Meet the Globe Tattoo Micro-SIM: Your iPad’s perfect partner

28 Jun

Hardcore gadget geeks who have managed to snag the much-awaited Apple iPad 3G now have the perfect mate for their device: The first-ever Micro-SIM available only from Globe Tattoo, a power-surfer’s ticket to a no-holds-barred web experience. Anytime you’re on the move with the Globe Micro-SIM and your IPad 3G, you can browse the internet, send email and instant messages, and virtually chat with online pals, day or night.

Designed especially for use in tablet devices like the iPad 3G, the Globe Micro-SIM is powered by a new Unlimited Data Plan exclusively available from Globe Tattoo. The Unlimited Plan is a pure data plan ideal for daylong browsing so you can constantly tweet, update your status, email and post photos or videos whenever the mood strikes you, all for only P 999 a month.

Now there’s no need to take scissors to a standard SIM card to make it fit into the iPad SIM card slot. Globe’s spanking-new Micro-SIM is small enough to fit the iPad 3G and hook you up to Globe’s wireless 3G network so you can seamlessly cyber-surf anywhere in the Philippines .

Manny Escosa, Head of Globe Tattoo, explains, “The Globe Micro-SIM is our nod to the gadget lovers out there who want the richest online experience they can get on their iPad 3G. And since the Micro-SIM is powered by our new Unlimited Data plan, it’s now a snap for iPad fans to get Globe-connected and get the best possible browsing experience.”

A handy tip for newbies: If you’ve got the iPad in your hands and are wondering how you can easily distinguish the iPad 3G from the Wi-Fi-only model, just check the back of the device; if there’s a black strip at the top, you’re holding the 3G model which is a perfect fit for Globe’s Unlimited Data plan.

So if you’ve already got your iPad 3G and you’re dying to take it for a spin, call (02) 730 1000 to find the nearest Globe store that offers the Globe Tattoo Micro-SIM. Drop by to sign up for the Globe Unlimited Data Plan for just P999, or if prepaid is your ticket to online bliss, you can get Globe’s Micro-SIM for just P 50.00 and start surfing for P 5.00 for every 15 minutes.

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Posted by on June 28, 2010 in Globe Telecom


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