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BenQ Projectors Lead in Central and Eastern Europe, Win Top 3 in Latin America

With a wide array of innovative product offerings and successful marketing strategies, BenQ Corporation’s projectors are gaining strong momentum in the emerging markets especially in Latin America*1, Central and Eastern Europe.

According to market researcher Futuresource Consulting, BenQ’s projector market share rose to 15.9% in Latin America in the first three months of the year, up from 11.1% of the same period a year ago. The expansion in share is remarkable considering the total market size was down 15% the same time. BenQ was ranked No. 2 in Brazil and Mexico, with a share of 17.94% and 23% respectively, the figures show.
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Sun Achieves Major Milestone with New Release of OpenSolaris

“Building on a strong tradition of enterprise computing, OpenSolaris 2009.06 delivers advanced networking capabilities, world-record performance and best-in-class virtualization features built directly into the operating system,” said John Fowler, executive vice president, Systems at Sun. “This preview of the next generation of Solaris demonstrates Sun has the leading platform designed for the latest hardware technologies that power scalable and secure multi-threaded applications in a virtualized and networked world.”
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Microsoft, CICT drive interoperability with programs that foster local innovation

In celebration of National ICT Month, the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) is rolling out activities that promote and strengthen the competitiveness of the Philippine ICT industry. Among these include the announcement of a new partnership that will improve operations and enhance the quality of solutions developed in the Microsoft Open Source Interoperability Lab.

The CICT partnered with We are I.T. Philippines, Inc. (Wit) to enable the interoperability lab with satellite-based Internet connectivity.

Wit is a provider of turnkey satellite communications services to organizations in Asia and the Pacific.
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Slim and Sophisticated Beauty in LG’s New Scarlet

A sophisticated home is created when fashion meets function, with the perfect harmony of stylish design and smart technology. But too often, premium technology can mean sacrificing the graceful elegance of a home’s décor. Nowhere is this more evident than the big black monster of the living room: the television.

The Scarlet Series: Design Ethos

By exploring decoration outdoors and collaborating in teams, LG has worked continually to develop stylish designs that compliment the advanced features of LCD TVs. A wide range of colors and silhouettes were considered, but the main goal was to incorporate advanced technology and still maintain a glamorous appearance, bringing a beautiful sense of style and sophistication to every product made at LG.
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