BenQ MP512 ST – your ideal short-throw projector

30 Jul

With the BenQ MP512ST projector, you don’t need a big space to create big pictures! The BenQ MP Short-Throw Projector prove that distance is a non-issue when it comes to getting the big picture you want even in the smallest space!

The BenQ Short-Throw Technology
Thanks to the special aspherical lens adopted by BenQ, the MP512ST only require half the projection distance of traditional projectors!
With its short-throw ratio lens precisely calculated and positioned, the BenQ MP 512ST projector is able to deliver large-screen projection in tight spaces without jeopardizing picture quality.

With the BenQ Mp512St, Good Things that Come with Short Distances….

Zero Space Constraints
Room size in no longer an issue. Just imagine the freedom of having a large size clear projected image with half the required distance! You’ll now have better flexibility in choosing your projection locations.

Zero Eye-Blinding Lights
You can now make your presentation and have the projector behind you. The shorter projection distance keeps the projector light from shinning directly into your eyes, allowing you to keep your focus on your audience.

Zero Disruptions
Say goodbye to the shadows that often interrupt your presentation. With a projection distance this close, you and your audience can move freely behind the projector without worrying about between the projector and the screen!

BenQ believes in paying attention to details. The snow white BenQ MP512 ST is built to please your eyes. The full-bodied design of this desktop projector – the extraordinary posterior, the barrel shaped lens and the one-of-a-kind leaflet cooling vents – shows how the designers at BenQ’s Lifestyle Center work towards integrating function and style, bringing total visual enjoyment to your everyday life.

The BenQ Short-Throw Series Projectors also offers Close-Up Color Enhancement for Close-Up Enjoyment.

With the Revolutionary BrilliantColor™ Technology of Texas Instrument, BenQ Mp512 St offers images that’s vibrant and bright ! Working with the multi-segment color wheels, this revolutionary technology enables a greater than 50% brightness increase in mid-tone colors, allowing the BenQ Mp512St to make images more precisely rendered than ever!

BenQ has studied the world’s most commonly used paint wall colors and developed easy-to-use wall color correction technology to ensure you outstanding image quality on all surfaces, even blackboards. Who said you must have a projection screen to get the best color! Witht eh BenQ Mp512ST great presentations can be used almost anywhere.

With the BenQ Mp512St, you can enjoy a lamp life performance of up to 4000 hours – twice the lamp life expectancy of average projector lamps on the market! This certainly lowers
the number of lamp changes and keeps all maintenance to a minimum.

The BenQ <p512St also comes with double speakers. So you can double your video game enjoyment with two built-in 5W speakers! Experience the intensity of powerful 3D surround sound with the BenQ MP512 ST.

The BenQ MP512 ST provides you with the most convenient audio/video connection to anything in the digital world allowing you to enjoy your favorite video games on an amazing big screen in your leisure time.

So with the BenQ MP512ST, you can toss all your projection space stereotypes aside!

And like all BenQ digital lifestyle innovations, the MP512ST is engineered to the highest standards of style and reliability.

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