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HP Delivers Enhanced Neoview Capabilities

HP has announced a new release of its HP Neoview data warehouse solution that provides companies with broader access to operational business intelligence: real-time business information that improves insight and decision making.

The new version of HP Neoview includes several industry-first, patented technologies for operational business intelligence that simultaneously handle mixed workloads of massive queries along with thousands of short, transaction-like queries. These new enhancements put key information into the hands of every type of decision maker when they require it.
Business intelligence typically has been used by business analysts doing comprehensive analyses of company operations. In this traditional model, it could take days, weeks or even months to extract and use information from business intelligence solutions.

The new model of operational business intelligence extends beyond traditional business intelligence by empowering workers across an enterprise with immediate access to information to make better decisions in real time.

Real-time information allows sales agents to provide the best product offers to customers, which can increase revenue. Real-time access also allows companies to quickly analyze inbound data to identify fraud as it occurs.

“HP Neoview is giving us what we need to move business intelligence increasingly into the operations of our company,” said Ron Azbill, business intelligence director, The Bon-Ton Stores Inc., one of fastest growing U.S. retailers. “As the first Neoview customer, we already purchased our second solution with the goal that it will speed up the development process. HP Neoview has exceeded our expectations to manage and analyze massive amounts of data, summarize the detail into meaningful segments and quickly respond to many query requests.”
HP Neoview innovations
Operational business intelligence requires a solution that can simultaneously handle mixed workloads of massive queries with thousands of short, transaction-like queries from employees, such as customer service agents. To deliver superior operational business intelligence, HP Neoview uses patented technologies such as:

– HP Adaptive Segmentation, which automatically matches the appropriate resources to various sizes and types of queries, providing significant performance enhancements. Unlike any other offering on the market, HP Neoview can simultaneously process large and small queries while pulling information from the same data source.
– HP Skewbuster, which acts as a traffic coordinator for data, preventing bottlenecks before they happen. The technology can dramatically improve system performance, helping assure the delivery of service-level agreements and reduce the possibility of system slowdowns.
– HP Transporter, which helps make sure the most up to date information and offers are available to serve customers in real time. By extracting data as quickly as it is loaded into the data warehouse, the technology also allows security scoring of customer records, which is vital for immediately identifying fraudulent transactions so action can be taken.

“With its Neoview offering, HP is delivering noteworthy new capabilities for operational business intelligence, demonstrating its commitment to innovation in the data warehouse field,” said Richard Winter, president of independent consulting firm WinterCorp. “HP’s aim is to provide unique capabilities in operational business intelligence – today and in the future – on which its customers can build sustained competitive advantage.”

To further address this operational business intelligence trend, HP Labs, the company’s central research and development arm, is focused on research to help customers deal with the explosion of information so businesses and individuals can acquire, analyze and deliver the right information. Labs researchers will conduct exploratory research so breakthrough technology for information explosion and business intelligence can be transferred more rapidly into commercial applications for customers.

“The market landscape is changing and customers in all industries will need to take advantage of critical information across their operations,” said Ben Barnes, vice president and general manager, Business Intelligence, Software, HP. “HP Neoview combined with HP’s business intelligence services, a robust partner ecosystem and HP Labs innovations delivers the industry’s first true operational business intelligence platform.”

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