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ASUS Triton 81 CPU Cooler Supports Latest Intel LGA 1366 Chipsets

With the advancement of computational and processor power comes a worry that each user has to face—overheating. To combat this problem, ASUS has launched the new ASUS Triton 81—the latest member of the Triton family of highly effective thermal solutions. Capable of supporting powerful Quad-Core™ processors as well as the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processor (LGA 1366), it is equipped with an exclusive 4-way airflow heatsink design and dual-fan technology for highly efficient CPU cooling; while a diamond-blue LED provides aesthetic appeal for DIY and overclocking enthusiasts.
Unimpeded 4-way Airflow Design for Impressive Overclocking
The Triton 81 utilizes an exclusive 4-way airflow heatsink design to create an unobstructed passage of air circulation; and together with 4 U-shaped copper heatpipes for the most efficient heat transference, delivers ultimate cooling performance for a myriad of processor intensive applications and modifications.

Dual-Fan Technology for Maximum Airflow
Equipped with a diamond-blue LED with dual 90mm fans, the Triton 81 provides an effective channel of airflow to the system, delivering vital thermal protection for stable operations. Despite its powerful performance, the Triton 81 is a relatively silent yet effective performance component—running at a mere 18 dBA with its built-in PWM function, which automatically adjusts fan speeds according to the CPU’s temperature for an optimal operating environment.

Up-to-date Application
To keep up with both current and future gaming and processor technologies, the Triton 81 is also able to support multiple applications—and with support for the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processor (LGA 1366), DIY and gaming enthusiasts the world over will be able to easily utilize it to help push the potential of their computers faster than ever before.

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Great Things Come In Short Distances

Space has always been a challenge. Up until now. With the release of the stylish BenQ MP512 ST, short-throw projection is now possible for both business and pleasure.

BenQ Short-Throw Technology
Equipped with a special aspherical lens adopted by BenQ, the short-throw (ST) projector line only requires half the projection distance of traditional projectors.
With its short-throw ratio lens precisely calculated and positioned, the MP projectors are able to deliver large-screen projection in tight spaces without jeopardizing picture quality.
And Stylish Too?
Aside from the ST feature, the MP512 ST is also built to please the eyes. The full-bodied design of this desktop projector – the extraordinary posterior, the barrel shaped lens and the one-of-a-kind leaflet cooling vents – shows how the designers at BenQ’s Lifestyle Center work towards integrating function and style, bringing total visual enjoyment to everyday life.

The Good Things that Come in Short Distances
– Zero Space Constraints
Just imagine the freedom of having the same projection quality with half the required distance! Users have better flexibility in choosing projection locations.
– Zero Eye-Blinding Lights
The shorter projection distance keeps the projector light from shinning directly into the eyes, allowing users to keep your focus on their audience.
– Zero Disruptions
Wave goodbye to the shadows that often interrupt presentations. With a projection distance this close, users and their audience can move freely without worrying about between the projector and the screen.
Think Outside the Box! There Is So Much More to Projectors than You Think!

Toss all the projection space stereotypes aside. It’s time to take in a brand new perspective now that there is no need for a big space to create big pictures. The BenQ MP Short-Throw Series Projectors prove that distance is not an issue when it comes to getting the big picture.
Added Technology

The fun doesn’t end there. Here are even more reasons to enjoy the BenQ Short Throw series.
Revolutionary BrilliantColor™ Technology
Get images so vibrant and bright with the BrilliantColor™ technology. Working with the multi-segment color wheels, this revolutionary technology enables more than 50% brightness increase in mid-tone colors, making images more precisely rendered than ever.
Wall Color Correction
BenQ has studied the world’s most commonly used paint colors and developed easy-to-use wall color correction technology to ensure outstanding image quality on all surfaces, even blackboards. Who said you must have a projection screen to get the best color?!

Lamp Life Performance
Enjoy a lamp life performance of up to 4000 hours – twice the lamp life expectancy of average projector lamps on the market. This feature lowers the number of lamp changes and keeps all maintenance to a minimum.

Powerful Speakers
Video game enjoyment will be twice as fun with two built-in 5W speakers. Experience the intensity of powerful 3D surround sound with the MP512 ST.

HDMI Multi-Functional Connections
The MP512 ST provides convenient audio/video connection to anything in the digital world allowing users to enjoy their favorite video games on an amazing big screen.

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HP To Join First FESPA World Expo Asia-Pacific

HP announced its participation at the upcoming inaugural FESPA World Expo Asia Pacific 2008. To be held in Bangkok, Thailand from November 28 to 30, 2008, the exhibition is dedicated to screen and wide-format printing technologies, and will set the stage for HP to launch its latest super-wide-format printing solutions.

The introduction of the new solutions will showcase HP’s continuous journey in product development and excellence for the industry, helping Print Service Providers grow profits, meet challenges and capture new business opportunities.
“HP has the most comprehensive portfolio of large-format solutions to meet the specific needs of signage and display print service providers,” said VS Hariharan, Vice President of Graphic Solutions Business, HP Imaging and Printing Group, Asia Pacific and Japan. “HP’s Graphic Solutions portfolio offers a variety of compelling alternatives to traditional printing technologies that will empower print service providers to further drive profitable growth.”

Print service providers will be able to experience first-hand HP’s cutting-edge solutions for the signage and display industry during FESPA World Expo Asia Pacific 2008.

Preview of HP exhibition booth at FESPA World Expo Asia Pacific 2008

As corporate platinum sponsor for FESPA World Expo Asia Pacific 2008, HP will be occupying an exhibition booth spanning 322.5 square meters. Visitors to the HP booth will be able to experience first-hand the new and innovative solutions that HP is debuting in Asia Pacific and Japan. These include the HP Scitex XP2300, HP Scitex FB950 and HP Designjet L65500.

In addition, visitors will see other leading products from HP’s Graphic Solutions portfolio, including the HP Scitex XP2700, HP XL1500 with dye-sub kit, HP Scitex FB6100, HP Designjet H45500, and HP Designjet Z6100.

HP inspires customers to go digital at FESPA Inspire Conference

HP will also be participating at FESPA Inspire, a three-day conference held in parallel with FESPA World Expo Asia Pacific 2008. Leading the session on Day 3 titled “Inspiring customers to demand your digital print!”, participants will hear from HP on the new and exciting possibilities made possible by digital printing and new ways of creating demand for advertising and signage. HP will also be sharing how Print Service Providers can take advantage of the changing business landscape to create new business opportunities. The session will be held at Room 211 of BITEC on November 30, 2008.

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Canon unveils a new High-Definition Flash camcorder to ensure a bolder, sharper future for all filmmakers

Isn’t it time you were able to take your high-definition aspirations with you? When it comes to camcorders that satisfy both technological and aesthetical needs, they are few and far between. But whether you’re a loving father compiling family moments, a business manager performing market research or a professional who needs a touch of mobility, Canon has the perfect camcorder for you.

Canon camcorders are a technological marvel that offer True 1920 X 1080 Full HD experiences – capturing Full HD Video by using Full HD CMOS Sensors. And in what is considered an industry first, Canon is also the only brand that offers the highest bit rate video recording at 24 Mbps. Your videos are thus guaranteed of the highest production quality. Coupled with the Canon HD Video Lens that provides superior resolution and vivid sharpness, and Canon’s renowned Digic DV II Image Processor, users are guaranteed that their cherished memories are captured in the best high-definition quality experience. The use of an intelligent lithium ion battery also guarantees longer shooting times without disappointing power failures. Whether you’re a novice filmmaker with ambitious dreams or a technically-fastidious professional with an eye for details, this AVCHD high-definition flash video camcorder is a must-have in your production arsenal.
After the huge success of the brand’s foray into solid-state camcorders, Canon redefines high-definition elegance and portability with the new Canon HF11; a sleek, Dual-Flash Memory camcorder which literally packs everything you need.

The solution for superb zoom and intuitive shooting
Thanks to a widescreen LCD monitor, it’s now easier than ever to get the shot you want. Whether you’re shooting a movie or still, both camcorders enable an admirable optical 12X zoom. A convenient joystick (rather than a navigation control dial) is also positioned on the LCD panel area for easier manipulation of the controls. A helpful copy function between memories lets you navigate recorded footage easily as well.

Imagine a distinctly compact camcorder that’s the size of a can drink, with microphone and headphone jacks, smart lens and image stabilization, and you’ll come close to the aesthetics of the Canon HF11. And if you love getting your images printed as soon as you snap them, you’d appreciate the PictBridge compatibility. The camcorder also comes with an HDMI connector and a mini AV terminal for headphones and special D output.

What’s more; it’s a cinch to share movies and photos, as it uses readily available SD/SDHC cards, high-speed USB 2.0, and lets you operate the exposure and audio levels with manual controls. And for added convenience, it is designed with mini accessories shoes, and comes with an electrically powered lens cover, with built-in flash.

Dual Flash Memory Advantage Enhance Ruggedness
The advantage of using Dual Flash Memory, as seen in the HF11, is the complete lack of fragile parts. Besides the ultra compact and lightweight body, there is also instant start-up, which means you can power-on and start shooting immediately – thanks to the combination of DIGIC DV with flash memory-based technology – making sure you don’t lose any magic moments. And since there are no moving parts, its operation is ultra-silent. Best of all, you enjoy a longer recording time with or without using an SD card, as it offers up to 12hrs 15mins of video recording on 32GB built-in memory in LP mode.

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Symantec Released October 2008 State of Spam Report

During the previous two State of Spam Reports, Symantec noted an increase in the amount of spam messages containing URL links to malicious code. Now, with the October 2008 report, Symantec highlight just how significant this trend is becoming. The increase began in May 2008 and continues to the present. During this period, there has also been an increase in email messages carrying malware payloads – not just links to malicious code. Spammers began to take a special interest in the economy beginning in October 2007, and this interest continues today as the economy dominates the news headlines. Evidence supports that overall spam levels have increased considerably since October 2007, and now averages 78 percent of all email.
Here’s a highlight of a spam trend from the report:

Spam Watch: Monitoring the Increasing Link between Spam and Malware
The previous two State of Spam Reports for August and September 2008 have shown us a recent increase in the number of spam messages containing URL links to malicious code. Rather than simply promoting a spam product, these emails contain links to malware designed to infect other computers with viruses and Trojans. Following is an example of this type of attack. The message contained the subject line, “The beginning of the Third World War”. The URL in the message body included a spammy related domain, an obvious play on the well-known U.S. television network. The URL directs individuals to a Web site where a legitimate looking style for CNN content is presented and the user is encouraged to download a video of the U.S. President.

Since June 2008, there has been an increase in the number of detected email messages carrying malicious payloads. The majority of this malware appeared in zip and RAR file payloads and were detected by antivirus filters. After zip and RAR files, the next most common payload vector for malware was those that were imbedded in the source code of email messages.

From June to mid September 2008, the percentage of malware detected in email messages had a dramatic increase from a tenth of a percent (0.1 percent) average in June 2008 to 1.2 percent in the middle of September 2008.

This is based on data that is retrieved from customers running antivirus software and have consented to return data. The total messages scanned includes legitimate and spam messages.

The top ten definitions detected by antivirus rules for this period were led by generic Trojan horse, Downloader and Infostealer definitions making up more than 30 percent of the malicious code detected. The generic Trojan horse definition, which identifies multiple Trojans that have similar qualities, led the detected programs with 13.4 percent of the messages identified. This was followed by Downloaders, malicious programs that can be used to download other malware, with 11.8 percent, and Infostealer with 11.1 percent. Infostealer is another generic definition which blocks programs that attempt to steal sensitive information from a user’s computer. This following data is also based on data returned from the field, with definitions identified by antivirus software.

The correlation to zip and RAR files can be seen when viewing a spam stream in a lab environment for the period of June to mid September 2008. With data broken down for zip and RAR files detected, the patterns show that there is also an increase in these two file types.

The source of the email messages carrying the zip and malicious files appears to be varied. These were being sent out from compromised servers around the world, led by China, The Republic of Korea and the United States.

Reviewing one of the email messages carrying generic Infostealer malware a user will see an innocuous but potentially interesting subject:

“Play iPhone on your PC today”

The body of the email simply says:

“Can your get more than 8000 p?”

Attached to the message is a zip file, “,” which the user would need to open to release the malware.

Other trends in the October 2008 State of Spam report include:

– Zombie Activity Continues with the Help of their Voodoo Sorcerers (Spammers)
– Spammers Feed Off Economic Worries
– Spammers ‘Rock the Vote’ in the U.S. Presidential Election
– Spammers’ Hall of Shame

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HP Unveils Innovative Large-format Printing Solutions

HP unveiled the latest additions to its portfolio of large-format digital printing solutions, bolstering the company’s efforts to target the estimated $53 billion page-value opportunity for the global sign and display market projected for 2010.

These additions – demonstrated at SGIA ’08 – strengthen HP’s position as the leading provider of large-format technologies and solutions, and include:
• The HP Scitex FB7500 Printer, which delivers industry-leading productivity along with high print speeds and standard three-quarter automation.
• The HP Scitex FB950 Printer, which provides consistent high-quality point-of purchase/point-of-sale (POP/POS), tradeshow and event signage on virtually any rigid or flexible media.
• The HP Scitex TJ8550 Printer, which delivers higher print speeds and quality at lower costs than its predecessor.
• The U.S. debut of the HP Designjet L65500 Printer, the first of a new category of large-format signage printers to feature HP Latex Inks.
HP’s product showcase, demonstrated live in HP booth 2203, features a full range of digital solutions designed to help print service providers (PSPs) profitably grow their businesses while reducing the total impact of their printing on the environment.
“HP is dedicated to providing the broadest portfolio of large-format digital printing technology and end-to-end solutions, along with an unwavering commitment to our customers’ success,” said Santiago Morera, vice president and general manager, Large-format Printing, Imaging and Printing Group, HP. “The recent additions to HP’s portfolio strengthen our leadership position in the large-format printing industry by providing our customers increased value, productivity, quality and versatility, and offering the ability to lower the environmental impact of their printing.”

Convert high-quality production volume to digital
With speeds of up to 500 m2/hr (5,380 ft2/hr) and three-quarter automated loading to reduce idle time between sheets by up to 85 percent, the HP Scitex FB7500 Printer delivers the highest productivity of digital flatbed printers in its price class.

An ideal solution for close-view POP/POS applications, exhibition graphics, signage, backlit displays and posters, the HP Scitex FB7500 Printer is built on the proven HP Scitex TJ Series printing platform, and offers the added benefit of HP Scitex X2 Printhead technology, which combines silicon-based microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology and innovative piezoelectric inkjet technology. Supporting a native resolution of up to 500 dpi in the HP Scitex FB7500 Printer, the printheads delivers the heavy ink flows required for high-speed, high-quality printing.

The HP Scitex FB7500 Printer will be available for purchase worldwide in May 2009.

High-quality prints and high productivity
The HP Scitex FB950 Printer is a robust flatbed UV printer that delivers high-quality prints and high productivity on virtually any rigid or flexible media(3) for the production of durable outdoor and indoor applications, including POP/POS signage, tradeshow graphics, interior decorations, banners and street furniture. Designed to increase productivity and profitability with efficient media loading and the ability to print multiple sheets at the same time, the HP Scitex FB950 Printer enables PSPs to accommodate a greater range of customer requests and grow their businesses.

“With the HP Scitex FB950, our company is able to target the high-end event and POP signage markets that we previously could not enter,” said Mike Ottens, owner, Visual Marketing. “We have changed our workflow from printing on pre-laminated posters to printing directly on less costly media, which has given us a higher profit margin on signage and helped our cost of goods to decrease substantially.”

The printer’s six HP Scitex FB250 color inks and printheads with variable-sized drops combine to produce great image detail – up to 1,200 x 600 optimized dpi – and smooth color transitions across a wide variety of media. Advanced features, such as an onboard camera, spectrophotometer, embedded software and a solid media feed system, ensure consistent results and worry-free operation.

The HP Scitex FB950 Printer will be available for worldwide general purchase on November 15, 2008. 

Increase speed and lower costs
The HP Scitex TJ8550 Printer features up to a 50 percent increase in print speed and up to 20 percent lower cost per print compared to the preceding HP Scitex TJ8500 Printer. With the new HP Scitex TJ8550 Printer, PSPs can confidently respond to a wide range of customer requests for the high-speed production of indoor and outdoor applications, including sheet-to-sheet or double-sided applications with the built-in HP Scitex Double-sided printing upgrade.
Additionally, HP is offering field upgradability for existing HP Scitex TJ8500 Printer owners. The upgrade kit includes hardware, software, on-site installation and training.

To complement the new HP Scitex TJ8550 Printer, HP also introduced HP Scitex TJ200 Ink, a UV-curable ink that delivers improved quality and reliability while lowering operational costs.

The HP Scitex TJ8550 Printer and upgrade kit will be available in February 2009.

New for the North American market
The HP Designjet L65500 Printer featuring HP Latex Printing Technologies offers PSPs a compelling alternative for creating a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications while reducing the environmental impact of printing and delivering quality and durability at breakthrough print speeds.(6)
The 104-inch-wide printer offers sign and display PSPs a versatile system that can produce a broad range of applications with new water-based HP Latex Inks. Prints produced with HP Latex Inks are odorless, emit extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), require no special ventilation(8) and are not classified as hazardous waste.

HP has also expanded the HP Graphic Arts Capture Business Success Program, a collection of tools, training and programs to help HP customers gain a competitive advantage and add value to their companies’ bottom lines. Designed for HP large-format customers and HP Indigo press customers interested in offering large-format printing, HP Capture offers a full range of tools to help PSPs gain a competitive edge in large-format printing, including customizable marketing templates, cobranded advertising templates and data sheets.

HP is participating in the High Production Inkjet Printing Future Forum at SGIA’08, a panel discussion with industry leaders on high-production inkjet and technological developments that allow for high-quality, high-speed inkjet imaging. The forum takes place on Oct. 16 from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. ET in room C-205 of the Georgia World Congress Center and will include Dr. Ross Allen, senior technology specialist, HP Imaging and Printing Group.

Additionally, Len Koerts of Scitex Strategic Marketing at HP, will present a seminar titled “Choices for Wide and Superwide Format Printers,” on Oct. 17 from 12:30 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. ET in room C-201 that will include a discussion of current printhead technology and tips for ink selection and differentiating between wide and superwide format printing.

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ASUS TW100-E5 Workstation Maximizes Performance Across Wide Range of Partner Certified Professional Graphics Applications

Engineers, designers, and power office users consistently demand higher performance and system reliability from their desktop computing solutions. As such, ASUS, producer of top-notch computer solutions, has released the ASUS Workstation TW100-E5 iQuadro. Catering to the needs of professionals who work with applications like AutoCAD and Adobe After Effects which require a graphics solution built for professionals, the TW100-E5 iQuadro will provide corporations with the ability to improve productivity through enhanced computing power and certified support for a wide range of professional graphics applications—all without the hefty investment.
Excellent Performance in Applications Developed by Certified Partners
The TW100-E5 iQuadro is the first workstation built with the high performance NVIDIA Quadro FX470 chipset. Besides its support of the integrated Quadro certification, the TW100-E5 iQuadro is also certified to provide excellent performance across a diverse spread of industry-leading applications developed by certified partners, such as Computer-aided engineering (CAE), Computer-aided design (CAD)/Autodesk/AutoCAD, Inventor, 3ds Max, Digital content creation (DCC), Research and Geographic information system (GIS)—serving as an impressive workstation solution that is optimized to handle graphics-intensive tasks in these varied fields.

The NVIDIA Quadro FX470 chipset addresses the ever-expanding graphics and parallel processing requirements that professional applications—from volume CAD to digital content creation applications—need. Compared to general workstations equipped with an FX570 graphics card, the TW100-E5 is able to support OpenGL 2.1 via its graphics chipset and deliver increased computing performance by 10% for the AutoCAD VMB 2008 GeoMean application.

Cost-effective Quad Display for Increased Work Efficiency
With the industry-standard architecture of the TW100-E5 iQuadro, multiple output functionality and support for dual-screen displays will provide cost-effectiveness to customers. In addition, the PCI-E 2.0 x16 expansion slot supports an optional Quadro graphics card—allowing users to further expand their screenspace for professional Quad-Display functions to make working much more convenient.

Energy-saving Green Design
With an emphasis on energy savings, ASUS’ green design team has developed the TW100-E5 iQuadro into an earth-friendly product. Equipped with an 86% high efficiency power supply, the TW100-E5 iQuadro is able to reduce power loss and save energy—helping customers save on energy bills and cut down total cost of ownership (TCO).

Flexible Storage Options
The TW100-E5 iQuadro supports three SATA HDDs to meet the data storage demands of professionals. In addition, to make hardware upgrades simpler and more convenient, the optional ASUS upgrade kits SASsaby 1064E (supports LSI® Integrated RAID 0, 1, 1E) and SASsaby M (supports H/W RAID 0, 1, 10, 5) provide direct support for SAS storage and ensure reliable data protection.

Bootup to Online in just 5 Seconds* with Express Gate
This additional built-in Operating System makes a host of commonly-used applications available to users in just 5 seconds from bootup, including the web browser, instant messenger, Skype, photo manager, music player and online games. With this convenient, instant access to the Internet, users can now send a last-minute email before rushing off to work, browse the Web in between appointments and reach friends and family via the instant messenger all in the blink of an eye.

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