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Uniquely Singapore Racer takes Online Gamers on a Virtual Race through Singapore

Beginning August 8, 2008, online racing enthusiasts around the world can start their engines and race down the streets of Marina Centre to win themselves a return trip for two to Singapore amongst many other attractive prizes. Developed by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), the Uniquely Singapore Racer is a 3D interactive flash application that allows online players to experience the sights and attractions in downtown Singapore as they vie to complete a race lap in the shortest time.
“With the Uniquely Singapore Racer, virtual racing enthusiasts can zoom down the streets of Singapore ahead of the FORMULA ONE™ racing celebrities who will take to Singapore’s street circuit next month at the world’s first night race. Showcasing some of Singapore’s characteristic landmarks including the St Andrew’s Cathedral, City Hall and Old Supreme Court Building, the Esplanade, the Singapore Flyer and even The Marina Bay Sands™ when it is built, the Uniquely Singapore Racer promises a fun and informative ride that will interest even avid gamers. Those in search of a greater challenge can also opt for the night mode as they speed through thrilling curves and corners” said Mr Ken Low, Assistant Chief Executive (Brand and Communications) of the Singapore Tourism Board, noting that the Uniquely Singapore Racer was created in a first person perspective for players to enjoy a more interactive gaming experience.

The Uniquely Singapore Racer is available at Tapping on the increasingly popularity of social media sites, there is also a Uniquely Singapore Racer Facebook application which allows players to post their scores on their Facebook profile and challenge friends to beat their best times.

The overseas player who clocks the fastest time will stand a chance to win the grand prize of a pair of return economy airfares to Singapore and a 3-day/2-night stay for two in a hotel. The fastest racer residing in Singapore will be rewarded with a pair of tickets to one of the highlight events of the inaugural Singapore GP Season – a lifestyle season packed with top-notch events to complement the FORMULA ONE race. The next 50 winners will receive a Uniquely Singapore goodie bag each.

The contest ends on September 14, 2008 and winners will be announced via the Uniquely Singapore Racer website on September 18, 2008. Fans of the Uniquely Singapore Racer can continue their virtual race even after the contest.

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INTEL Classmate PC with a Touch

Intel is expanding its offerings for the Intel-powered classmate PC category by introducing a design that has tablet, touch screen and motion-sensing interaction features. There are a vast number of different education needs among the 1.3 billion students in the world; the new classmate PC design aims to create more choices to meet these varying learning needs.
New Design, Same Philosophy
The new design is based on findings from ethnographic research and pilots from the past two years. The research pointed out that students naturally collaborate to learn in groups, and they will benefit from the mobility and flexibility of notebooks versus being tethered to their desks. Research also suggested that learning and teaching becomes more effective when the option of natural input and touch screen is offered, especially for subjects such as math and science where drawing graphs and diagrams are prominent.

New features also include:
– Touch screen: Pen and on-screen soft keyboard for effective writing and drawing to enhance classroom interaction and collaboration.

– Tablet mode: Increased mobility for anywhere usage, simple user-interface shell and quick launcher for tablet mode.

– Enhanced software: Easier network connection and collaboration, simple computer management, and localized, education-friendly content.

The new design follows the same engineering philosophy that has guided the success of previous classmate PC designs – ethnographic research, feedback from ongoing pilots with students and educators, and the development of a strong, sustainable local ecosystem. Continuing the success traits of existing classmate PC designs, the new design model maintains the student-friendly design, is rugged and lightweight, and most importantly, is bundled together with custom-education software that encourages classroom collaboration and 1:1 learning.

The new design concept with its simple shell allows for local original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to differentiate with different colors or decorations. There is an optional handle, which is flexible and soft, and doubles as an easy carry or an adjustable backhand support when the PC is in tablet mode. There also is improved usability with the design’s wedged profile, a single bezel button, for tablet usage.

The new classmate PC design will be available for shipping to OEMs by the end of this year. Operating system, content and software providers and other ecosystem and industry players are already working on products that will support this new version of classmate PC to ensure a broad offering when the platform is introduced to consumers. Aimed at creating more choice to meet the varying learning needs, the new classmate PCs will co-exist with the current offerings of classmate PCs including the second-generation of Intel-powered classmate PCs running on Intel Celeron and Intel Atom Processors.

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Intel And Yahoo! To Bring The Internet To Television

Intel Corporation and Yahoo! Inc. previewed plans for the Widget Channel, a television (TV) application framework optimized for TV and related consumer electronics (CE) devices that use the Intel Architecture.

The Widget Channel will allow consumers to enjoy rich Internet applications designed for the TV while watching their favorite TV programs. The Widget Channel will be powered by the Yahoo! Widget Engine, a fifth-generation applications platform that will enable TV watchers to interact with and enjoy a rich set of “TV Widgets” or small Internet applications designed to complement and enhance the traditional TV watching experience and bring content, information and community features available on the Internet within easy reach of the remote control.
The Widget Channel will also allow developers to use JAVASCRIPT, XML, HTML and Adobe Flash technology to write TV applications for the platform, extending the power and compatibility of PC application developer programs to TV and related CE devices. In addition to supporting the Yahoo! Widget Engine, Yahoo! will also provide consumers Yahoo!-branded TV Widgets that are customized based on its category-leading Internet services.

TV Widgets will enable consumers to engage in a variety of experiences, such as watching videos, tracking their favorite stocks or sports teams, interacting with friends, or staying current on news and information. Viewers will be able to use TV Widgets to deepen their enjoyment of the programming they are watching, discover new content and services, or share their favorites with friends and family. TV Widgets can be personalized because they will be based upon popular Internet services such as Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Sports, Blockbuster® and eBay® that viewers have customized for use in their daily lives.

Widget Channel Framework and TV Widget Developers
Underlying the Widget Channel will be a powerful set of platform technologies, including the Yahoo! Widget Engine and core libraries that expose the powerful functions enabled by the Intel Architecture. The Widget Channel framework will use established Internet technologies to dramatically lower the barrier of entry for developing applications optimized for TV. To help create new TV Widgets for the Widget Channel, Intel and Yahoo! plan to make a development kit available to developers, including TV and other CE device makers, advertisers and publishers. The Widget Channel will also include a Widget Gallery, to which developers can publish their TV Widgets across multiple TV and related CE devices and through which consumers can view and select the TV Widgets they would like to use.

Intel and Yahoo! are working with a range of industry-leading companies that are planning on developing and deploying TV Widgets, including Blockbuster, CBS Interactive, CinemaNow, Cinequest, Disney-ABC Television Group, eBay, GE, Group M, Joost, MTV, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Schematic, Showtime, Toshiba and Twitter. These and other companies and individuals will be able to innovate, differentiate and deploy TV Widgets across multiple TV and related CE devices using the Widget Channel framework.

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