New HP Offerings Speed Data Center Transformation

20 Mar

HP announced a set of products and services designed to help customers transform their data centers from a standalone collection of physical assets into a virtual and adaptive infrastructure designed to rapidly meet changing business needs.

New research conducted on behalf of HP shows that more than one-third of chief information officers believe that in two to five years their data centers will be unable to meet the rapidly growing demand for business services and applications.(1)

To meet this demand, HP is providing businesses with the technology tools and strategies needed to address top data center initiatives: energy efficiency, automation, virtualization, consolidation and business continuity.

Coupled with HP’s current systems, storage, software and services, the new products and services make up the HP Data Center Transformation portfolio, which enables enterprises to manage and transform their data centers.

“An emergent mobile workforce, the need for real-time access to information, and the explosion of data are the multiple challenges customers face today,” said David Tan, General Manager, Technology Solutions Group and Managing Director, HP Philippines. “HP is exceptionally capable in helping CIOs considerably change the way they manage, operate and create their data centers.”

HP infrastructure additions include new services, plus a powerful HP ProLiant server:
–  HP Critical Facilities Services* – As a result of the February 2008 acquisition of EYP Mission Critical Facilities, HP is expanding its Data Center Services offering with three new critical facilities services focused on consulting, design and assurance. The services help customers create scalable facilities that reduce the cost of data center operations through energy efficient power and cooling technologies contained in space-efficient facilities. 2

–  HP Data Center Consolidation Services – New data center consolidation services include design, transition and support services to help customers reduce the sheer number of their facilities. As a result, customers reduce energy and operating costs, while maintaining the ability to support business growth with a robust, flexible infrastructure.

–  HP Data Center Virtualization Services – HP’s virtualization services portfolio has been enhanced with new design, support and education services that help customers create a virtual infrastructure from their physical technology assets. This includes virtualization across servers, storage, networks and applications.

HP ProLiant DL785 G5 Server – The HP ProLiant DL785 G5 is a powerful and scalable eight-socket x86 server based on Quad-Core AMD® Opteron processor technology. The server is an ideal platform for virtualization due to its processing power, large memory footprint, storage capacity and expandable input/output. The DL785 improves server utilization by consolidating multiple servers and reduces the management, energy and space issues associated with server sprawl.

New software provides single view of the physical and virtual world plus enhanced automation:

–  HP Insight Dynamics – VSE – This is the industry’s first software to analyze and optimize physical and virtual resources in the same way. The new software helps customers extend the life of their data centers with advanced energy-aware capacity planning. HP Insight Dynamics – VSE will support multi-vendor hypervisor technologies and reduces costs of common data center tasks by as much as 40 percent. Previewed today and available in the second calendar quarter of 2008, HP Insight Dynamics – VSE seamlessly plugs into HP Systems Insight Manager, the world’s most popular platform management tool.

–  HP Operations Orchestration Enhancements – Integrations announced extend comprehensive automation across all physical and virtual infrastructures. By automating manual and error prone processes across clients, applications, servers, networks, and storage, these new integrations help customers better manage and automate business services. Additionally, it helps customers reduce labor cost, increase service availability and meet compliance requirements by providing auditable, standardized processes.

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One response to “New HP Offerings Speed Data Center Transformation

  1. achugh

    June 23, 2009 at 2:46 am

    Thanks for the consolidated information. Of course, there is no other companies like HP that is doing such great deal of work in Data Center Transformation (DCT). They have all what it takes to support their customers, ranging from servers to services to applications.


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