GIGABYTE Unwraps Latest P55 Series Motherboards

09 Sep

P55_UD6 - MB+box photo
GIGABYTE Technology CO., LTD., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards was pleased to launch their latest generation P55 series motherboards. Based on the Intel® P55 chipset, GIGABYTE P55 motherboards built upon the success of their Ultra Durable™ 3 design featuring 2oz copper PCB and delivered a host of cutting-edge features including the industry’s first 24 phase VRM design, innovative Smart6™ PC management tools and Dynamic Energy Saver™ 2 power saving utilities just to name a few.

Supporting the latest Intel® Core™ i7 and Core™i5 processors featuring LGA 1156 socket (code named Lynnfield) GIGABYTE P55 series motherboards set a new standard in high performance computing.

With the memory controller integrated directly into the processor die, GIGABYTE P55 motherboards support 2 channel DDR3 memory for blazing fast memory performance up to 2200MHz and above.

Additionally, the GIGABYTE P55 Series features Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, which is able to power down idle processor cores and dynamically reroute the power to the active cores for significant performance boosts, and at the same time, maintain greater energy efficiency.

The GIGABYTE P55 series mark another milestone for innovative GIGABYTE motherboard design, with the introduction of the world’s first 24 phase power VRM design featured on the GA-P55-UD6. The innovative 24 phase power VRM has been designed and engineered to deliver fast transient response times through quick and seamless power delivery during extensive CPU loading variations.

In addition, heat from the VRM is effectively reduced by spreading the load between all 24 power phases, resulting in a cooler and more stable platform.

For more info, please visit the Gigabyte website.

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