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Industry leader 3LCD Revolutionizes Projection Industry

3-chip Liquid Crystal Display (3LCD), the first and only projection technology to surpass the 50 million chip mark, celebrates its 20th year of innovation.

Epson, with a global market share of 20.9% of the projector market (Future Source, April-June 2008), is the inventor and pioneer of the 3LCD technology. Because of the 3LCD technology’s success, it has been adopted by other leading brands that has in turn, boosted the technology’s market share to more than half of the global market.

3LCD is a sophisticated technology that highly improves and leads industry standards for vibrant, true-to-life, and consistent images for the most demanding business and consumer audiences. Delivering unbelievably bright and natural color, amazing detail and road-tested reliability, the world’s leading projector technology offers brilliant quality images using its pioneering 3-chip LCD.
Epson designed the 3LCD projector system by using a combination of dichroic mirrors to break the white light from the lamp into red, green and blue light. Each of the three colors of light is then passed through its own LCD panel and then recombined by a dichroic prism before being projected onto the screen. This results in smooth-moving images with rich, full color, since all three basic colors are included in each pixel of the projected image at all times.

According to the report from the Pacific Media Associates (PMA) in the United States, 3LCD leads in all three front projection channels namely, the Pro AV, Distribution and Retail channels. The Pro AV channel serves some of the most demanding markets in the projection business today. Pro AV dealers provide service and support to their customers and require outstanding performance and reliability. The Pro AV channel overwhelmingly continues to choose projectors with 3LCD technology, selling them 3 to 1 over all other technologies combined according to PMA.

Reliability Paves the Road to 50 Million
In the two decades since front projection technology has taken a hold in the global market, 3LCD technology has emerged as a leader with outstanding track record of performance and reliability in the field. With millions of projectors sold and in use today, 3LCD technology delivers every day where users need it most: in meeting rooms, classrooms, board rooms, houses of worship and large venues around the world.

“We are excited to reach all these important industry milestones,” says Mr. Yasunori Ogawa, Epson General Manager of VI Planning & Design Department. “This achievement is a testament to the outstanding performance, reliability and innovation of 3LCD technology that has delivered to millions of projector users over almost 20 years in the market.”

Epson Philippines Corporation is now set to lead the Philippine market towards a new standard in the projection industry with the 3LCD technology.

“Since 1989, the 3LCD technology has surpassed expectations and has become the technology of choice in the global projector market. As we celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary celebration in the Philippines, this showcase on 3LCD as another leading core technology exemplifies our commitment to create and uplift new local industry standards,” says Epson Philippines Corporation Senior General Manager and Division Head for Sales & Marketing Eduardo Bonoan. “As a global leader in projector sales for the last 7 consecutive years*, Epson holds true to its dedication to “Exceed Your Vision” as an innovator in business and in innovating strong products for the customer.”

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Canon introduces its latest range of stylish, affordable laser printers for the practical consumer

Canon launches it’s smallest-ever Laser printers, with the Laser Shot LBP3050 and LBP3150. Measuring just 372 x 250 x 197mm, they come in a practical contemporary design with no compromise on Canon quality. The compact, sleek design allows for a more ergonomic design, which melts discreetly into any small workspace and weighs a paltry 5.4kgs. The smart design dismisses the use of an extended tray as a practical space saving solution and the retractable output tray also doubles up as a dust cover when not in use.

Not one to compromise on printing efficiency, the Laser Shot LBP3050 prints at a rapid speed of 14ppm and 16ppm for the LBP3150. You get your first printout in 8.5 seconds, a 15 percent increase in speed as compared to previous models. Achieve detailed, high quality monochrome prints up to 2400 x 600 resolution, made possible with Canon’s Automatic Image Refinement Technology (A.I.R). With a unique U-shaped paper pass for smooth passage of printed sheets, possibilities of annoying paper jams are significantly reduced.
With absolutely no warm-up time on standby mode, both the Laser Shot LBP3050 and LBP3150 come with patented On-Demand Fixing Technology, which allows for more efficient, time saving printouts with great energy savings. Couple this with Canon Advanced Printing Technology (CAPT 3.0), hasty printing speed is achieved by utilising the host computer to manage print jobs. High Smart Compression Architecture (Hi-SCoA) then aids by compressing data to be delivered in manageable sizes, so less printer RAM is needed for processing. This is a long-term cost effective feature, as the Laser Shot LBP3050 and LBP3150 come with 2MB RAM built-in, with no further memory upgrades required.

But cost-saving features do not stop there. The Laser Shot LBP3050 and LBP3150 consume a minimal 280W while printing and runs on only 2W while on standby and sleep modes. An easy access frontal power switch is another energy saving feature, which visually reminds users to power off after each use.

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