SMART slashes surfing costs with new mobile Internet packages

19 May

Prepaid subscribers of leading wireless services provider Smart Communications, Inc. (SMART) may now take advantage of the most affordable mobile Internet rates, with the Budget Surf and Daily Surf mobile Internet packages.

These bucket-priced packages enable Smart Buddy subscribers to use their cellphones to go and stay online to post photos and videos, update their blogs, chat or send emails, and browse through their favorite social networking sites at a fixed and low cost.

The packages also makes SMART the first mobile operator in the Philippines – a predominantly ‘prepaid’ market — to offer pay-as-you-go ‘data’ plans at the lowest-ever rate of as little as P.14 per minute, as more and more Filipinos take up the use of the mobile phone as a tool to conveniently access the Internet.

“SMART’s superior network coverage also ensures Smart Buddy subscribers are connected and may go online anytime. These new services advance our ‘Internet for All’ agenda — or to bring the benefits of the Internet more quickly to more people in more places,” said Jerome Almirante, head of value-added and data services at SMART.

With Budget Surf, Smart Buddy subscribers may register for 5 hours’ worth of access to the Internet for only P50, or just P10 for every hour of mobile browsing.

For longer periods, Daily Surf buys 12 hours of access to the Internet for only P100, or as low as P8.30 for every hour.

Both packages may be conveniently availed of by using a celphone’s built-in browser, then accessing – for free — the menu through SMART’s mobile portal , and clicking on the desired package.

Charge will be deducted from the subscriber’s prepaid credit at registration. A 1-peso prepaid balance must be maintained while subscribed to the mobile Internet package. Users may also check their subscription status by accessing the same menu.

Any amount of time exceeding the registered 5- or 12-hour period will be charged SMART’s existing flat rate of P10 for every 30 minutes.

“These packages will enable me to better manage what I spend for my mobile Internet usage, and I don’t need to be shocked by unexpectedly high charges for using my celphone to go online,” said Allyn Baldemor, a SMART subscriber who regularly uses her handset to access the mobile sites of Google, Yahoo, Friendster, Youtube, Multiply, and Facebook – just some of the Internet giants most popular to Filipinos, all of which have deployed a mobile site.

A mobile site is a version of a particular site designed specifically for the smaller screen and other limited capabilities of a mobile phone, without sacrificing the richer, more intuitive user experience offered by a full website.

The Smart Buddy Budget Surf and Daily Surf plans are offered only until 30 June 2009. More information may be found at

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