INTEL Classmate PC with a Touch

23 Aug

Intel is expanding its offerings for the Intel-powered classmate PC category by introducing a design that has tablet, touch screen and motion-sensing interaction features. There are a vast number of different education needs among the 1.3 billion students in the world; the new classmate PC design aims to create more choices to meet these varying learning needs.
New Design, Same Philosophy
The new design is based on findings from ethnographic research and pilots from the past two years. The research pointed out that students naturally collaborate to learn in groups, and they will benefit from the mobility and flexibility of notebooks versus being tethered to their desks. Research also suggested that learning and teaching becomes more effective when the option of natural input and touch screen is offered, especially for subjects such as math and science where drawing graphs and diagrams are prominent.

New features also include:
– Touch screen: Pen and on-screen soft keyboard for effective writing and drawing to enhance classroom interaction and collaboration.

– Tablet mode: Increased mobility for anywhere usage, simple user-interface shell and quick launcher for tablet mode.

– Enhanced software: Easier network connection and collaboration, simple computer management, and localized, education-friendly content.

The new design follows the same engineering philosophy that has guided the success of previous classmate PC designs – ethnographic research, feedback from ongoing pilots with students and educators, and the development of a strong, sustainable local ecosystem. Continuing the success traits of existing classmate PC designs, the new design model maintains the student-friendly design, is rugged and lightweight, and most importantly, is bundled together with custom-education software that encourages classroom collaboration and 1:1 learning.

The new design concept with its simple shell allows for local original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to differentiate with different colors or decorations. There is an optional handle, which is flexible and soft, and doubles as an easy carry or an adjustable backhand support when the PC is in tablet mode. There also is improved usability with the design’s wedged profile, a single bezel button, for tablet usage.

The new classmate PC design will be available for shipping to OEMs by the end of this year. Operating system, content and software providers and other ecosystem and industry players are already working on products that will support this new version of classmate PC to ensure a broad offering when the platform is introduced to consumers. Aimed at creating more choice to meet the varying learning needs, the new classmate PCs will co-exist with the current offerings of classmate PCs including the second-generation of Intel-powered classmate PCs running on Intel Celeron and Intel Atom Processors.

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