Mariwasa Siam optimizes its business operations with SAP’s Business One

24 Jul

Mariwasa Siam, the country’s leading manufacturer of ceramic tile, partners with SAP Philippines through ABM Computech Enterprises, Inc. an affiliate of Bayantrade Group of Companies, with SAP’s Business One software to optimize Mariwasa’s overall business operations by improving its departmental functions. ABM is SAP Philippines’ licensed reseller of SAP Busines One. This comes after the company embarked on a restructuring program that saw the need for a more efficient system. What the company needed to do was to integrate their key business processes into one business process that eliminates the need for maintaining several databases.
As a key player in the industry for the last 40 years, Mariwasa Siam employs over 900 employees and a turnover of over PhP2 billion pesos with the most extensive network in the country. Prior to the company’s acquisition of Business One, the company maintained two (2) databases, two (2) different versions and two (2) locations. Furthermore, because much of the work of keying in data was done manually, hence reporting was very complex and time-consuming.

“We just completed a restructuring program and saw the need to implement a system that is more efficient for our operations. After being informed of SAP by our parent company, we chose Business One because it combines all critical business processes in one software.” said Emilie Maramag, vice president for finance of Mariwasa Siam.

During its initial phase, SAP Business One was applied to Mariwasa’s sales, human resources and finance operations. Its second phase will see the integration of the company’s manufacturing processes into the Business One system. With its integration of Business One, Mariwasa Siam hopes to realize better profitability and business efficiency. Also, staff productivity was increased because Business One eliminated redundancy of work.

“We are confident that Mariwasa will realize its full potential with the integration of Business One. We expect to see the full benefit of this new business system to our business in general.” said Maramag.

“We are very excited with this partnership with such respected market leader like Mariwasa Siam. We are looking forward to being an integral part of Mariwasa’s growth and future success.” Said Jennie Ligones, SAP Philippines country manager.

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