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HP grabs four Quill Award

HP and its local PR agency, Stratworks Inc., grabbed four merit awards in the 2008 Philippine Quill Awards held recently at the Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila. HP was the only IT company in the roster of this year’s awardees and it is also HP’s first time to receive Quill awards in the history of its Philippine operations.

Three awards were given to HP’s Imaging and Printing Group (IPG) and one for HP’s Personal Systems Group (PSG). The following are the PR programs that made it in this year’s awards:

HP Mythbusters: Asserting the Indelible Merits of HP Original Inks
Marketing Communications category

The successful Mythbusting Night held in November 2007 was the take off of the year-long campaign to educate consumers on the advantages of using HP Original Inks. A third party study entitled “Ink Cartridge Page Yield and Reliability Study conducted by a leading technical test organization, TÜV SÜD PSB, was revealed to the public for the first time. The study showed that HP Original Inks can actually print 2.4 more pages than remanufactured or refilled inks.

HP Original Inks Value Campaign: True vs. False Economies
Multi-Audience category

Following the Mythbusting event, HP rolled out activities to promote awareness and actual preference of consumers to HP Original Inks. The program, tagged as the HP Original Inks 2.4 Value Campaign, included a consumer promo that gave away the biggest prizes to HP Original Inks users: two brand new cars with 2.4 years of FREE gas, 18 trips to New York for two, 72 HP Mini-Note PC and 72 HP All-in-One printers. The campaign also included mall tours and seminars to HP retail partners, distributors, channel suppliers and resellers.

HP Printer Media Review Program: Winning Over the Experts
Media Relations category

The entry of HP printers that cater to different kinds of customers such as consumer, enterprise, SMEs and Small Office/Home Office in the Philippines has led to a continuing review program of these products for the media. The program yielded several positive reviews from key media, and several HP printer models garnered accolades and recognition for their performance and reliability. The said program ensured HP’s consistent presence and visibility in major newspapers and IT magazines.

The BIG Deal about HP Mini-Note PC
Media Relations category

HP’s entry into the sub-notebook category was highly-anticipated by tech experts and the media. Since its launch at the Bonifacio High Street in May this year, the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC made waves in newspapers, magazines and even in blog sites. Most positive reviews were attributed to the HP Mini-Note’s sleek aluminum design and full-function features. The product also earned awards and recognition as one of the best in the UMPC/sub-notebook category. Several celebrities, columnists, editors, reporters and bloggers are now proud owners of the HP Mini-Note PC.

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Symantec Released November State of SPAM Report

In this report, economy- related topics played a major role, as spammers continue to utilize it as a ruse to deliver their spam messages. In general, spam levels averaged in at 76.4 percent of all email messages in October– a decrease from a high of 80 percent in August.

Specific Trends Highlighted in the Report

– It’s the Economy, Stupid”
In October, Symantec detected a spam attack that supposedly came from US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. The message suggested that Paulson had been instructed by the United Nations to “wire a sum of $1M into your Bank Account in a Legal way”. For the recipient to claim the money, he must provide his personal details. In order to sound legitimate, the email begins by providing personal information of the Secretary.

Consequently, Symantec observed another spam attack in October, purportedly originating from the FDIC. This after the US Congress has temporarily increased FDIC deposit insurance from US $100,000 to US $250,000 per depositor until December 31, 2009. The spam message claimed that “funds wired into your account are stolen”, asking the recipients to check their account statement, which the message claims, is attached to the email. Victims who then opened the attachment are exposed to malware.

– The Holidays are Coming: ‘Tis the Season for Spam
As the holiday season approaches, spammers are once again taking a seasonal spam angle and using email to tout such wares as pharmaceutical, product and casino spam.

Other November State of Spam Report Highlights:

– Rise in Image Spam Linked to Phising Scam
– Lottery Scam, Sister to 419 Spam, Continues in October
– Obfuscated URL Attack Targeting German–Speaking Domains

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