Rendition Memory Exclusively Distributed by Asian Technologies Computer Corporation

17 Mar

February 20, 2009 marked the day Rendition memory was first made locally available, exclusively distributed by Asian Technologies Computer Corporation (Asiantech). Available models include the Rendition

What is Rendition
Rendition memory is basically Crucial memory repackaged to suit third-world markets looking for low-cost, high-quality solutions. However, it must be noted that the difference in price does not affect the quality of the product. A Rendition 667 model typically offers 333 Mhz of memory speed, reduced refresh rates of 7.8 us, 64-bit module widths, module voltages at SSTL 1.8, and memory timings of 5-5-5-15 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 20-43-3-5-3 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR).

What is Crucial
A key brand in the Lexar Media family of products, Crucial is the only DRAM supplier that is part of a chief memory manufacturer. The Crucial brand also reflects high-quality memory that’s been approved and qualified by most major OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). And since the brand carries more than 250,000 upgrades for use in over 40,000 systems, Crucial is confident that there’s an available option for virtually every system released.

According to Jay Fernandez and Anna Lyn Nicolas, Product Officers for Rendition memory, “Rendition offers what Crucial does. We’re glad to be able to offer Rendition memory to Filipinos because we understand that these are tough times. We want to guarantee that our customers will get the most value for their money, and Rendition memory brings together top-rate quality and affordability to deliver just that.”

Asiantech carries Rendition 1GB 667, Rendition 1GB DDR2 800, and Rendition 2GB 800.

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