HP drives Managed Print Services Leadership with Innovations Enabling IT to Harnass the Power of the Network and Enhance End-User Productivity and Workflows

27 Apr

HP announced new offerings designed to enhance workflows, reduce environmental impact and provide unparalleled productivity, to help accelerate the growth of Enterprise customers in Asia Pacific.  

Today’s announcement highlights, which reinforces HP’s Managed Print Services (MPS) leadership include:

  • Expansion of solutions portfolio with:
    • A new mobile printing technology for the enterprise, which is the first use case of HP’s ePrint strategy, a result of a strategic alliance with Research In Motion
    • HP Exstream solution offerings
  • HP MPS Smart Decision Suite – a next generation technology platform that integrates front-end capabilities with backend services infrastructure for an enhanced managed experience
  • Expanded MPS offerings which include:
    • Launch of HP Printing Payback Guarantee in Asia Pacific
    • New enterprise supplies contractual offering as a base level MPS
    • Integration of HP document management scanners in HP MPS 
  • Launch of HP Eco Solutions Printing Program which has rolled out successfully in China earlier this year and will next be deployed in Australia to recognize the environmental print strategy and efforts of HP’s enterprise customers

 “With MPS, customers in Asia Pacific have access to the industry’s broadest portfolio of intelligent devices, software and workflow solutions to achieve a true competitive advantage”, said Pierre Mirlesse, vice president, Managed Enterprise Solutions, Imaging & Printing Group, Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific and Japan.”

Today’s CIOs are tasked with bringing order to the chaos of their imaging and printing environment.  Through a scalable Managed Print Services engagement with HP, we are helping CIOs gain visibility and control over their printing infrastructure and achieve proven ROI for them.”

Proving its MPS leadership, HP was confirmed as global MPS leader in a survey conducted by IDC in Q4, “Managed Print Services – Global Market and Provider Analysis.”(1)    Within the survey sample, HP had the highest share of MPS contracts among hardcopy manufacturers.(2)   

“What is most satisfying for me is that with solutions from just one company, we are able to make our staff happy and contribute to the growth of the company at the same time,” said Huang Xiangwu, director of Information Centre, WSDRI Engineering and Research Incorporation Limited. 

“I can finally stop worrying about our information security.  The implementation of HP MPS made it easy for the WISDRI Information Centre to manage and monitor our entire print environment.”

Optimize Infrastructure to Save Costs

For enterprise customers looking to operate more efficiently and cut costs, the HP Printing Payback Guarantee HP Payback Guarantee(3) is a risk-free way to save. For new, qualified Managed Print Services (MPS) customers, HP will complete a detailed assessment of a company’s imaging and printing environment and needs, and then calculate a projected printing cost savings. One year after a customer’s full implementation of the HP recommendation, HP will complete a second assessment and if customers haven’t saved the projected costs, HP will make up the difference.(4)

Through its MPS offerings and multifunction printers, HP has already helped many companies save up to 30 percent in overall printing costs; one company estimates it saved more than 75 percent in printing energy usage.

To support the Printing Payback Guarantee, HP will launch the next wave of its Hit Print marketing campaign in May.  The campaign will highlight the cost and printer energy usage savings that enterprises can experience with HP while touting the company’s payback guarantee. Initial campaign roll-out will be in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.

As an initial step for transactional customers to consider moving into a contractual model for their printing infrastructure to save costs, HP launched the HP Enterprise Supplies Program, which is a simple supplies contract that offers a base plus click charge model and basic job accounting capability.  In addition, customers can participate in the HP Planet Partner Program.  This initiative offers return and recycle options for empty Original HP print cartridges, unlike remanufactured cartridges which are not recycled but instead reused a maximum of 2 times.(5)    

Manage Environment to Increase Visibility and Efficiency

To enhance IT visibility and to provide greater fleet and solution accessibility requires a network-based approach. The ability to fully optimize a device fleet, anticipate end-user requirements and strategically deploy imaging and printing assets is essential to achieve maximum efficiency and cost savings.

—      HP MPS Smart Decision Suite is a next generation technology platform that integrates front end capabilities with backend services infrastructure for an enhanced managed experience.  The platform transforms data into information, allowing HP Managed Print Services (MPS) global delivery teams to optimize imaging and printing environments, remotely manage and maintain fleets and solutions, and proactively deliver and support customer needs. 

—      HP MPS Smart Decision Suite enables global standard delivery processes and capabilities, which provides customers with a more strategic view of fleet and solution availability, an optimized environment and real-time access to information, simplifying fleet management activities for enterprise customers.

With HP MPS Smart Decision Suite, IT managers can remotely configure printers and multifunction devices within their fleet, driving visibility across an organization’s imaging and printing environment.

—      HP has extended its Web Jetadmin telecommuter manageability offering which provides greater visibility into the imaging and printing assets of remote workers. IT departments now have the ability to configure both networked and USB connected devices and can write rules-based printing including items such as automatic duplexing, color access control and more to better manage an enterprise’s telecommuting workforce.

Implementing a Green IT strategy for printing


HP customer feedback validates that Green IT is a top priority for the Enterprise across APJ, with nearly 70% of respondents in a 2009 IDC Green Poll listing “cost of energy” as the primary driver for the adoption of Green IT policies. (6)   

Today, HP announces the regional launch of the HP Eco Solutions Award program, as part of its Eco Solutions Printing Practice, to recognise the environmental efforts of HP’s customers in printing, while providing the capability for customers to evaluate and assess the environmental impact of their printing in their organizations.  The program was first launched successfully in China in 2009 and is now rolling out in Australia.

The HP Eco Solutions Awards program, powered by IDC, is conducted in two phases:

  • Phase 1 – an online survey powered by IDC is conducted with HP’s enterprise customers to identify finalists for the next phase, while providing an IDC Essential Guidance report to customers to help them evaluate which cluster of customers they belong to and provide recommendations as to how they could further their environmental efforts in printing. They are measured against a set of four key criteria: Leadership, Strategy, Execution and Disposal. 
  • Phase 2 – HP conducts on-site HP Eco Assessments of the companies who emerged as finalists, in order to recognize three award winners.


HP Eco Solutions printing practice is a portfolio of tools, software, services, hardware, and expertise to help enterprise customers reduce their environment impact and save money.  HP’s Eco Printing Assessment service is part of this practice, which helps enterprise customers assess their energy consumption, paper usage and carbon emissions and recommends ways to use less energy, recycle more and save money while reducing the impact of their imaging and printing.  

Innovation: Improve Workflow to Strengthen Productivity

Today’s new solutions transform business processes and enhance productivity for a more integrated digital environment thus reducing costs and streamlining business workflow.

HP Mobile Printing Solution, available through HP MPS, allows users to employ the cloud system to wirelessly print with the push of a button, wherever business happens. Partnering with RIM, a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative wireless solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market, HP Mobile print solution affords company employees enhanced productivity by enabling them to print with ease from a Blackberry device.  A first-use case of HP’s ePrint strategy to be rolled out later this year, this solution enables a driverless, device independent, printer agnostic web-based printing marketplace and users are guaranteed a secure and on-demand printing experience.

– Also introducing, HP Moblile print solution for public print locations, which enables users to wirelessly print from Blackberry devices at initial locations including Hilton Hotels (other locations to be announced shortly.)  PrinterOn is HP’s print network partner for relevant print locations, including today’s announcement with Hilton Hotels and Air Canada VIP rooms. 

HP Exstream Command Center seamlessly integrates with the HP Exstream software platform to provide a central location for managing document production and delivery tasks. The product allows users to plan, schedule and optimize production of HP Exstream document applications, regardless of how basic or complex the production environment.

Deployed at more than 500 enterprises worldwide, HP Exstream is a fully integrated software solution for creating, managing and delivering customized communications in high-volume, on demand and interactive environments. From personalized letters and proposals created interactively by front office employees; to personalized text, email and web self-service documents generated in real time; to fully customized bills and statements produced in high volumes, HP Exstream helps create and maintain the workflows that sustain business.

HP Exstream Application Manager enables users to centrally manage and share content across HP Exstream document applications. From a single software environment, users can easily add, update, synchronize and protect the integrity of shared objects (that is, content components of the document), substantially improving efficiency and productivity, and resulting in lower document processing costs.

HP Solutions Experience Center – Designed as a real-world, work environment providing enterprise customers the opportunity to interact with the latest HP MPS products and solutions, the 1st HP Solutions Experience Center in Asia Pacific for customers is now launched in Singapore. More of these Solutions Experience Center will open across the region, including India, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia.  The center features industry-leading solutions demos by HP and partners from the HP Solutions Business Partner Program.

(1) IDC Multiclient Study, MPS Global Market & Provider Analysis, September 2009. In the survey, MPS is defined as a one- or multi-year contract with a third-party provider for the outsourced management of a fleet of at least single-function printers or multifunction peripherals (MFPs). It must include value-add services beyond break-fix and ink/toner supplies replenishment. Value-add services include: installation services (for printers, scanners, MFPs, etc.); life cycle management of printers, scanners, MFPs, etc.; hardcopy device usage monitoring and reporting; help desk support for hardcopy devices; onsite service provider personnel to support hardcopy devices/users; service provider ownership of the hardcopy devices; and consulting/implementation solutions for document infrastructure, production, workflow or more effective document-intensive business processes.

(2) Results reflect survey sample only. Contract signings are with the prime providers

(3) HP will credit the difference between projected and actual cost savings against future invoices.

(4) The HP Managed Print Services Printing Payback Guarantee includes hardware, supplies, replacement parts, service and labor, repair costs, paper and kilowatt usage. Customers receive a unique assessment tailored to their businesses. Paper and printing energy savings are estimates and results are dependent upon a unique business environment, HP products and services used and other factors. Overall printing costs are unique to each company and should not be relied upon for savings you may achieve. According to industry analysts, savings of up to 30 percent are typical with managed print services. 

(5) 2008 Quality Logic study showing 25% of all remanufactured cartridges exhibited reliability failures, and 30% of printouts using remanufactured cartridges were not acceptable for all uses.

(6) 2009 IDC Green Poll

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