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APC Smart-UPS Beyond Barriers

In this day and age of technology, no business can survive without proper service protection and technical support. Businesses which lack the equipment to keep an office running in the midst of a typhoon and the constant power outages that it brings will find many work hours wasted. When business gets backed up due to power or equipment failure, money can’t buy back the time that was lost.

APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in integrated critical power and cooling services provides the right protection against factors that cause downtime in the workplace, whether it is for a small, medium or large scale corporation, or for home use. APC products also provide preventive tactics for data loss, hardware damage, and power problems – all of which significantly affect work productivity. APC concerns itself with providing quality support for network-critical physical infrastructure solutions, specializing in sensitive electronic, network, communications and industrial equipment of all sizes.

The effects of equipment failure due to power interruption can be fatal to your gadgets. Malfunctions that could occur include keyboard lock-up, complete data loss, hardware degradation, and damaged motherboards, among others. APC’s Smart-UPS product line allows your computer to switch to emergency backup power mode, which gives your computer enough power for you to breeze through your workload during brief power outages, or allows you to properly shut down your unit in instances of prolonged power failures. In addition to this, the Smart-UPS system also protects your computer from damaging power surges. Other products also provide enough back-up power to keep your basic business appliances running.

APC takes its corporate mission to satisfy valued clients to heart. In a collective effort to show how important customers are to APC, it launches its “Smart-UPS Beyond Barriers” campaign, which aims to prove that no home and business environment should ever need to suffer the inconveniences of power failure with the help of proper back-up equipment. With the purchase of selected Smart-UPS units, APC’s Service Warranty Upgrade provides an additional year to the standard 2-year warranty for a total of 3 years service warranty, along with a round-the-clock (24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week) response time made available nationwide.  In addition, a 4-hour response time is available for units deployed within Metro Manila and Metro Cebu.

Since APC’s main concern is to keep its customers happy and problem free, all clients have to do is to complete a warranty application form found in their newly purchased unit and submit it to the APC main office or accredited APC resellers. Completed warranty forms may be submitted to:  Service Department, APC by Schneider Electric, 20th Floor, PET Plans Tower, 444 EDSA, Makati City, 1200 Philippines.

Forms may also be submitted via FAX to (632) 8996551, Email: and Online: , enter keycode:  45990M

For further inquiries, please call Olive Tolentino or Mary Garcia at 8996690 local 8231 & 8241.

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Print 2.4 Times More Pages with HP Original Inks

Would you believe that you actually save more using HP Original Inks than remanufactured inks being sold in ink refill stores? At a first thought, you might have the impression that you can save more with refilled inks. But actually, you don’t.

Latest findings of the ink cartridge yield and reliability study for Asia Pacific conducted by leading technical test organization, TÜV SÜD PSB, revealed that HP Original Inkjet Print Cartridges can print an average of 2.4 times more pages or 146.7% more than remanufactured and refilled ink brands in Asia Pacific.
With regards to reliability, the study revealed that more than one in four or 25.7% of the cartridges from Asia Pacific brands of remanufactured and refilled cartridges tested were found dead on arrival (DOA – failed to print on installation, with substantial ink leakage, less than 50 pages printed, or color mix on 10 consecutive pages) or failed prematurely (less than 75% of average yield per cartridge type and brand), compared to HP Original Ink Cartridges that had no such reliability issues during testing.

Key Findings
Page yield
– On average Original HP Print Cartridges produced 146.7%, or 2.4 times more pages than cartridges refilled at the organized and unorganized refill stores.
– On average Original HP Print Cartridges produced 59.8%, or more than one and a half times the number of pages than all branded remanufactured cartridges tested.
– On average Original HP Print Cartridges produced 106.6%, or more than twice the number of pages than all remanufactured and refilled cartridges tested.

Cartridge reliability
– On average 25.7% or more than one in four remanufactured or refilled cartridges tested were either DOA or failed prematurely.
– On average 33.2% or almost one in three refilled cartridges were either DOA or failed prematurely.
– On average 12% or more than one in ten of all remanufactured cartridges tested were either DOA or failed prematurely.
– On average, 16.2% or one in six of all remanufactured and refilled cartridges were found DOA.
– None of the HP cartridges tested were DOA or failed prematurely.

Details about the study

HP commissioned TÜV SÜD PSB to conduct the study to evaluate the page yield and reliability of HP branded inkjet cartridges versus 14 brands of remanufactured or refilled cartridges from the Asia Pacific region. The 14 brands of cartridges were selected based on sales and usage in the region and sourced from Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea and the Philippines.

For testing, HP 45a and HP 56a black ink cartridges and HP 78a and HP 57a tri-color cartridges were used on 17 HP DeskJet 5650 and 24 HP DeskJet 930C inkjet printers. HP Everyday Paper (A4) was used for all printing in this study.

To test against Original HP Inkjet Print Cartridges, 962 third-party cartridges were selected from three main categories:
1. Branded remanufactured cartridges: Cartridges that were sold under a brand name and remanufactured using expended HP cartridges or from parts procured elsewhere. Five brands were selected for the test.
2. Refilled cartridges: Expended cartridges that were taken to shops to be refilled for reuse. These cartridges were further divided into two main types:
– “Organized” refilled cartridges: Cartridges refilled at stores that had a widely recognized brand name and sold through multiple outlets. Five brands were selected for the test, and refill outlets were randomly selected.
– “Unorganized” refilled cartridges: Cartridges refilled at stores that had no widely recognized brand name. Four brands were selected for the test, and refill outlets were randomly selected.

Additional insights

While not covered by the test objectives, the study also yielded additional data that can also prove vital in weighing options between HP Original Inks and refilled or remanufactured ink cartridges:
– The study did not consider opportunity cost for the time taken to refill cartridges at the various designated refill stores. These times ranged from 1 minute to 3 hours. The average time taken was approximately 17 minutes.
– Not all cartridges could be successfully refilled: Out of the 962 units sent for refills, 14 units failed or became unusable during the refill process.
– The results do not consider the color accuracy of the remanufactured and refilled color cartridges used in the test.
– The results do not consider the longer term damage to the printer hardware caused by using refilled cartridges.
– The results do not measure the high intangible costs of urgent print jobs which may be delayed by printer damage or poor quality prints or other issues arising from using refilled cartridges.

While there are visible costs like acquisition cost and cost of prints per page, customers should also consider the hidden costs in the printing process, including increase in labor time over fixing unreliable inks, loss of productivity due to downtime, supplies wastage from reprints, frustrations brought about by poor prints, and the impact on business image.

Promoting the better option

To reward customers who patronize the use of HP Original Inks, HP introduces the Go the 2.4 Distance raffle promo.

From July 15 to December 15, 2008, each purchase of HP original ink cartridges (HP 21, HP 21B, HP 27, HP 27B, HP 22, HP 28, HP 56 and HP 57) from authorized HP retail stores entitles customers to claim a scratch card which can provide instant prizes or a special code number that can be uploaded at This special code number enables customers to join the second and final electronic raffle draw on February 15, 2009 where they can win prizes such as HP 2133 Mini-Note PCs, HP OfficeJet 4355 All-In-One Printers, all expense-paid trips for two in New York City with a 5D/4N stay at the Holiday Inn Manhattan, and a brand new 2008 1.6V A/T Toyota Corolla with 2.4 years of free gasoline. With HP’s Go the 2.4 Distance promo, consumers will be better informed about the better results provided by HP Original Inks.


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ASUS Launches Self-designed Graphics Cards with Innovative Dark Knight Fansink and Top-Notch Components

In order to cater to users who require excellent graphical performance boosts and exceptional cooling from their graphic cards, ASUS, world-leading producer of top quality graphic solutions, has today introduced a range of self-designed version graphics cards comprising the latest EAH4870 DK and EN9800GTX+ DK Series. These ASUS designed graphics cards will come equipped with the Dark Knight Fansink that delivers extreme cooling and low noise-levels—greatly enhancing gaming enjoyment. The inclusion of the EMI Shield, DIP Spring Chokes, LF PAK MOS, and Japan-made Solid Capacitors will allow users extreme performance and peace of mind at the same time; and furthermore, users will enjoy up to 9% performance improvements for gaming experiences with the ASUS EAH4870 DK TOP and EN9800GTX+ DK TOP.
Extreme Cooling with Dark Knight Fansink
The ASUS designed EAH4870 DK and EN9800GTX+ DK Series come equipped with the specially designed Dark Knight Fansink. This innovative fansink is equipped with 4 heatpipes and a large heatsink surface area; and is made of aluminum alloy to deliver extreme cooling while retaining operating levels at only 32dB—almost imperceptible in a quiet room—catering to users who require maximum cooling without excessive fan rotation noise.

Enjoy Exceptional Gaming Fun with 109% Performance
With the EAH4870 DK TOP/HTDI/512M, gamers can expect GPU and memory clock performance boosts from 750MHz up to 815MHz and from 3.6GHz up to 3.7GHz respectively. This generates an astounding 3DMark Vantage Extreme Preset score of 3733 to provide an astonishing 9% improvement in terms of GPU performance for the EAH4870 DK TOP when compared to any other reference designed board**. While with the EN9800GTX+ DK TOP/HTDI/512M, gamers can expect GPU, shader, and memory clock performance boosts from 740MHz up to 775MHz, from 1836MHz up to 1950MHz, and from 2.2GHz up to 2.36GHz respectively. Such unprecedented performance upgrades help elevate the EN9800GTX+ DK TOP’s 3DMark High Preset score from 4573 to 4848—an astounding 6% improvement in terms of speed when compared to any other reference designed board**. Gamers can now truly feel the adrenaline rush of superb gaming performance—only with the ASUS EAH4870 DK TOP and EN9800GTX+ DK TOP.

Unprecedented 1GB Onboard Memory for Ultimate Graphics
Memory size is very important for performance, as even a powerful GPU can suffer from bottlenecks due to slow and insufficient video memory. The more memory installed on a video card, the more data it can store—eliminating the need to access PC RAM and providing faster graphical performance. With most current and upcoming games requiring increasingly high video memory requirements, the ASUS EAH4870 DK/HTDI/1G, with its unprecedented 1GB of built-in memory, will provide greatly enhanced performances, and allow users to fully enjoy games or movies without lag or stuttering even at very high resolutions and maximum quality settings.

Ultimate Armaments
Keeping in line with ASUS’ Rock Solid promise for quality, the upcoming version of the EAH4870 DK and EN9800GTX+ DK Series will come with several solutions to provide top quality graphic performances. With the EMI shield, 66% EMI Interference can be reduced for more stable signals. The DIP Spring Chokes can also lower temperatures by 5–10°C in comparison with traditional Toroidal Coil Chokes. Additionally, the LF PAK MOS guarantees more efficient power and less heat. On top of all this, the Japan-made Solid Capacitors can lower power loss for more stable operations even under long-term use. Therefore, users will be able to enjoy extreme performance and have peace of mind—only with ASUS EAH4870 DK and EN9800GTX+ DK Series.

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ACCENT MICRO TECHNOLOGIES and DELL PHILIPPINES Sponsor Philippine Computer Society’s Monthly Membership Meeting and Professional Development Program

The Philippine Computer Society (PCS) held its Monthly Membership Meeting and Professional Development Program last Sept. 18, 2008 at the Microsoft office 16/F 6750 Ayala Ave. Makati City.  The general assembly was in full house with 70 new members and attendees.

This month’s theme, Unified IT Infrastructure: Virtualization, was supported by the event’s key speakers, Mr. Allan Divinagracia, Enterprise Business Manager of Dell and Mr. Carlos “Titus” Manuel, Sr. Director for admin and HR, FEU – East Asia College. 

Mr. Divinagracia focused on the effects of storage virtualization to companies while Mr. Manuel took a quick and fun discussion on Quickie Meetings, Clean, Clear and Crisp.  

Accent Micro Technology was there to showcase some of DELL’s best products such as the DELL Vostro 1200, Dell Poweredge Towerserver T100 and DELL Optiplex 330 Desktop at affordable prices.  Over-all, entire event was a success.

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BenQ Goes Green with New High-Definition LCD Monitors

With 16:9 aspect ratio fast becoming the new global standard among panel manufacturers, BenQ continues to distinguish its brand from the competition with innovation and industry-leading technologies that today include “ultra-green” 16:9 High Definition 720p models for reduced environmental impact and enhanced cost-performance.

The company’s latest LCD monitors – the BenQ E900HD and G900HD feature popular 16:9 format for superior display of HD content as well as a unique 2-lamp design that still emits the bright 300 nits (The candela per square metre {cd/m²} is the SI unit of luminance; nit is a non-SI name) of 4-lamp models, all while saving substantial energy and greatly lessening carbon dioxide and mercury emissions.

These two new models complement BenQ’s HD 16:9 LCD Monitor Series to be released in the Philippines this October, and transplant HD visual enjoyment from living room to desktop gaming, work, and video watching.
Greener is Simply Better
The glossy black BenQ E900HD and silver, black BenQ G900HD LCD monitors not only resonate BenQ’s leadership in visual display with the latest 16:9 format and smart user essentials, but also reflect BenQ’s dedication to environmental responsibility.

The risks and impacts caused by global warming over the last decades have greatly concerned the international community. Environmentalists around the world have gone to great lengths to effectively create awareness on alarming issues such as carbon dioxide reduction and energy conservation.

BenQ – as a global citizen and an eager participant in making the earth a better place to live – is more than ready to do its part.

The BenQ team has designed an exclusive energy-saving technology in developing its latest 18.5” LCD monitor – replacing the traditional four-lamp apparatus with two without affecting the brightness of the monitor screen. BenQ’s 2-lamp design features several benefits over conventional 4-lamp displays.

The BenQ 18.5″ LCD Monitor models still maintain a 300-nits brightness and 10,000:1 DCR (dynamic contrast ratio), but use only 30W total power.

The 10000:1 DCR technology help review even the finest detail especially in darkened and complex motion pictures, providing you with clearer, smoother image during movies and video games.

Through this technology, BenQ LCD Monitor users can cut down power consumption by 25% and decrease carbon dioxide by 25%.

With these new models, BenQ demonstrate how enjoyment extends far beyond hardware and technology, but to the natural world as well.

With BenQ’s new low-energy, low-emission LCD Monitor models, we hope to set the trend not only for 16:9 format, but social and environmental responsibility.

Expanding HD Enjoyment Everywhere
Among the offerings of BenQ’s new 16:9 HD Series LCD Monitors, the new E and G 18.5″ models nonetheless unify today’s digital lifestyle enjoyment by expanding HD viewing application from limited living room use to boundless possibilities in the study, office, classroom, bedroom, kitchen, and more.

A common native resolution used in HD Ready LCD TV panels is 1366 x 768 pixels instead of the ATSC Standard 1280 x 720 pixels. This is due to maximization of manufacturing yield and resolution of VGA, VRAM that comes with a 768 pixel format. Hence, LCD manufacturers adopt the 16:9 ratio compatible for the HD Ready 1080p video standard.

If you have content in 16:9 format and you want to project it onto a 16:10 or 4:3 monitor, your image won’t be able to fill the whole screen. You’ll see two black bands above and below the picture. You can choose to distort your picture, or else zoom in a little to fill up the entire space, but those aren’t very satisfactory workarounds

With the new BenQ monitors, all multimedia, work and gaming applications are beautifully displayed via a smooth 5ms response time, 720p high definition.

Image quality is also rendered flawless with an ultra-high 10,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio that intensifies blacks to reveal subtle dark details in superb definition.

Both models of BenQ feature convenient D-Sub input and DVI-D with HDCP. The E900HD further features headphone jack and integrated speakers.

Both BenQ models – the BenQ E900HD and G900HD LCD monitors are Vista Premium certified.

The BenQ Group is currently comprised of 12 companies that operate independently while sharing resources and leveraging synergies among them. BenQ Corporation, a leading provider of networked digital lifestyle devices, is a multi-faceted company with strengths in mobile communications, visual display and network convergence technologies. BenQ offers unrivalled breadth and depth of products and integrating technologies across platforms through the brand promise of “Enjoyment Matters”. In a short span of only six years, BenQ has received global recognition with 183 top international design awards for the successful blending of subtle minimalism with touches of luxury. BenQ extracts the essence of Asian design fluidity and infuses it with modern technology and thus has created an elegant design that’s totally unique to BenQ.

BenQ monitors and projectors are distributed and serviced by Astech Pengson Distributors Incorporated a company that has been offering quality products and services for more than 30years in the Philippines.

BenQ has recently appointed Astech Penson Distributors Incorporated as its distibutor for BenQ LCD monitors.

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ASUS Launches the G71 – World’s First Quad Core Gaming Notebook

Consistent with the tradition of breaking new grounds, ASUS is proud to present the world’s first Intel® Quad Core™ Gaming notebook—the G71. Specifically designed with gamers in mind, the G71 is the first in ASUS’ planned series of Quad Core™ gaming notebooks and an addition to its expanding G Series. The G71 delivers a total gaming experience in a highly portable package, with an emphasis on audio clarity and stunning graphics performance.
The World’s First Quad Core™ Gaming Notebook
The ASUS G71 is the world’s first Quad Core™ gaming notebook, powered by the new Intel Core™ 2 Extreme processor QX9300. The removal of the Overspeed Protection means that the G71 is capable of extreme performance through overclocking, pushing the envelope of computational processing power and thus allowing users to multitask extensively.

Superior Gaming Performance
As a dedicated gaming notebook, the G71 sports an impressive array of high performance components, such as a 17” Crystal Shine high brightness display with a quick response time of 8 ms, powered by a NVIDIA GeForce 9700M GT GDDR3 512 MB graphics card. The G71 also features up to 4 GB of DDR3 1066MHz system memory coupled with dual hard disk drives of up to 1 TB (500 GB x 2)—enabling users to enjoy multimedia entertainment and games while on the move.

Direct Console 2.0
Direct Console 2.0 is an all-in-one gaming control interface that allows users to select from three processor speed settings depending on their mode of usage. The same interface also includes controls for Direct Messenger, enabling communication utilities such as Instant Messaging (MSN™), Meeting and E-mail notification. The gaming hotkeys enable users to launch their favorite games with a single touch and execute in-game commands on-the-fly. The chassis of the G71 also features a programmable lighting system, which lights up and blinks during in-game events. These lights can be configured through the Direct Console 2.0, providing the user with a pyrotechnic-like ambience while in the game.

Direct Messenger
Users can now read their emails and communicate via Instant Messaging (MSN™) through the Direct Messenger. Acting as a secondary display, it displays email notifications, instant messages, battery reserves and system loadings in real-time even during a game in progress. This allows users to keep in touch with their friends and family while multitasking between various applications.

Entertainment and Style on the Move
The G71 incorporates several entertainment features that promise to give users a gaming experience like none other. Altec Lansing speakers equipped with a subwoofer deliver excellent sound reproduction, further complimented by Dolby™ Home Theater. A 2.0 megapixel webcam allows users to communicate visually through Skype™ or MSN™; while a dedicated game keyboard layout provides them with strategically placed movement keys on a full-sized keyboard—granting them quick access to their in-game inventories and allowing them to issue commands in the shortest time possible. These features combine to provide an entire host of gamer-centric features for users to immerse themselves in a world of audio and visual entertainment with style.

Fun for Everyone
The G71 may have the sheer power to sate the needs the most serious of gamers, but it is also very suitable for those who prefer to play games on a more casual basis. Attaching ASUS’ innovative Eee Stick—a simple plug and play gaming solution that allows users to interact with the game by translating their hand motions into corresponding movements onscreen—for example, will instantly transform the G71 into a mobile gaming console. The easy-to-use and family-friendly Eee Stick—which works with all of ASUS’ notebooks—consists of an Activation stick, a Navigation stick and a 2.4GHz RF dongle. It has a broadcast range of up to 10 meters, allowing users more leeway for physical movement. Boasting three modes of operation, the Eee Stick can be used with a myriad of game genres, ranging from sports and shooting, to action and beat ‘em up games.

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PowerColor introduces HD4550/HD4350 for ultimate HD experience

TUL Corporation – a leading manufacturer of AMD graphics cards – introduces value segment VGAs, HD4550 and HD4350 Series. With all the latest features, the new series delivers superior high-definition experience to a new level at home, work and gaming.

PowerColor HD4550 clocks at 600MHz core speed and 900MHz memory speed with the latest DDR3 on-board memory. PowerColor HD4550 boosts up twice the performance of the previous generation. Besides the standard solution, PowerColor also offers PLAY! edition which provides Display Port, HDMI, DVI output, which delivers finer visual experience!
PowerColor HD4350 GPU and memory not only run at 600MHz and 400MHz respectively, but also provide the best platform for watching Blu-ray movies and playing HD games. PowerColor HD4350 will present you a vivid virtual world.

PowerColor HD4550 and HD4350 both support Microsoft® DirectX® 10.1, PCI Express® 2.0, and ATI CrossFireTM X technology, and reinforce HD gaming performance. Not only that, PowerColor HD4550 and HD4350 also offer Unified Video Decoder 2(UVD2) and built-in HDMI with 7.1 surround audio to ensure you to take full advantage of the latest display technology.

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ASUS Ranked First in Taiwan Top 10 Global Brands IT Hardware Category

The 2008 results of the annual Taiwan Top 10 Global Brands survey was recently released, and ASUS has been ranked first in the IT Hardware category. The company’s brand value has grown sharply for the fifth consecutive year, rising US$1.28 billion over the past year and now total US$13.24 billion. Notable contributors to ASUS’ strong showing in 2008 have been its Eee-branded products—led by the massively-popular Eee PC™ range of nettops—and ASUS notebooks, which have also been performing strongly in the market.

“We will continue to instill a lean thinking mentality across all our staff, and uphold the highest standards within our organization, to ensure that our customers continue to enjoy products that are unequaled in terms of innovation and quality,” said ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Vice-Chairman Jonathan Tsang.
The primary driver of ASUS’ brand value growth has been its Eee-branded products, led by the critically-acclaimed Eee PC™. The Eee PC™ has proved hugely-popular with both consumers and the media, having been voted as “The Most Wanted Christmas Gift” on and CNET at the tail-end of 2007. It has also recently been named the “Computer of the Year” and “Gadget of the Year”* at the Stuff Gadget Awards 2008.

In addition, the Eee PC™ has garnered numerous accolades from industry authorities, including a prestigious International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award in 2008. Since its launch in October 2007, more than 3.5 million Eee PCs™ have been sold worldwide. Another Eee-branded product, the diminutive and energy-saving Eee Box, has seen brisk sales among consumers facing desktop space constraints.

Another major contributor to ASUS’ brand revenue growth in 2007-2008 has been its notebook business. ASUS currently lies seventh in terms of global notebook market share. In recognition of its leading status in the notebook category, ASUS was also named the No.1 in quality and services by the Wall Street Journal Asia. Out of the 2,569 international awards bestowed on ASUS products in 2007, 581 were for notebooks.

About Taiwan Top 10 Global Brands
The valuation of Taiwan’s Top 10 Global Brands has been conducted since 2003. Interbrand, a leading global brand consultancy, uses its well-established brand valuation methodology to prepare financial valuations of Taiwan’s international brands. The aforementioned methodology has also been applied to the Top 100 Global Brands report appointed by the management of Business Week. The brand valuation itself is composed of qualitative and quantitative financial analyses to help effectively pinpoint the role of Taiwan’s brands in the global market.

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BenQ launches T52WA LCD monitor

If the thought changing your ten-year old CRT monitor may be sentimentally and financially challenging, then fear no more as BenQ makes the shift easy and enjoyable for you and your pocket with the T52WA LCD monitor.

Competitively priced but packed with the “new tech” feel, the T52WA is an entry-level LCD monitor specifically targeted for Filipinos in order to allow more and more local users to conveniently leave their CRT monitors behind.
Change is Good
Below are several reasons why you should leave your old monitor behind:

T52WA vs. CRT Monitor

Actual screen size – T52WA is bigger than 15”CRT, only 1” smaller than 17”CRT
Display area – T52WA is 15% more than 15”CRT

Physical size – T52WA takes 30%-40% depth compared with 15”&17”CRT.
Image quality – Compared with 15”CRT, image is much sharper on T52WA. (The less space between pixels, the better the image quality)

Power consumption – T52WA consumes 27% or less energy than regular CRT monitors.

Refresh rate and radiation – Unlike CRT, T52WA is flicker & radiation free. Health conscious consumers prefer LCD monitors over CRT.

The Big Switch
When compared with the average 15” and 17” CRT monitor, the T5WA gives consumers even more reason to make the big switch.

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