Transform Dad’s BlackBerry into a Virtual Toolbox this Father’s Day

15 Jun

If your Dad is a BlackBerry user, then Father’s Day is just about the perfect time to show him how he can futher maximize the use of his smartphone and have fun with it at the same time. 

With a long list of free applications from BlackBerry App World (, ranging from business, utilities, and productivity, to entertainment, games, health and wellness, you can download applications depending on what Dad’s lifestyle and needs may be. With BlackBerry’s assistance, thank Dad for being more proud than angry all these years.

For starters, here are useful BlackBerry applications Dad might like: 

Nice Office LTE 

Maybe they don’t get to say it that much, but many Dads would just love to be able to work at home, if only it means getting to spend time with their children more. Nice Office LITE is an application that can help them out perfectly. It turns his BlackBerry into a virtual mobile office, as it lets him manage email, calendar, contacts, and tasks, store forms and documents online and send them directly to customers, track sales and lead activity by workflows and status levels, among other business tasks. 

Nice Office LITE helps him manage all of the information needed to keep on top of business. It even automatically logs device activity and gives detailed reporting on mobile interactions with contacts, tracking messages, calls, appointments and more. Automatically!

Gwabbit for BlackBerry

Help Dad manage his contacts easily. The award-winning Gwabbit for BlackBerry® makes e-mail contact capture fast and fun! Gwabbit automatically scans incoming BlackBerry emails, finds contacts, and instantly transforms them into contact records within Dad’s BlackBerry address book.

Diet and Calorie Tracker – Free from SparkPeople

Don’t you just wish Dad could be healthy all the time? With the Diet and Calorie Tracker application on his BlackBerry, you can help Dad achieve well, something close to that. Available from BlackBerry App World, Diet and Calorie Tracker fills you in on your food and calorie intake (with more than 1 million foods in its database), optional daily meal plans customized for one’s health goals, a fitness tracker to track one’s workouts and calories burned, a quick-glance view of your calories eaten and burned on the home screen, among others. Whatever Dad’s health goals may be, you can customize the application to suit his requirements.


Keep Dad’s hands on the wheel and eyes on the road with Vlingo for BlackBerry. With its SafeReader feature, he can have incoming text and email messages read to him while driving! Once he gets to the office, he can use his voice to command his BlackBerry to make calls to a contact, or search the web using Google or Yahoo.

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