APC by Schneider Electric Continues to Protect CIGI’s Power Supply Needs

30 Jan

After nearly a decade, Consolidated Industrial Gases, Inc. (CIGI) continues to rely on APC’s InfraStruXure® solution and core products to ensure continuous power of the manufacturing operations in various locations throughout the Philippines.

CIGI is the leading manufacturer of industrial and medical gases for the local industries such as manufacturing, fabrication, construction, steel, automotive, shipbuilding, mining, healthcare, and food and beverage.

CIGI operates 2 major production sites as well as a nationwide network of 35 Gas and Gear Centers.

“We have come to rely on the brand to provide clean power and reliable back-up supply for all individual desktop equipment in our offices,” CIGI Infrastructure Manager Ronald Tolosa, said.

<b>All points covered</b>

Things did not always run as smoothly as this. About eight years ago, “CIGI was experiencing major power problems that its former UPS brand couldn’t manage,” Tolosa said.

When CIGI relocated from Mandaluyong to their current office in Ortigas Center, Pasig City in 2003, the company turned to APC to assess their power requirements.

At the previous location, workstations were protected only by automatic voltage regulators (AVRs), providing little or no security against sudden power fluctuations or power trips. As a result, “The staff was constantly anxious about not having enough time to save their work and to properly shut their PC.” To remedy this, the company replaced the AVRS with APC’s Smart UPS RT 7500VA, along with the addition of 70 desktops to the network, Tolosa said.

CIGI, which employs more than 200 regular and contractual workers, has deployed APC products in all its offices and plants throughout the Philippines.

“We use APC Back-UPS® for our desktop solutions. Our plants in Sta. Rosa and Apalit, run on APC Smart-UPS RT 7500. Our head office is powered by the APC Symmetra®,” Tolosa states.

Even Southern Industrial Gases (SIG), CIGI’s affiliate serving the Visayas and Mindanao market, also installed an APC InfraStruXure® solution in its data center. The APC InfraStruXure® solution supports the gas manufacturer’s data center that connects to an estimated 100 users, 80 users in Mandaue, and 50 users in other parts of the Visayas and Mindanao.

“It was very important to ensure stable power protection in the more complex and mission-critical data centers located in several plants in the Philippines. But since we integrated APC into the system, we have not suffered any downtime. This has empowered us to achieve maximum output from our production line,” Tolosa said.

<b>Plug and Play</b>  

To continuously monitor the status of the UPS, APC’s network management solution provides a huge comfort for CIGI. This solution comes with a convenient Web-based online service, which allows CIGI to consult with support personnel. This convenience is reflected as well in APC’s products, enabling CIGI to enjoy optimum quality of service.

In cases of major power interruptions related to plug maintenance or sub station repair work from Meralco, the APC UPS software automatically shuts the data center and reactivates the servers when normal power reverts.

“It’s really amazing. There is no maintenance or replacement work needed at the CIGI Data Centers in Sta.Rosa and Apalit. That means the solution has been operating from the day it has been installed.

“It’s very critical for us to manage our power requirements using a low-maintenance and high-returns solution. With APC, we are achieving that objective.

“It has been an easy choice to stay with APC throughout the years despite the presence of other brands. The results we achieved from out investment into APC has been worth it. Even taking into account any pricing difference, the benefits we reaped from implementing APC is very clear,” Tolosa said.

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