Lenovo and Microsoft Light the Way with LAMPS

27 Apr

Lenovo, in partnership with Microsoft, recently launched the Lenovo Microsoft Product Specialists (LAMPS) program to equip business partners with the right selling tools and strategies aimed at accelerating their business performance.

The LAMPS program is a six-month workshop that trains and certifies partner sales, pre-sales and consultants on Lenovo and Microsoft technologies, products and the value selling approach. It aims to enable Lenovo’s business partners achieve breakthrough sales results by enhancing their selling skills and product knowledge.

“We recognize the vital role our business partners play in growing our customers in the Philippines ,” said Vicky Agorrilla, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines . “The LAMPS program underscores our commitment to empower them and help them grow their business with us.”

To date, LAMPS already has 203 graduates from 15 business partners.

One of the graduates, JR Marradag of S1 Technologies testifies how LAMPS helped him overcome negative sales performance due to his lack of knowledge about the product and skills in communicating with clients.

“Because of the LAMPS program,” stated Marradag, “I have greater confidence when facing clients. I understand their business. I gained more knowledge about the Lenovo products and Microsoft solutions I’m selling and can now communicate it clearly to customers. My overall sales have increased, especially for the newly launched ThinkPads with Windows 7.”

Aside from product knowledge, LAMPS also teaches business partners how to properly prioritize clients, review their IT plans, and allocate proper resources. It also provides templates for easy monitoring of sales teams activities. 

Business partner Joy Hernandez, General Manager of MicroPacific, agrees, “The LAMPS training was definitely beneficial. It has given my sales people confidence in their role. It helped them see sales as a process and to identify the areas in which we are currently underachieving.”

LAMPS workshop is designed to be fun, exciting, and fulfilling.  As it imparts value selling and planning, LAMPS enables sales professionals to look at the big picture, develop clear goals, and tie these goals to actionable steps.

 “The LAMPS workshop will be a continuing program for our business partners,” said KT Ng, OEM Director, Microsoft Philippines .  “Microsoft and Lenovo nurture not just our own businesses but our business partners’ as well.”

By focusing not only product training but the sales process as well, Microsoft and Lenovo have helped shed light on the dynamics of the sales process especially in business-to-business markets.  LAMPS is a shining example of how to nurture a value-filled relationship between business partners and customers.

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