D-Link’s DCS-900 series Internet cameras feature best home security options

13 Sep

Imagine being able to view the nanny and kids while you’re in the office, find out if your brother jacked your car while you were out-of-town, monitor the house perimeter for trespassers while out on the field, or even check for property damage during a typhoon while the waves are lapping at your feet on a beach far away.

D-Link International, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of network products, has made all these easier with its latest Securicams DCS-910 and DCS-920 Internet cameras with a 1.0 lux sensor to capture video in low-light conditions for home and office security.

Night time is not a problem for the easy-to-install DCS-910 and 920 which are designed for low-light conditions. Those away from home will still be able to view their prized possessions such as the house, the car, even the children and pets with great clarity anytime, anywhere. Wires and cables are not a concern because the DCS-920 has none.

The DCS-920 and DCS-910 can automatically detect motion, send email alerts when motion is detected and record to a computer on the home network or attached storage devices for detailed video monitoring and playback. They represent an ideal solution to keep an eye on children, senior members of the family or the office remotely by simply logging onto the camera using a web browser from any computer with Internet access.

“Affordably priced at less than Php 6,040 for the DCS-910 and less than Php 6,980 for the DCS-920, both Internet cameras come with a host of features to enable consumers to install a reliable home camera surveillance system that works for them. These include the 1.0 lux sensor and capability to record 320 x 420 resolution videos of up to 30 frames per second. All these come in a newer and slimmer design that makes installation in tight corners easier,” said Mr Desmond Toh, Marketing Director, D-Link International Pte Ltd.

Wi-Fi Connectivity for Flexible Placement
The latest DCS-900 series takes a departure from its previous bulky, black design to reveal a stylish form factor that enables the camera to be completely encased in white casing, without any protruding parts. An entry level yet full featured Internet camera, the DCS-910 is a wired version, and connects to an existing 10/100 Fast Ethernet network in the home or office. The DCS-920, on the other hand, comes with integrated 802.11g Wi-Fi capability, allowing it to be mounted in previously inaccessible places, such as ceilings and walls. It comes with WPA and WPA2 encryption for enhanced security.

Security at your fingertips
Both cameras come bundled with the D-ViewCam 2.0, network monitoring software which enables the camera to simultaneously view up to 32 cameras, hassle-free. Easily accessed and controlled using any Java-enabled browser, both cameras enable recording and snapshots to be done directly from a web browser to a local hard drive.

Multi-OS Support

Both cameras are compatible with Microsoft, Macintosh and Linux operating systems.

The new D-Link DCS-900 series is available through authorized retailers, resellers and distribution partners. The DCS-910 is retailing at the suggested retail price of Php 6,040. The DCS-920 is retailing at the suggested retail price of Php 6,980.

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