‘Design’ Your Memories with Style and Clarity with ASUS UFOTO UF715 Digital Photo Frame

18 Dec

The ASUS UFOTO UF715 digital photo frame is designed to be the perfect showcase for beautiful photos. It is brimming with impressive features and exclusive technologies that allow users to ‘design’ their memories—reliving them in any way they wish. Foto-in-Motion technology, for example, allows users to add five eye-catching special effects to their photos, along with music accompaniment. Another technology exclusive to ASUS digital photo frames—dubbed Reminiscence—enables them to quickly search for, and display, photos taken on specific dates. This makes locating photos taken on significant dates such as weddings and holidays very easy.

The UF715 has a built-in speaker to play MP3 music, the ability to automatically change the orientation of photos when tilted, and an alarm clock feature complete with an accompanying remote control. It is equipped with a vibrant 7” high-resolution (800 x 480 pixels) display, framed by a stunning white bezel finished with the double injection method that is at once beautiful and durable. Adding a further touch of simple sophistication is a crystalline stand at the rear, turning the UF715 into more of a showpiece than a mere photo frame.

Foto-in-Motion Technology: Add New Beauty to Memories with Breathtaking Effects
Exclusive to ASUS digital photo frames, including the UFOTO UF715, is Foto-in-Motion technology. With Foto-in-Motion, users will be able to add visual interest to their pictures by applying exciting photo effects and scenario music. Apart from the Standard preset, Foto-in-Motion offers the following effects:
– Vivid: Enhances saturation, resulting in more vibrant pictures
– Spotlight: Casts a spotlight on elements at the center of photos
– Nostalgic: Simulates the sepia-tinted look of aged photos
– Black & White: Converts the image to grayscale

Reminiscence Technology: Search for Specific Photos in Just a Few Steps
Reminiscence technology enables users to rapidly search for, and subsequently display, photos taken on specific dates. All the user has to do is to key the desired date into the search field, and the photos will be retrieved and displayed on a single screen. This feature is perfect for users who would like to recollect everything that happened on a particular day.

PictBridge* Direct Photo Printing Support: Print Photos with Ease
PictBridge adds plug-and-print functionality to the UF715. Users will be able to easily print photos on the UF715 directly on their printers, without requiring a computer connection.
* Most printers have PictBridge function. Please check if there is a PictBridge logo on the printer to ensure compatibility.

A Host of Impressive Features
Rounding off the UF715’s list of impressive features are:
– A 5-in-1 card reader with CF / SD / MMC / xD / MS / MS Pro support
– 128MB internal memory that provides storage for over 700 photos
– JPEG / BMP / MP3 format support
– Auto Power On/Off according to the user’s preference
– Photo slideshows with MP3 music accompaniment
– Calendar mode
– A clock that displays the current date and time in a familiar analog clock format
– A remote control with convenient hotkeys for ease of operation
– Quick switching from date and time mode to alarm clock mode with the remote control

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