BenQ launches T52WA LCD monitor

01 Oct

If the thought changing your ten-year old CRT monitor may be sentimentally and financially challenging, then fear no more as BenQ makes the shift easy and enjoyable for you and your pocket with the T52WA LCD monitor.

Competitively priced but packed with the “new tech” feel, the T52WA is an entry-level LCD monitor specifically targeted for Filipinos in order to allow more and more local users to conveniently leave their CRT monitors behind.
Change is Good
Below are several reasons why you should leave your old monitor behind:

T52WA vs. CRT Monitor

Actual screen size – T52WA is bigger than 15”CRT, only 1” smaller than 17”CRT
Display area – T52WA is 15% more than 15”CRT

Physical size – T52WA takes 30%-40% depth compared with 15”&17”CRT.
Image quality – Compared with 15”CRT, image is much sharper on T52WA. (The less space between pixels, the better the image quality)

Power consumption – T52WA consumes 27% or less energy than regular CRT monitors.

Refresh rate and radiation – Unlike CRT, T52WA is flicker & radiation free. Health conscious consumers prefer LCD monitors over CRT.

The Big Switch
When compared with the average 15” and 17” CRT monitor, the T5WA gives consumers even more reason to make the big switch.

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