No boundaries for LG 3D, Broadband, and OLED TVs

27 Feb

LG Electronics (LG), a major player in the global flat panel display and AV markets, sets free its 3D, Broadband, and OLED TVs to let consumers feel “a whole new viewing experience.”

LG, through its Home Entertainment Tour being rolled out in strategic areas in key cities nationwide, showcases and creates “the home entertainment experience that you have always wanted,” said Raymond Hernandez, corporate marketing head of LG Electronics Philippines. “An experience of BORDERLESSTM design, SEAMLESS connectivity and LIMITLESS contents as well as WHOLE NEW VIEWING EXPERIENCE promised by LG.”

True to the company’s home entertainment theme “LIVE BORDERLESSTM”, LG’s featured HDTVs, particularly LH50 3D; LE9500, LE7500, and LD650 Broadband; and EL9500 OLED TVs, highlight the company’s 2010 lineup that helps consumers live borderless with seamless connectivity and limitless content access.

Globally, LG has been committed to bringing active LG 3D TV sets that only require shutter glasses to experience 3D images, as well as the passive models that include a filter over the screen. Hernandez added, “3D technology has come of age and is expected to create new opportunities this year”.

Most of the TVs LG will bring to market this year are wireless-ready with the addition of online connectivity and entertainment options plus DivX functionality to enable the screens to play back a wider range of multimedia content through a broadband network.

Another HDTVs to gain the attention of consumers are OLED TVs. LG EL9500 OLED TV creates crisp images and does not need backlighting. It uses organic or carbon-containing compounds that emit light when power is used. This makes OLED TVs slimmer and more energy-efficient than LCDs.

“Going forward, the TV industry will no longer compete along basic features such as slimness and image quality,” Hernandez said. “We expect the TV to evolve into a center for smart living beyond its status as a simple display device. We’re moving away from merely ‘watching TV’ towards an era of ‘using TV’.”

The tour will start on February 25 until the first week of July 2010.

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