Enhanced Features on BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 for BlackBerry smartphones

09 Nov

BlackBerry® Messenger version 5.0 is the latest application update to RIM’s Instant Messaging offering. It introduces new features including: Enhanced SMS, New Group Functionality, Bar-code Identity, Avatars, Large Media File Transfer, Reliable Contact Backup and Restore.

Enhanced SMS*
This feature offers conversational chat like experience. SMS contacts will appear in the same contact list as your
BBM contacts, so you do not need to go to multiple places for the most personal mobile to mobile

Add a contact that uses SMS text messaging
If you add a person who uses SMS text messaging as a contact to BlackBerry Messenger, you can send SMS
text messages to and receive SMS text messages from the person in BlackBerry Messenger. Simply add a new
contact by clicking the BlackBerry Messenger icon, pressing the Menu key and choose Invite Contact.


Send SMS messages
Sending an SMS message will open a new conversation instance in BlackBerry Messenger. You will be able to
see the number of characters typed before the message is sent. The conversation will be accessible from the
message list like other BlackBerry Messenger conversations.

Receive SMS messages
If the incoming SMS contact is on your BlackBerry Messenger contact list, you will be able to have the
conversation in the BlackBerry Messenger interface.

* Please note that the SMS functionality on BlackBerry Messenger is only supported on BlackBerry® Device
Software v5.0 and later.

New Group Functionality
This allows groups of friends, family and personal contacts to stay connected and share experiences in realtime.
The groups that you belong to are listed on the contact list screen of BlackBerry Messenger. You can also
add a shortcut icon for the group to the home screen of your BlackBerry smartphone so that you can have
instant access the group.

Group Basics
You can create or join a group of people that you want to stay connected with, such as family, friends, or coworkers.
By clicking the BlackBerry Messenger icon and pressing the Menu key, you are perform the following
group functions:

• Create new group


• Create a group icon


• Join a group by scanning a barcode


• Add a member


Group Activities:
You can share pictures, lists, and appointments with the members of your group. You can also chat with
members and comment on shared items. A group can contain up to 30 members.
Click the BlackBerry Messenger icon and then click a group on the contact list screen; you can enjoy the
following group activities:

BBM 10

Note that when you create a group, you become the administrator for the group automatically. By choosing
Administration from the menu, as an administrator you can delete pictures and appointments for all members in
a group. Administrators of a group can also control membership of the group, set or change the administrator
password, and delete the group.

Barcode Identity

Easily add/invite contacts to BlackBerry Messenger by displaying a 2-dimensional bar code that the invitees can
capture with their device camera.
BBM 11

 To display the barcode for your BlackBerry Messenger profile

BBM 12
BBM 13

Users can set up a display picture as their personal avatar, which will automatically be seen by their contacts.
BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 also populates avatars for contacts from BlackBerry Contacts

BBM 14
BBM 15

Large Media File Transfer
Files up to 6 MB can be transferred through BlackBerry Messenger, which offers higher resolution pictures and
longer voice notes

BBM 16
BBM 17

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