Mediascape launches country’s 1st nationwide Digital HD pay TV service

23 Jul

With new technologies and standards being introduced in today’s highly visual world, TV entertainment enthusiasts now have a lot to tune in to. In the U.S and European markets, viewing has switched from analog to digital – a new standard that promises crystal clear images and superior sound quality, making your TV experience richer and better.

The new TV viewing standard has gone High Definition. High-definition television or HDTV, a new TV technology quickly gaining ground worldwide, is now available to households all over the Philippines via Mediascape’s Cignal.

“This marks a significant milestone for the Philippine television industry. Cignal with its Cignal HD and Cignal Digital TV is the most aggressive initiative thus far to bring digital television to more Filipinos all over the country,” said Manuel V. Pangilinan, Chairman, Mediascape. “We are once more at the cutting edge of innovation, offering the next generation of advanced services to our people.”

High definition viewing is fast gaining popularity in countries like the U.S with more than 100 HD channels available and in Europe, around 77 HD channels. In Asia, Japan started the trend and is now being followed by Korea, Hong Kong & Singapore. The Philippines is now catching-up with its neighbors.

“Filipinos are known to be early adopters of technology when services are made easily available and affordable, such as cellular communications and Internet connectivity. Cignal does the same for HDTV – it offers reliable and affordable HD viewing to Filipinos in every corner of the country,” said Orlando B. Vea, President of MediaScape, Inc. “It will also be more accessible to subscribers because they can avail of both Cignal HD and Cignal Digital TV’s competitive packages in all Smart Wireless Centers nationwide.”

Even TV manufacturers have gained from this momentum. “The growing awareness of HD technology here in the Philippines has increased customer appreciation for our Sony BRAVIA full HD TVs,” says Sony Philippines Vice President Mr. Takashi Kozu. “It is our pleasure to fulfill the local demand for Sony BRAVIA TVs as we offer the HD television with the most number of eco-friendly features with the Sony Bravia WE5, the Ultimate Sports TV, Sony Bravia Z450), and the world’s first 240HZ Motionflow technology.”

HD is a technology that is the next step in all-encompassing viewing — and that JVC also wishes to have everyone experience, as well. “More and more consumers would want to fully experience real HD viewing with our latest High Definition product offerings. To make them fully appreciate this technology, we have in fact been in talks with Mediascape to provide the latest JVC HD LCDs and Cignal service bundles at very attractive prices,” says JVC General Manager Paul Santos.

The digital difference
Cignal comes in two packages – Cignal HD and Cignal Digital TV – each boasting of a unique TV viewing experience. Currently, Cignal Digital TV provides 20 SD/standard definition top rating channels including GMA 7, ABS CBN 2, TV5, QTV, Studio 23, NBN, CS9, IBC13, ETC, @nd Avenue, Net 25, HBO, Disney Channel, PBO, and Viva Cinema. It also carries digital radio broadcasts of DZRH Television, 90.7 Love Radio, FM 101.1 Yes FM, Joey 92.3, Magic 89.9, 99.5RT, and NU107. More channels will be added into the roster of entertainment selections in the future.

Cignal HD offers two exciting channels through its High Definition platform – Voom, a general entertainment channel that broadcasts a wide variety of programming from sports, fashion, concerts, and documentaries; and the History Channel which will show a variety of interesting topics that cover genres of world history – military, contemporary, historical, technology, and natural as well as science, archaeology, and pop culture. Watch out for more HD channels in the near future!

As an added perk for High Definition subscribers, Cignal HD offers free viewing of top rated shows, such as the recent NBA finals. Cignal Digital TV has also offered the Pacquiao-Hatton fight and Eraserhead’s latest concert. Soon, Studio 23’s UAAP games can be viewed through Cignal HD.

For more information on Cignal HD and Cignal Digital TV, you may call (02)8956353, (02)8901165, 0908-7699-119 or email or log on to Cignal subscription is also now available at all Smart Wireless Centers nationwide.


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2 responses to “Mediascape launches country’s 1st nationwide Digital HD pay TV service

  1. lance

    September 13, 2009 at 7:48 am

    how many channel to view ur new satellite and you have a internet connectoin?

  2. deksamrong

    October 23, 2009 at 12:40 am

    Thank you
    I like your blog


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