Critical Facilities Services* – As a result of the February 2008 acquisition of EYP Mission Critical Facilities, HP is expanding its Data Center Services offering with three new critical facilities services focused on consulting, design and assurance. The services help customers create scalable facilities that reduce the cost of data center operations through energy efficient power and cooling technologies contained in space-efficient facilities. 2

–  HP Data Center Consolidation Services – New data center consolidation services include design, transition and support services to help customers reduce the sheer number of their facilities. As a result, customers reduce energy and operating costs, while maintaining the ability to support business growth with a robust, flexible infrastructure.

–  HP Data Center Virtualization Services – HP’s virtualization services portfolio has been enhanced with new design, support and education services that help customers create a virtual infrastructure from their physical technology assets. This includes virtualization across servers, storage, networks and applications.

HP ProLiant DL785 G5 Server – The HP ProLiant DL785 G5 is a powerful and scalable eight-socket x86 server based on Quad-Core AMD® Opteron processor technology. The server is an ideal platform for virtualization due to its processing power, large memory footprint, storage capacity and expandable input/output. The DL785 improves server utilization by consolidating multiple servers and reduces the management, energy and space issues associated with server sprawl.

New software provides single view of the physical and virtual world plus enhanced automation:

–  HP Insight Dynamics – VSE – This is the industry’s first software to analyze and optimize physical and virtual resources in the same way. The new software helps customers extend the life of their data centers with advanced energy-aware capacity planning. HP Insight Dynamics – VSE will support multi-vendor hypervisor technologies and reduces costs of common data center tasks by as much as 40 percent. Previewed today and available in the second calendar quarter of 2008, HP Insight Dynamics – VSE seamlessly plugs into HP Systems Insight Manager, the world’s most popular platform management tool.

–  HP Operations Orchestration Enhancements – Integrations announced extend comprehensive automation across all physical and virtual infrastructures. By automating manual and error prone processes across clients, applications, servers, networks, and storage, these new integrations help customers better manage and automate business services. Additionally, it helps customers reduce labor cost, increase service availability and meet compliance requirements by providing auditable, standardized processes.

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Lenovo plants seeds for “GREENER” computing with new ThinkCenter PC

Lenovo announced the ThinkCentre M57/M57P “Eco” ultra small desktop PC, the first desktop PC from any manufacturer to receive GREENGUARD certification, and Lenovo’s most environmentally responsible desktop PC to date. The ThinkCentre M57/M57P is EPEAT Gold rated, Energy Star 4.0 rated, and the first ThinkCentre with recycled material from consumer plastics.

“We are quite proud to say the ThinkCentre M57/M57P is the first desktop ever to meet our rigorous standards for chemical emissions,” said Carl Smith, GREENGUARD Environmental Institute CEO. “Lenovo is leading the industry in its commitment to environmentally responsible computing.”

GREENGUARD certification means that the ThinkCentre M57/M57P was tested for up to 2000 different chemical emissions. GREENGUARD Environmental Institute has certified more than 150-thousand products and materials for emissions of volatile organic compounds and other chemicals.

IDC forecasts worldwide shipments of the ultra small form factor to grow by 37.9 percent between 2008 and 20111. So the need for “small” will apparently continue to grow. The M57P “Eco” desktop PC is 25 percent smaller than previous ThinkCentre products: smaller than a typical phone book.

The ThinkCentre M57/M57P family is comprised of the quietest running ThinkCentre offerings ever. With acoustic levels measured at 4.0 bels or lower in all modes of operation, the M57/M57P provides a consistently quiet operation. As a unit of measure, “bels” is typically used to describe the amount of noise emanating from a PC.

“In addition to environmental responsibility our business customers have demanded more manageability and lower operating costs – all in a very small design,” said Vicky Agorrilla, country general manager, Lenovo Philippines. “With the M57/M57P we raised the bar by developing a small, compact offering that provides the highest levels of manageability and security while operating with less power consumption and noise. This is Lenovo’s most energy efficient ThinkCentre ever!”

The new ThinkCentre M57/M57P “Eco” ultra small PC features Lenovo’s full suite of ThinkVantage Technologies. With the touch of a single button the user can recover from viruses, update the system, clean up the hard drive and find help. The ThinkCentre M57/M57P also comes with Intel® vPro technology that enables IT staff to remotely perform system maintenance, including installing security patches and ensuring energy policy settings, even if the system is powered down or if the bios or hardrive is inoperative.

The ThinkCentre M57/M57P “Eco” also features the latest Trusted Platform Module (TPM) security chip, which uses hardware to encrypt keys, passwords and digital certificates – protecting information from an external software attack. Intel vPro technology stores system information in non-volatile memory enabling IT to quickly and easily ensure the latest versions of applications, security updates and compliance to energy policy settings. Additionally, the user gets the ability to disable/enable USB ports through BIOS, a standard chassis intrusion switch and the ability to sign up for Computrace.

“Intel vPro Processor Technology provides hardware-assisted security and manageability that significantly improves IT’s ability to protect their PCs from viruses and other threats,” said Zane Ball, director of microprocessor product marketing, Intel. “In addition, because IT staff can power-on systems remotely, there’s no longer a need to waste energy and dollars by leaving computers on all night to install security patches and conduct other maintenance.”

In addition, Lenovo announced its new ThinkCentre Vertical PC and Monitor Stand, which allows the user to lift the ThinkCentre M57/M57Poff the desk, freeing up even more workspace. The VPC stand uses an industry standard Video Electronic Standards Associations (VESA) mount to accommodate various sized monitors. It allows the user to lift, tilt and rotate the monitor, as well as secure the M57P and the monitor to the stand.

Lenovo also announced additional ThinkCentre models: The M57e, a high-performance, value desktop PC for large businesses; and the A57 PC, a rock solid desktop designed for small and medium businesses. Both include some of the latest technologies, including Intel 45nm processors, Intel Quad Core technology and Direct X10 graphic cards. The ThinkCentre M57e offers stable solutions, outstanding security, and manageability features for PC management; while the ThinkCentre A57’s latest ThinkVantage Technology suite and dual independent display capabilities are designed to help growing businesses increase their working efficiency and productivity. Both ThinkCentre desktop families offer three form factors: tower, desktop and small form factor, and are Energy Star 4.0 compliant.

The ThinkCentre M57 “Eco” ultra small desktop PC is priced starting at PhP46,112. The base price for the A57 is PhP21,547. The Vertical PC Stand is priced at PhP3,782. Monitors are sold separately. All prices exclude local taxes.

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Sun and Microsoft Expand Investment in Interoperability With New Center

Sun Microsystems Inc. and Microsoft Corp. announced two new milestones in their ongoing alliance: the official opening of the Sun/Microsoft Interoperability Center on Microsoft’s Redmond campus for optimizing Microsoft applications on Sun Fire™ x64 server systems storage, and the availability of the Sun Infrastructure Solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

Objectives of the Sun/Microsoft Interoperability Center will include optimization of Microsoft applications on Sun x64 systems and storage, and promotion of full interoperability in application areas such as virtualization, Java™ technology, systems management and identity. In addition, the center will collaborate with authorized Sun Solution Centers to support customers in running their own proof-of-concept testing. Customers can minimize their risk and shorten time to deployment by simulating their own environment, with access to top architects from both Sun and Microsoft.

The Sun/Microsoft Interoperability Center serves as a working lab for tuning, benchmarking and interoperability solutions creation. It will be designed to include the following:

–  A demonstration and testing area for Windows on Sun x64 systems and storage
–  A lab space for customer proofs-of-concept focused on Windows Server 2008 on Sun x64 systems and storage
–  The ability to certify Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE) and Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE), including Sun’s Java Runtime Environment (JRE™) software for and with Microsoft operating environments and applications
–  Joint work to help enable cross-platform server virtualization, including Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V and Sun xVM
–  Cross-company collaboration to allow Sun Ray thin client software to provide a first-rate virtual desktop for the Windows environment and support Windows technologies

One of the first results of the recently increased collaboration is the availability of the Sun Infrastructure Solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. This solution will help enable enterprise customers to better manage e-mail growth and realize the benefits of Exchange Server 2007. Pre-tested end-to-date system and storage configurations allow customers to easily migrate to Exchange Server 2007 — achieving up to 85 percent savings in rack space, power and cooling, and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) for e-mail by up to 70 percent over three years.

The Interoperability Center expands Sun’s three-year presence on the Microsoft main campus, focused on testing customer scenarios on Sun’s systems in the Microsoft Enterprise Engineering Center. Microsoft and Sun have collaborated in a number of interoperability areas including Web services, identity management, thin clients, systems management and Windows Server engineering.

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Acer sets sight on other markets

For fanatics of popular video archiving site YouTube, try checking out a collection of local television advertisements dating back to the late 1970s. One that catches attention is the one that featured a popular comedian known for his infectious and high-pitched yet lovable laugh. In the TV ad, the character was one of the princes from a faraway kingdom tasked to find the best gifts available anywhere, which will then be offered to the kingdom’s prized princess.

He ended up in a popular appliance store then, which is really a far cry from the look of appliance stores today. Today’s version are well-lit, products are masterfully arranged, plus more walking area for customers so they can move around the area with more ease and convenience. Even the interior design of the entire area is tasteful and artistic, with lots of lively colors and enticing décor and other adornments that are pleasing and enticing to the eye, making the place more attractive, chic, and contemporary.

So how viable are appliance stores nowadays? For many, they may think that appliance stores are simply just that—appliance stores. People may have not noticed it but lately, appliance stores are not just plain merchants of home appliances anymore. They have evolved by becoming a much viable market, an able and impressive showcase area for the best and well-known high-end brands of home appliances today.

And yes, including gadgets and home-and-office tools like computers, too. With the convergence of IT products like computers and other digital devices into the mainstream with lifestyle items, it’s not a surprise that digital products manufacturers would take notice, that appliance stores are now also becoming havens of gadgets as well.

With this new look and feel of appliance stores, Acer, one of the world’s top computer manufacturers, noticed the transformation so they decided to tap appliance stores not only as a showroom but also as an alternative market for its impressive product portfolio of laptops, desktops, and even projectors.

Since 2006, Acer has already recognized the fact that appliance stores have already metamorphosed from their “traditional” look and have now become best-of-breed showrooms for modern-day gadgets like computers.

The company, through its distributors, then started establishing relationships with some of the best and renowned appliance stores in the country like Anson’s, Automatic Center, Emcor, and SM Appliance Centers. Known for their wide and impressive lineup of brands in their stores, ranging from audio and video equipment to home and office tools and gadgets, Acer believes that these establishments serve as another great showcase area for its products.

Aside from that, Acer believes that with the addition of appliance stores as alternative venue to showcase their products, exposure in these stores would be a tremendous boost on awareness about Acer products and its quality, which would later on translate to more customers and more sales.

Besides, Acer does not stop there. Once purchases of Acer products in the appliance store is made, customers are still rest assured of the same Acer quality of after-sales service that has been the hallmark of the company’s success in the country these past years.

With the new look of appliance stores, we suggest you visit the nearest one and find out how its look has changed and discover the many wonderful digital devices they have to offer, including that of Acer’s, of course. Or if an appliance store is not accessible, there are still the authorized Acer resellers, whose friendly staff you can always talk to, that you can visit and find out more about what Acer can do to change your digital life.

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