Kingmax Long-DIMM DDRIII-1600: The Best Option for Greater Performance

19 Sep

KINGMAX, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of DRAM and Flash products, announced the Long-DIMM DDRIII 1600 to provide greater performance for hardcore gamers and overclocking enthusiasts. In addition, the brand also has the latest DDRIII Triple-Channel, the KINGMAX Extreme Speedy DDRIII, which was designed specifically for the Intel® Core™ i7 processor / Intel® X58 Express Chipset. Asian Technologies Computer Corporation has the distinction of exclusively distributing KINGMAX products in the Philippines.

With the ideal PCB design, KINGMAX Extreme Speedy DDRIII Triple-kit boasts of being the ultimate powerful memory solution by incorporating faster speeds, lower latency and designs made for optimum cooling.

The DDRIII 1600 line also makes use of TinyBGATM technology to give the memory modules a more compact size and lower electromagnetic interference, along with lifetime warranties and full technical support for the best after-sales services from local distributors.

KINGMAX DDRIII 1600 DRAM modules are available with 1GB and 2GB options, while the Extreme Speedy Triple channel kits are available in 3GB and 6GB capacities.

According to Ryan Trinidad, Product Specialist for KINGMAX, “There’s nothing new about wanting speed and efficiency. The difference now is that people have become more mindful of where they place their money. With KINGMAX Long-DIMM DDRIII 1600 DRAM, you’re sure to get the performance you’d expect from a top DRAM brand while at the same spending less than you’d expect to shell out. Really. You’ll be spending less than you expect.”

KINGMAX is the world’s first memory module maker with its own advanced packaging and testing equipment, completing a vertically integrated supply chain. Every step after purchase – from chip cutting, testing, packaging to finished product testing – is independently completed at KINGMAX’s own packaging plant. Seven years earlier, KINGMAX developed the BGA packaging technology and successfully applied it en masse in SDRAM and DDR products.

In fact, its TinyBGATM packaging technology – a proprietary patented technology in the memory field, is highly acclaimed in the industry. KINGMAX is thus fully prepared to face up to the demanding challenge of BGA packaging, whether in terms of technical readiness, upgraded facilities or personnel training.

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