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HP Leads x86 Blade Server Market in APJ in Unit Shipments

HP significantly increased its lead as the No. 1 x86 blade server vendor in Asia Pacific (inc. Japan) in CYQ2, 2008, according to industry analyst firm IDC.

HP led in x86 blade server shipments for the sixth consecutive quarter (since CYQ2, 2007), securing 48.3 percent unit market share and a year-on-year growth rate of 66.5 percent in Q208.(1) In factory revenues, HP maintained its lead position for the third consecutive quarter (since CYQ4, 2007) in the x86 blade server segment, capturing 46 percent market share.
Globally, HP holds 50.1 percent unit shipment and factory revenue share of the $1.2 billion blade server market.
Key capabilities that address customers’ data center requirements such as virtualization and energy efficiency drove HP’s leadership in blade servers. “Customers are challenged with underutilized resources, limited space and soaring energy costs of their data centers,” said Tony Parkinson, vice president, Enterprise Storage and Servers, HP Asia Pacific and Japan. “HP is the preferred vendor to address customers’ virtualization requirements from desktop to data center.”

HP customer Bank NISP wanted to reduce data center power and cooling costs arising as a result of server sprawl. The company consolidated 46 servers to 14 HP BladeSystem c-Class server blades with VMware using HP Insight Control Environment (ICE) for unified management of physical and virtual infrastructure. The HP solutions provided a flexible operating environment, improved customer service and assured business continuity.

“The key advantage of HP virtual server solution is that it provides an automated environment,” said Filipus Suwarno, Head of Information Technology, Bank NISP. “With its easy plug-and-play usability, we could migrate existing servers quite easily without incurring much downtime.”

Additional details and highlights from IDC’s Asia/Pacific Server and Storage Tracker include:
– HP led in x86 server shipments for the 25th consecutive quarter (since CYQ2, 2002) in Asia Pacific (inc. Japan) region, capturing 28.8 percent market share in CYQ2 2008.

– HP had the largest market share in factory revenue of the Windows® and Linux server segments in Asia Pacific (inc. Japan) region in CYQ2, 2008, capturing 28.1 percent and 26.4 percent share, respectively.

– Fueled by the increasing demand for its Integrity servers, HP grew its Asia Pacific (inc. Japan) non-x86 (Itanium-based EPIC and RISC-processor) UNIX server revenues by 20.2 percent year on year in CYQ2, 2008, almost doubling (1.8x) the overall market growth for the same period. HP’s overall non-x86 UNIX server revenue growth was driven by 53.3 percent year-on-year revenue growth in Itanium-based EPIC UNIX servers. In addition, HP’s overall Itanium-based EPIC processor-based server revenues grew 45.5 percent year-on-year to reach 74.9 percent market share in the Asia Pacific (inc. Japan) EPIC server market in CYQ2, 2008.
– In the Asia Pacific (inc. Japan) total disk storage market,(3) HP shipped more terabytes (TB) of disk storage than any other vendor with 18.4 percent shipped in CYQ2, 2008. The TB shipments for the quarter had year-on-year growth of 21.2 percent.

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Passlogix Tops 500,000 Licenses in Asia, Opens Beijing Office & Signs Philippines ‘ Biggest Pharma Company

Passlogix®, Inc., announced a series of milestones in the adoption of its v-GO® Access Accelerator Suite™ in Asia, including the sale of its 500,000th v-GO user license in the region, the addition of a fourth Asian office in Beijing, and a contract with pharmaceutical company Unilab. v-GO provides integrated sign-on, provisioning and authentication solutions that enable organizations to improve operational efficiency, strengthen security and regulatory compliance readiness, and streamline IDM deployments. Over 10 million v-GO licenses have been sold worldwide.

Passlogix entered the Asia/Pacific market in 2006 with an office in Hong Kong and opened satellite locations in Singapore and Australia in 2007. Since then, Asian organizations in diverse industries have adopted v-GO to eliminate access- and authentication-related friction points that decrease business productivity, including the need to create, remember, manage and update multiple application passwords.
Unilab, for example – the largest pharmaceutical and healthcare company in the Philippines with sales throughout Southeast Asia – has roughly 20 password-protected software applications. The company is currently deploying v-GO Single Sign-On (v-GO SSO) to reduce the password burden on its 1,000 end users and administrators. Unilab also plans to add v-GO Self Serve Password Reset (v-GO SSPR) to enable users to reset forgotten Windows passwords without help desk intervention; and to implement strong authentication in conjunction with single sign-on for several applications by deploying RSA SecurID tokens with v-GO Authentication Manager (v-GO AM).

“Password management and strong authentication are very important for us in protecting our critical data,” said Frank Vibar, Unilab’s Information Security Officer. “v-GO offered the combination of simplicity, security and broad solution support that we were looking for.”

PT Sampoerna Strategic, a diversified Indonesian-based group best known for its real estate business, is already reaping v-GO’s benefits. “v-GO SSO is helping minimize password problems, including a few situations where users have multiple logon names for the same application, as well as reducing password reset calls to our help desk,” said Sandy Wibawa Saputra, the company’s system engineer.

Passlogix is also rapidly building a network of focused channel partners throughout the Asia Pacific by signing partners in Indonesia , Philippines , Thailand , Australia , Singapore and Hong Kong . These and other solution providers have selected v-GO as their enterprise SSO offering because of the platform’s reliability, scalability, ease of deployment, support for related technologies such as strong authentication and identity provisioning, and successful implementation around the world for over a decade.

“Enterprise single sign-on is becoming a critical part of the information security framework, and we believe that Passlogix’s v-GO suite is the strongest possible ESSO platform we can offer to our customers,” said Umar Goldeli, Director for Universal Defence, a Passlogix channel partner in Australia. “It has a solid track record, delivers tangible ROI in a short time frame, and offers advantages like rapid rollout and integration with other identity and access management technologies which complement initiatives in progress and actually add value to existing investments. It solves a number of challenging problems for our clients with minimal implementation cost.”

The v-GO suite offers a variety of integrated solutions designed to expedite secure user access to business systems and applications both within and beyond the four walls of the enterprise. Suite components range from enterprise single sign-on for on-site employees on individual or shared workstations to companion solutions for granting and managing application access for remote and temporary workers such as partners, suppliers and contractors; granting and managing access to privileged and shared accounts; and enabling strong authentication to applications, desktop and networks.

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