Yahoo! Helps Trace Typhoon Ketsana and Parma Missing Persons

14 Oct

As floodwaters brought on by Typhoon Ketsana slowly receded, Manila’s towns started rebuilding what’s left of homes and personal property. Then there are those still tracking down loved ones lost at the height of the storm. More missing persons were reported as Typhoon Parma hit other parts of the country at the tail end of Ketsana.

To help provide adequate and immediate information in times of distress, Yahoo! Philippines ( launched an initiative allowing anyone to post photos of missing persons on Flickr, Yahoo!’s online photo sharing service.

Yahoo! is where millions of people go every day to see what is happening with the people and things that matter to them most. Its reach to 85% of online Pinoys will be critical to be the bridge which reunites loved ones and rebuilds families.

Yahoo! invites everyone to be part of this initiative through these steps:

1. Email the missing person’s photo at

In the subject field, put “Typhoon Ondoy Missing Persons” and in the body text, write the following information:
Description of missing person: (e.g. any unique features or clothing worn when last seen)
Location of missing person where last seen:
Who to contact and contact information:

2. Upload the photo in Flickr (

If you don’t have a Flickr account, sign up using your Yahoo! email account. After uploading photos, title these as “Typhoon Ondoy Missing Persons” and in the description area, put in the same emailed information about the missing person. Tag all photos with the missing person’s name, “Typhoon Ondoy,” and “missing person.”

For more information on this initiative, visit

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