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AMD Board of Directors Elects Dirk Meyer President and CEO

AMD announced that its board of directors elected President and COO Dirk Meyer as the company’s chief executive officer. Meyer succeeds Hector Ruiz, who will become executive chairman of AMD and chair of the board of directors. As executive chairman, Ruiz will ensure a smooth executive leadership transition, focus on driving the company’s asset smart strategy to completion, and assist with high-level government and strategic partner relations.

“Dirk’s election to CEO is the final phase of a two-year succession plan developed and implemented jointly by AMD’s board of directors and executive team,” said Robert Palmer, lead independent director. “Under Hector’s strong leadership, AMD drove the industry adoption of pervasive 64-bit and multicore computing, became a trusted enterprise-class partner to leading technology suppliers and significantly expanded its global footprint in high-growth markets like China.
“Dirk’s extensive experience as a business leader and his notable engineering accomplishments before and during his 12 years at AMD make him ideally suited to build upon the foundation Hector created and lead AMD.”

“AMD has fundamentally altered the industry landscape, leading the innovation agenda while delivering greater choice and better experiences for our customers and users,” said Ruiz, executive chairman, AMD. “Dirk is a gifted leader who possesses the right skills and experience to continue driving AMD and the industry forward in new, compelling directions. I am placing the company in excellent hands.”

Meyer, 46, joined AMD in 1995 and made his mark as part of the design team responsible for the original AMD Athlon™ processor, a breakthrough product for AMD and the industry’s first processor to break the 1GHz barrier. From 2001 to 2006, Meyer led the company’s microprocessor business, overseeing related R&D, manufacturing, operations, and marketing. His leadership skills during these five years resulted in a doubling of revenue for the microprocessor business and a substantial expansion of AMD’s global profile. In 2006, Meyer was appointed president and COO, and in 2007, he was elected to AMD’s board of directors.

“I’m tremendously excited by the opportunities ahead for AMD. As the only company that possesses expertise and leadership in both x86 microprocessor and graphics technology, AMD has a unique capability to drive the next wave of innovation through the integration of computing and graphics processors to deliver a better computing experience,” said Meyer, president and chief executive officer, AMD. “We are in the midst of re-shaping AMD’s business model with the goal of delivering sustained profitability through a focus on the core technologies that differentiate AMD. My immediate priority is to work with the leadership team to accelerate this transformation. I appreciate the trust that the Board and Hector have placed in me. During the years that I’ve worked under Hector, he has been an excellent leader, mentor and friend.”

Ruiz, 62, joined AMD as president and chief operating officer in January 2000 and became AMD’s chief executive officer on April 25, 2002. He has served on AMD’s board of directors since 2000 and was appointed chairman of the board of directors in 2004. His accomplishments at AMD and contributions to the industry include:

– Expanding AMD beyond the consumer desktop market into the commercial and enterprise market, resulting in AMD technology being used by as much as 90 of the top 100 companies on the Forbes Global 2000 by the year 2007.

– Growing AMD’s customer base to include the world’s top 10 computer manufacturers and the world’s top 10 consumer electronics manufacturers.

– Redefining the future of enterprise computing with the introduction of the AMD Opteron™ processor, paving the way for the industry-standard x86 architecture to deliver the advantages of 64-bit computing.

– Sharply growing AMD’s global presence, with new teams and new design centers in China, India, and other high-growth markets. In 2007, AMD’s international sales represented 87 percent of total consolidated revenue, as compared to 66 percent in 2001.

– Focusing the industry on innovating to better meet customer needs. This strategy, commonly referred to as “customer-centric innovation,” has become a hallmark of Hector and of AMD, and is a primary point of AMD’s competitive differentiation.

– Broadening AMD’s platform advantage to include leading-edge graphics and paving the road for the next generation of computing, Accelerated Computing, with the ATI acquisition in late 2006.

– Promoting fair and open competition in the global microprocessor market with AMD filing a landmark antitrust suit against Intel. Since 2005, antitrust regulators around the world have validated claims made by AMD regarding Intel’s illegal business practices by launching independent investigations that have thus far uncovered evidence of illegal monopoly maintenance that harms consumer choice.

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GN Netcom Expands Wireless Solutions for the Office With New Jabra Wireless and Multiuse Headset Portfolio

Jabra rolled out its M5390 Multiuse Bluetooth headset in the Philippine market alongside three other headsets namely: the GN9120, BT8040 and T5330. All working by Bluetooth technology, the headsets promise freedom to Filipino executives performing multiple tasks.

The Jabra M5390 multiuse headset can seamlessly connect two communications devices such as a desk phone, a PC softphone or a cell phone and gives users the flexibility and freedom to use one simple headset.
With a range of 70 meters and enhanced audio quality, the M5390 is ideal for busy office-based professionals who use several forms of communications but want to avoid the hassle of using multiple devices. When paired with a Jabra A335w Bluetooth Adapter, the M5390 works plug-and-play with a wide range of PC-based softphones such as Microsoft Communicator 2007, Cisco or Skype. The M5390 is also compatible with most desk phone systems and can instantly connect to any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone.

All call handling is controlled via the headset, enabling the user to answer, end or put on hold any call and the new and improved earhook was designed to increase user comfort. Integrated DSP technology and eSCO Bluetooth audio link provide an enhanced digital sound performance. The M5390 has a talk time of up to six hours, a standby time of up to 60 hours and weighs just 0.6 ounces making it ideal for use throughout the day.

The Jabra GN9120 will give complete wireless freedom in the office. The unique conference call feature lets you hold fully mobile, secure conference calls not restricted to meeting rooms or ruined by crackling speakerphones. And, the GN 9120 comes with a choice of three different boom arms equipped with different microphones to suit quieter or louder office environments.

The Jabra BT8040 is a feature-packed wireless headset, offering excellent Bluetooth 2.0 audio performance within a head-turning design. It is also A2DP enabled, meaning it can stream music wirelessly from media MP3 players, the internet, a mobile phone or PC and any audio being played (such as music) will automatically be paused when a call comes in. The Jabra BT8040 has no ear-hook. Instead it features “Generation III” ear gel, available in a choice of three sizes.

The Jabra T5330 is designed for use with traditional landline telephony, providing a range of 33 feet from the base station. The headset features Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology that enhances the incoming voice/ audio signal and removes sound impurities from noisy environments for optimal audio quality. The Jabra T5330 offers operation controls directly from the headset including call answer/ end, volume up/ down, charge statues via green/red LED lights and mute functionality.

Jabra is committed to providing high quality, modestly priced wireless headset in the Philippines. Our four new headsets will give Filipino business executives, office personnel and mobile workers the freedom they crave for,” said Mr. Shaz Khan, GN Netcom President and Managing Director for Asia Pacific.

Jabra products are distributed locally by Comland Incorporated.

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Create Stunning Video and Slide Show Discs with the New Corel DVD MovieFactory Pro 7

Corel Corporation announced the launch of a new version of DVD MovieFactory, its award-winning DVD and Blu-ray Disc® authoring software. DVD MovieFactory™ Pro 7 is all-in-one HD disc creation and burning software for quickly turning photos and home videos into professional-quality DVD, AVCHD™ and Blu-ray discs. Users can quickly design stunning Hollywood-style motion menus with state-of-the-art effects using professionally-designed templates. A full suite of disc utilities provides for recording video direct to disc, creating music discs, backing up data and playing DVDs and AVCHD discs.
DVD MovieFactory Pro 7 is designed for the home user and video enthusiast, offering easy-to-use yet powerful tools and an extensive set of professionally-designed full motion menu templates. Home users can quickly combine video and photos to share eye-catching slide shows, videos and DVD scrapbooks with step-by-step ease, while video enthusiasts can get creative with advanced projects, making high-definition AVCHD and Blu-ray discs with studio-quality menus.

“DVD MovieFactory Pro 7 perfectly fits into the broad portfolio of Corel’s Digital Media Solutions, which offers users the easiest and most attractive ways to share their lives and memories with others,” said Jeff Hastings, President and General Manager of Digital Media at Corel. “The category’s richest set of creative tools, together with end-to-end HD support, ensure fabulous results for anyone working with either standard-definition video or the latest AVCHD and Blu-ray format cameras.”

What you can do with DVD MovieFactory Pro 7:

Quickly turn photos and home videos into professional-quality DVD productions
Quickly turn photos into dynamic slideshows, and work with standard or high-definition video clips, either directly from camera or edited in video editing software such as Corel’s VideoStudio. Choose from a wide range of professionally-designed menus and easy customization tools to personalize discs.

Design stunning Hollywood-style menus
DVD MovieFactory Pro 7 offers over 100 menus in a range of styles and themes, and adds unique new special effects such as reflections, masked text and animated overlay objects. New “Note Menus” turn standard DVD projects into rich DVD scrapbooks, by letting you add menu pages combining text, photos, and decorations. For HD production, create stunning Hollywood-style Blu-ray Disc “pop-up” menus that display on-screen without interrupting the movie.

Work with advanced HD features
Import HD video from all current HD camcorders using tape, disc, hard drive or memory card in HDV, AVCHD and Blu-ray Disc formats. Unique Smart Proxy technology ensures smooth HD editing and previews, even on mid-range PCs. Render video in space-saving H.264 format and burn HD projects to high-capacity Blu-ray discs, or create AVCHD discs using a standard burner and DVDs.

Edit and enhance video clips and photos
Quickly trim video clips, and create cool opening sequences with animated titles, overlay tracks and music. When working with photos, ExpressFix makes it easy to improve photo exposure, color balance and skin tones with a couple of clicks. Pan & zoom effects can be applied automatically, or customized to highlight picture details. Then, add transitions and background music and burn DVDs that everyone will love to watch.

Burn & copy video, audio and data CDs and DVDs
In addition to creative tools, DVD MovieFactory also features a comprehensive set of disc burning and copying utilities. Create data backups on CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc®, burn audio CDs, DVDS or MP3 discs, and make quick copies of CDs, DVDs or non-commercial Blu-ray discs. For the quickest results, simply drag any file or folder into the Quick-Drop Vista Sidebar gadget and burn audio, video, slide show or data discs with one click.

Standard Version also available:
Corel DVD MovieFactory™ 7 (standard edition) is available for users creating projects primarily in standard-definition, but also supports AVCHD import and disc creation.

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