HP Introduces the Most Energy-Efficient Laser Printer in the World for Small and Midsize Businesses

28 Apr

HP announced an expanded portfolio of environmentally-responsible imaging and printing products and solutions, including industry-first innovations for small and midsize businesses (SMBs).

HP’s new offerings help SMBs to obtain more value from their IT investments in the wake of a strong market recovery and to reduce energy and paper use, reduce costs and reduce environmental impact.

Highlights of today’s announcement include:

  • The most energy-efficient laser printer in the world and the most energy-efficient wireless laser printer in the world.(1)
  • A new line of printers featuring industry-first HP Auto-On/Auto-Off technology that reduces energy use by up to three times compared to sleep mode.(2)
  • HP’s smallest auto-duplex laser printer that helps to reduce paper usage by about 25 percent.(3)
  • The EzPrintSaver cost management solution that can help reduce paper and reduce toner usage by up to 25 percent.(4)

“Only HP can combine an exciting new portfolio of industry-first products that offer a reduction in environmental impact,” said John Solomon, senior vice-president, Imaging and Printing Group, Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific & Japan. “HP is a leader in environmental sustainability, it is in our DNA to deliver solutions that make it easy for customers to reduce their environmental impact and save money.

This aligns with our goal to remain the partner of choice for SMBs in Asia Pacific by providing a value equation that encompasses how we can help SMBs go green for their bottom-line and accelerate their business growth.”

HP introduces the most energy-efficient laser printer in the world

The affordable, ultra-compact HP LaserJet Pro P1100 Printer series ($129-$149)(5) – the most energy-efficient laser printer in the world(1) – features wireless functionality(6) and is the company’s smallest, most affordable laser printer.

Offering fast print speeds, professional print quality, an intuitive control panel and HP Auto-On/Auto-Off technology, HP LaserJet P1102 and P1102w printers help customers affordably increase efficiency. In addition, with HP Smart Install, the HP LaserJet Pro1102w lets SMB owners quickly connect and print on-the-go or from virtually anywhere in the home or small office.

Designed for home or small office users who want an affordable HP LaserJet printer that’s easy to use and helps conserve energy and resources, the HP LaserJet Pro 1102w printer enables significant energy savings of up to 50 percent over competitive laser products, using Instant-on Technology,(7) increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

SMBs can also get additional, effortless savings with HP Auto-On/Auto-Off technology which turns the device on and off automatically,(8) and HP Smart Web Printing, which cuts paper wastage by printing only the desired content.(9) This sleek, space-saving printer also comes with less packaging, plus free cartridge recycling with HP Planet Partners to help reduce customers’ environmental impact.(10)

Industry-first HP Auto-On/Auto-Off technology allows users to print instantly even if the printer has gone into Auto-Off mode

HP’s industry-first Auto-On/Auto-Off technology lets users print instantly even if the printer has gone into Auto-Off mode, allowing for reduced energy consumption while still giving SMBs the convenience and speed needed to work efficiently.

For desktop HP LaserJet printers, HP’s Auto-On/Auto-Off technology helps customers use up to three times less energy than in a device’s normal sleep mode,(2) automatically powering down printers after a period of inactivity and putting them into a mode that uses less than one watt of power.

 HP Auto-On/Auto-Off technology works in concert with Instant-on Technology, which enables customers to produce the first page faster when a printer is coming out of Auto-Off mode.

SMB owners and IT managers also benefit from the added convenience of being able to configure devices to automatically turn off, either when the device senses there is no activity after a set time period, or at a predetermined time each day. Businesses can also decide which types of interactions will awaken devices (e.g., print requests, control panel activity, or incoming faxes, etc). The fewer activities selected, the more resources saved.

HP Auto-On/Auto-Off technology is currently available on the following HP LaserJet printers:

  • LaserJet Pro 1606dn & LaserJet Pro 1566
  • LaserJet Pro 1102 & LaserJet Pro 1102w
  • LaserJet 1212nf Multifunction Printer & LaserJet M1213nf Multifunction Printer
  • LaserJet M1132 Multifunction Printer & M1136 LaserJet Multifunction Printer

Reduce paper waste and energy costs with automatic two-sided printing

For SMBs looking to reduce energy consumption and save on resources and costs, two-sided printing is a significant tool to help reduce paper waste and reduce an SMB’s environmental footprint.

SMBs can effectively reduce paper use by about 25 percent(3) with automatic two-sided printing on the HP LaserJet Pro 1606dn printer (US$229),(5) HP’s smallest auto-duplex laser printer. In addition, with the LaserJet Pro 1606dn printer, SMBs also benefit from speeds of up to 25 ppm A4 and first page out in as fast as 6.6 seconds.

The HP Color LaserJet Pro CP5225dn printer(11) also allows SMBs to reduce paper use by about 25 percent through automatic two-sided printing, while also significantly reducing environmental impact and increasing energy savings with HP Auto-Off technology. 

Manage waste, reduce paper and decrease toner use by up to 25 percent with EzPrintSaver 

SMBs can enjoy improved cost control, greater energy savings and reduced waste with EzPrintSaver (US$150),(5) a cost management solution based on printer and user-based rules such as forced duplex printing.

 Business owners and IT managers are free to enable or disable functions based on business needs, and can set restrictions on printing of office documents, even unwanted documents – saving energy, paper and toner.

With the EzPrintSaver solution users are also able to set toner-saving printing mode for specific file types – saving up to 25 percent on toner usage.(4)

The EzPrintSaver solution has been developed in collaboration with EPSoft International Pte. Ltd., an HP Solutions Business Partner, and is embedded on a USB memory stick or hard disk respectively for single function printers or multifunction printers, allowing for easy install and use.

Reproduction houses, copy shops, and planning departments save with the new HP Designjet T1200 HD Multifunction Printer

Designed for greater efficiency, the HP Designjet T1200 HD-Multifunction Printer, features the latest paper saving and ink efficiency technology for the HP Designjet product range and is an ENERGY STAR® qualified product.

Customers can achieve significant paper savings through automatic nesting, image auto-rotate, realistic print previews and two online media rolls with automatic switching. In addition, the embedded roll length detection feature also helps to track media availability to avoid sending jobs that will not be able to print fully, thus reducing waste.

The HP Designjet T1200 printer also features the industry’s only embedded web server ink tracking tool which measures ink consumption in cartridges in decimal of millilitre accuracy, helping customers better understand when to replace the cartridges.

HP’s Carbon Footprint Calculator helps SMBs reduce environmental impact

The user-friendly HP Carbon Footprint Calculator for printing tool gives SMBs the ability to measure and evaluate the existing carbon footprint of their current printer or printer fleet (including energy, paper use, carbon emissions) to understand how they can reduce their impact and save money through responsible printing.

Recent updates make it even easier for customers to assess and find ways to reduce their environmental impact including more graphics and charts to make information easier to digest and analyze, the ability to save data and reference individual information at a later date, the addition of the Designjet product portfolio, the ability to calculate the impact – paper savings – of using Smart Web Printing and added search capabilities including an import feature allowing customers to pull data directly from HP Web Jetadmin.

HP continues its leadership in energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact

With its new imaging and printing portfolio, HP continues to solidify its leadership position and continues to pursue real, energy-efficient solutions for SMBs worldwide.

HP will continue to earn its market leading position in Asia Pacific by partnering with customers to offer best-in-class products and solutions and driving expertise across the imaging and printing industry to help SMBs achieve efficient, energy-saving and integrated business workflow solutions.

HP’s Print Effectiveness Index allows SMBs to measure impact of printing systems

To assist SMBs in quantifying the business and environmental impact of their printing and imaging systems, HP also unveiled the HP Print Effectiveness Index (PEI), powered by market intelligence firm, IDC.

Created to determine the effectiveness of the SMB printing environment, the online assessment will help SMBs understand the impact of their current printing environment, and will provide recommendations on how to improve the productivity of their print environment, while at the same time reducing both costs and environmental impact.

 The online survey also aims to identify ways in which an SMB could be more print-effective in how it integrates printing and imaging as part of their day-to-day business processes or help accelerate their business growth. The Print Effectiveness Index will be available to SMBs across the Asia Pacific region beginning in May 2010.

HP and the environment

For decades HP has been an environmental leader, driving company stewardship through its HP Eco Solutions program, which spans product design, reuse and recycling as well as energy and resource efficiency.

HP influences industry action by setting high environmental standards in its operations and supply chain, by providing practical solutions to make it easier for customers to reduce their climate impact and through its research on sustainability solutions that support a low-carbon economy. More information is available at

(1)     Based on competitive TEC data found in,, the HP Carbon Footprint Calculator at and manufacturers’ published data sheets.

(2)     For desktop HP LaserJet printers, HP’s Auto-On/Auto-Off feature will help imaging and printing customers use 3 times less energy than in a device’s normal sleep mode, automatically powering down printers after a period of inactivity and putting them into a mode that uses less than one watt of power.

HP will pre-configure printers to power down automatically after a set amount of time, ranging from one to 30 minutes, though Auto-On/Auto-Off technology offers customers the ability to customize and pre-set their own off times for the printer. This proprietary technology works in concert with Instant-on Technology, which enables customers to produce the first page faster when a printer is coming out of sleep mode. Based on comparison to the HP LaserJet P1005 Printer.

(3)     Printing on both sides of a page can save an estimated 25% or more on total paper use. According to HP internal research and customers.

(4)     Based on information provided by EPSoft, actual toner savings may vary according to document type, content, resolution, printer driver. For more information, please visit

(5)     Estimated U.S. street prices. Actual prices, availability and terms and conditions may vary by market.

(6)     Wireless performance is only available on the HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Printer. It is dependent upon the physical environment and distance from the access point.

(7)     Energy savings based on HP testing using the ENERGY STAR® program’s Typical Energy Consumption (TEC) method on HP LaserJet products with Instant-on Technology vs top competitive models as of March 2009.

(8)     HP Auto-On and Auto-Off capabilities subject to printer and settings.

(9)     To use this feature, you need Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0–8.0

(10) Program availability may vary by country. For more information, please visit

(11) Pricing will vary by market.

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