The Blackberry BBM: Celebs’ Newest BFF

27 May

If you’re wondering what the above title means, you probably have yet to discover the hottest new IM application that has all Hollywood abuzz: The BlackBerry Messenger ® (BBM), the ultra-cool instant messaging service gaining ground both in Hollywood and with the local workaholic partyphile set.

While abroad, self-proclaimed Crackberry addicts run the gamut from world leaders to reality-TV stars to cartoon characters, Pinoy celebs are also working the smartphone keys into a frenzy. Hottie Jake Cuenca fingers his, fashionista Divine Lee is never seen without hers, and real estate wunderkind Kevin Tan, a longtime BlackBerry® fan, is not shy about proclaiming his affection, saying “I love the BlackBerry Messenger® function because it really is fun and all my friends are on it.”

It’s a sure bet that all the cool kids are BFFs (that’s “best friends forever”, for those of you not yet in the know) with their BBM. By now, BlackBerry® has found its way into the hands, pockets and purses of the young, trendy and upwardly mobile set, and their BBM obsession shows no sign of waning.

Leading telco Globe has its array of BlackBerry® offers such as the top-of-the-line Bold 9700, the choice of the hard-working hard-partying society folk, and the ultra-fashionable Curve 8520, now available exclusively from Globe in ruby-red and snow-white and soon to be the favored smartphone of the trendy youth. Beloved by everyone from social butterflies to showbiz glitterati, Globe BlackBerry devices help you get your BBM on with no hassles. With Globe giving you prepaid and postpaid options to get your both the BlackBerry® Bold 9700 and the BlackBerry® Curve 8520, you can have the spanking-new smartphone in your hand before you know it and a free pass to join the BBM circle.

Unlike IM services of yore, you don’t need to register or set up a BBM account. You can download the BlackBerry Messenger® for free from the web, and it’s so easy to set up and simple to use, you’ll be online in no time. Get your personal BBM PIN code and start putting together your BBM friends list, so you can send personal or group messages with a single click or even group-chat from different locations. And all this sweet ‘ Berry goodness will cost you next to nothing, because BBM messages are free of charge as part of your data plan!

Globe Chief Marketing Officer Menchi Orlina says, “Being Globe-connected means not only can you call, text and surf from just about anywhere in the country, but now with our Globe BlackBerry offers, you can join the thousands who are getting online with the BlackBerry Messenger. Globally, the number of BlackBerry users is over 40 million, and the BlackBerry Messenger is a hit among many of them. At Globe, up to 70% of our BlackBerry-toting users are hardcore BBM-ers, showing that Pinoys give top props to always being in the loop. We’re here to give you more options to keep you in touch with everyone and everything that matters to you.”

So junk your old IM app, toss that outdated mobile, and get ready to LOL with your BBM BFFs. Soon you can saucily ask pals, “What’s your BBM?” As long as you’ve got your Globe’s BlackBerry®, you’ll always be in touch and all your fabulous friends will know just where to find you.

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