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Canon expands cost efficient line of multimedia projectors for discerning business and home users

Canon continues to deliver top-class Projection images for unbeatable value. Catering to everyone from home movie enthusiasts to business professionals, no one will be left wanting for better quality presentations and image detail with XEED SX80, the latest in the XEED series. Exceptional contrast and colour-rich pictures are made possible, courtesy of Canon’s very own AISYS optical system and in-house manufactured LCOS panels.

Also keeping in mind the growing popularity of HD products, the XEED SX80 boasts of a HDMI video input that allows easy projection of high quality images from High-Definition camcorders, DVD players and digital cameras. It even allows for any PictBridge compatible digital cameras to be plugged directly for high quality projection, as well as presentations on the fly simply by plugging in an USB Thumbdrive, without the use of a computer.

LCOS: Enhanced by AISYS Technology
Canon’s own LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) reflective LCD panels delivers exceptionally high-resolution images free of the “lattice-effect”, where an unsightly grid pattern appears over the projected image. Together with Canon’s patented AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System) optical system, LCOS panels are further enhanced, resulting with bright, high-contrast images in an exceptionally slim, compact design.

Best Performance with Excellent Value: The XEED SX80 Multimedia Projector
Built with SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) resolution, wow your audience with crisp details and outstanding colour reproduction. The first of the XEED series to feature Canon’s third generation AISYS optical system, rest assured that the stylish, compact design does not compromise image quality. Effectively utilising light from the projector lamp and paired with amazing 3000Im brightness, the only conclusion made is unprecedented intrinsic, high clarity detail.

Suited for large vibrant images even in small areas, the XEED SX80 fulfils its potential even in roomy, lit indoor environments. Fitted with a Genuine Canon Optics 1.5x zoom lens, vibrant pictures can be produced from a distance of less than two metres.

Also engineered with your convenience in mind, the XEED SX80 also performs four vital set-up configurations in as little as four seconds, all at the touch of a button: Auto Focusing – where a ranging sensor measures the screen distance and automatically adjusts the focus in a second; Auto Input – Detects and displays image signal from any input terminal; Auto Keystone – Calculates the angle of the projector and corrects itself for image distortion; and Auto Screen Correction – Self adjusts its colour balance to produce natural tones and hues, the perfect setup for instant perfection.

Optional ceiling attachment (RS-CL10) with flexible height extension is also offered for those after easy fitting and maintenance.

The XEED WUX10 – Canon’s First WUXGA Projector
Canon’s new XEED WUX10 is a wide screen, high-resolution projector that delivers smooth, lattice-free images with outstanding colour production at an affordable price. Delivered with the same LCOS technology, it is the world’s first 0.71 inch WUXGA (1920 x 1200) LCOS panel of its size to achieve such a resolution.

The XEED WUX10 delivers quality pictures with added brightness at 3200Im and comes packed with the usual easy-to-use Canon features, such as Auto Setup – which programs images to maximum quality in four seconds, and also includes a built-in network port, practical for the office workspace.

The highly versatile XEED WUX10 delivers seamless, stunning detail, making it suitable for a whole range of work or home environments such as corporate boardroom presentations, meeting rooms, large home theatres, museum exhibits, large visual projections for bars and restaurants, and classrooms. The XEED WUX10 is also capable in fulfilling specialised needs for demanding professions who require intense, colour-rich, detailed images. The WUXGA resolution makes the projector suitable even for a wide variety of input sources, catering to the graphic laden workloads of designers and engineers.

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