Explore your Artistic Creativity with the HP Designjet Z3200 Photo Printer

15 Dec

HP is introducing the HP Designjet Z3200 Photo Printer, a large-format printer that redefines the world of color to produce the most brilliant reds, more stunning black-and-whites and a wider color range than ever before with the 12-ink pigment system which includes the new HP 73 Chromatic Red and Quad-black Ink set. Equipped with HP DreamColor Technologies and an embedded spectrophotometer, the HP Designjet Z3200 Photo Printer consistently and precisely reproduces gallery-quality prints that redefine the creative process—whether used in professional photography, pre-press or graphic design.

Broader, more brilliant color range than ever before
Enabled by the 12-ink pigment system that includes the new HP 73 Chromatic Red and Quad-black Ink set, the HP Designjet Z3200 Photo Printer is capable of producing astonishingly vivid and brilliant photographic and fine-art prints that bring images to life. Furthermore, the new HP 73 Chromatic Red ink achieves 95% PANTONE® coverage1, giving a broader, more exciting color gamut of red, blues and green than ever before—fulfilling the needs of photographers, graphic artists and pre-press professionals alike.
Stunning gallery-quality black-and-white prints
With the HP Designjet Z3200, it is easy to create black-and-white prints that tell their very own stories. With the Quad-black Ink set, which includes matte black, photo black, grey and light grey pigment ink cartridges, monochrome prints are produced in rich true blacks, neutral tones of grey and smooth transitions that elegantly convey each image’s emotions.

Explore more creative avenues
By offering a broader range of media, the HP Designjet Z3200 Photo Printer affords more creative freedom and flexibility. It is able to support more than 50 HP media, from Bond and Heavyweight coated papers to display-graphics, photographic and digital fine-art media. It is also compatible with more than 20 third-party paper presets for an even wider selection.

Furthermore, by using HP’s range of papers, the 12-ink pigment system can create picture-perfect professional portraits, landscapes, portfolio prints and photos with the best photo permanence on the market for gallery-quality prints that retain their luster and beauty for up to 200 years2. It is also specially designed to produce an extensive palette of brilliant, life-like colors and superior gloss uniformity with minimal bronzing on most glossy paper with HP Gloss Enhancer3.

Save resources with advanced ink technologies
With its proactive automatic servicing routines, this printer ensures an always-on quality for greater ink efficiency4, as well as Optical Drop Detection (ODD) which automatically tests every nozzle on the user-replaceable printheads and performs a cleaning procedure to restore clogged or non-optimized nozzles. This quick and precise process not only ensures consistent results and an extended print life, but also utilizes minimum resources, needing only 2.2 milliliters of ink to test over 10,000 nozzles. With every single nozzle scrupulously maintained, a lower nozzle failure rate and an increase in the lifespan of the printer and printheads can be experienced.

To further save time and ink, its Quad-blank Ink set allows the printing of rich dark blacks on matte and glossy papers without having to swap the PK (photo black) and MK (matte black) cartridges. It also uses advanced preview technology which allows users to preview the layout, details and positions of a print job for any adjustments to be made before actual printing.

Meanwhile, by setting the HP Designjet Z3200 Photo Printer in best print mode, print speed can be improved by as much as 20%5, helping to complete printing tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Simplify profiling and calibration tasks
Even in fluctuating conditions, the device produces consistent color results from print to print6. The HP DreamColor Technologies and the X-Rite spectrophometer built into it, along with HP printer linearization and profiling software, take unnecessary costs, effort and irregularities out of printer color management. These advanced technologies enable users to customize a professional ICC profile for printer, paper and environmental conditions with no more than a few mouse clicks, and export color measurements for use in external profiling software applications. These custom HP profiles optimize the HP Designjet Z3200 Photo Printer’s extended color gamut across any of a wide range of color media.

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