Budget Freedom with Basic Wireless Landline at P499

14 Oct

With the prices of goods shooting up every month, Filipinos are scrambling to stretch those hard-earned pesos. Some cope by forgoing luxury goods and leisure travel. But others are taking more drastic measures—like having shorter and less frequent talk time with their loved ones.
By doing this, budget-constrained Filipinos are sacrificing meaningful conversation for lower phone bills. Out to correct this mistake, though, is maverick telecommunications Bayan who now offers the most affordable bayanWIRELESS LANDLINE (BWL) service plan—the Basic Wireless at P499 per month or P17 a day. Tailor fitted to bring real communication more accessible to many, the Basic Wireless Plan is an alternative option to the existing Best Value Plan priced at P699 that pioneered unlimited wireless calling with limited mobility in the market.

Bayan Chief Executive Consultant Tunde Fafunwa said: “Our new plan at P499 or at P17 a day targets market segment who value the basic benefits of wireless landline which is unlimited landline calling while being mobile around the metro. This complements our existing Bayan wireless landline service priced at P699 which is geared to heavy voice call users such as cellphone and IDD calls because of its competitive rates.”

Unlimited Local Landline Calling
For the lowest market price of P499, bayanWIRELESS LANDLINE users can enjoy budget freedom as well as reliable on-the-go communication.

The Basic Wireless plan offers unlimited local landline calling—a great service for working parents who need constant updates from family members and household help at home. The mobility of bayanWIRELESS LANDLINE device allows parents to do this while seated in the office cubicle or commuting to and from work.

Business or personal contacts nationwide are also within easy reach through Bayan to Bayan connectivity. These are made more convenient for budget-savvy consumers with the affordable nationwide call rates available under the Basic Wireless plan.

Unlimited SMS between Bayan Phones
The BWL Basic Wireless plan also offers unlimited SMS from Bayan phone to Bayan phone. Unlike traditional landlines that can only call, the bayanWIRELESS LANDLINE is in step with modern modes of communication. Text-savvy youngsters, for instance, can send SMS from their Bayan phones to other networks for those late night gimmicks or school meetings at the same rates as those of cellphones.


On top of unlimited calling and SMS, the Basic Wireless plan is also packed with IDD and NDD functionality to any network. So whether it’s a loved one abroad or anywhere in the Philippines, bayanWIRELESS LANDLINE users can reach out to them via low-cost texts or voice calls.

“Cost should never be a barrier for having meaningful conversations,” explained Mr. Fafunwa. “The Basic Wireless plan at P499 gives Filipinos an affordable alternative to costly metered mobile networks while still enjoying a connected lifestyle.”

With its lowest cost of P499 per month (or only P17/day) and exceptional functionality, the basic Wireless Landline plan sets Filipinos free from the worries of a limited budget—for enjoyable wireless landline communication at their fingertips.

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One response to “Budget Freedom with Basic Wireless Landline at P499

  1. claude

    November 16, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    I’m looking to hook up an ATM with wireless communication.
    Can you help me?


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