11 FTC Enterprises, Inc. Gain Competitive Edge with HP Large-Format Printers

26 Oct

Industry Pioneer. John Gilbert Madarang turns 11 FTC Enterprises, Inc. into the country’s leading merchandising materials manufacturer with the help of HP Large-Format printers

In 1996, 11FTC Enterprises, Inc. was established on an enduring vision and a dream to become an industry leader in the merchandising materials manufacturing market. As the first one-stop concept shop in the country, 11 FTC Enterprises, Inc. has achieved tremendous growth since then and has now cemented its position as the premier total solutions provider with the help of cutting-edge imaging and printing technology. The key to their success – HP Large-Format printers.

Throughout the years, 11 FTC Enterprises, Inc. has helped brands achieve a stronger retail presence with high-quality graphics and merchandising media sporting the highest color fidelity. The company capitalized on robust HP printing systems such as the HP DesignJet L65500, HP Scitex XL1500, HP Scitex FB6100, and HP Scitex XP2300 printers that enhanced their competitive edge over industry rivals.

From Silk Screen to Digital Printing
Committed to the success of their clients, 11 FTC Enterprises, Inc. has always striven to provide superior prints tailor-made to meet client needs. And in the cost-conscious industry of signage printing, there has been a growing need for customized prints that cater to the constantly changing requirements of customers. Thus, 11 FTC Enterprises Inc. saw the need to shift from more traditional silk screen printing to digital imaging for more efficient and productive operational runs.

When John Gilbert Madarang, General Manager of 11 FTC Enterprises, Inc. was first introduced to HP Large-Format printers, he realized the significant business potential that UV flatbed printing could offer. Likewise, he recognized the immense productivity boost that HP Large-Format printers could deliver over silk-screen printing, which was a costly and labor-intensive process.

“Silk screen printing takes a lot of time from preparing screens, generating film designs, to the actual printing,” says Madarang “And while generating profit means accepting only high-volume jobs, the process becomes even more costly especially when clients change their printing requirements. If they come back and tell us they need five more prints, we’ll have to do the necessary preparations all over again. With our HP printers like the HP DesignJet L65500, HP Scitex XL1500, HP Scitex FB6100, we were able to forego the painstaking demands of manual printing.”

Growing List of Clients
Testament to the outstanding performance of the HP Large-Format printers is their increasing roster of clients, including multinational companies in industries such as health care, tobacco, food and beverage.

Madarang notes that with HP printers, the company is able to provide unique and fast services which other companies cannot.

Madarang recounts how a client wanted to capitalize on point-of-sale advertising, requiring signage for over 20,000 stores around the country. With robust printing technology, 11 FTC Enterprises, Inc. took on the high-volume job by printing stunning merchandising materials directly on GI sheets over a short production period, allowing their client to market their products without delay.

“The key to consumer satisfaction lies in helping them to be the first to market their products, and the HP Large-Format printers have allowed us to do this and more.”

Similarly, the HP Large-Format printers has also helped them make better offers to clients and maximize their business potential because of their expanded portfolio of services that includes customized printing directly on rigid substrates like glass, corrugated plastic, metals, wood, or foam board PVC. And with fast print speeds for various applications, they were able to meet the fast turnaround requirements of clients.

“Being able to invest in versatility and leverage on the benefits of printing on virtually any rigid and flexible media has been a big advantage for our company,” says Madarang. “Nowadays, it’s all about customization, and with the high productive speeds of our HP Large-Format printers, we are able to give what our clients need in a shorter time period,” he adds.

Madarang also shares how their vast range of services helped the company gain more clients, including a beverage industry giant.

“Before we came into the picture, the client had to farm out orders to different suppliers for specific print applications. With the technology that we currently have, we were able to get the entire order since we could produce all their requirements and our equipment was able to print on a variety of media like sintra boards, PVC boards, tiles, and even on glass.”

Intensifying Green Initiatives
Amid mounting concerns about environmental pollution, 11 FTC Enterprises, Inc. strengthened its commitment to reduce the environmental impact of their business through HP Scitex and DesignJet printers.

With the help of HP Latex Printing Technology of their printers like the HP DesignJet L65500 and the HP XP2300, the company was able to push for more environmentally-sound digital print options and shift away from solvent inks to low-solvent ink technology with water-based HP Latex and UV Inks. These water-based inks do not produce ozone emissions during printing and do not contain hazardous air pollutants, allowing them to protect the environment while delivering superb customized outputs to clients.

Along with their eco-friendly printers, 11 FTC Enterprises, Inc. also reinforced its environmental initiative by using media that is 100% recyclable.

11 FTC Enterprises, Inc. has indeed revolutionized the country’s signage printing market. Not only have they reduced their production costs from the decreased labor demands of digital printing and more efficient ink usage, they have also delivered constant customer satisfaction from faster turnaround times, vibrant and impressive displays and environmentally-responsible outputs.

Madarang sums up the growing success that they’ve enjoyed with HP Scitex and DesignJet printers, “We’re convinced that our HP printers will continue to help our business grow in the long run. Our client’s success is our success, and at the end of the day, the happiness of our clients is what matters most.”

Superb Versatility. 11 FTC Enterprises, Inc. produces vibrant graphics on a wide range of innovative media using HP Large-Format printers

Printed on Denim

Printed on native woven mat

Printed on textured tile

Printed on stones

Printed on specialized vinyl

Printed on aluminum

Printed on tin plate

Printed on glass

HP DesignJet L65500 combines versatility and superior printing prowess with eco-friendly latex inks

HP Scitex FB6100 offers outstanding application versatility and brilliant graphics on any media

HP Scitex XP2300 leverages on productivity features and UV ink technology for efficient and lower production costs

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