28 Jul

An application that turns the Samsung Wave (S8500) into a flashlight topped Samsung Apps’ list of 10 Most-Downloaded Apps from June 1 to mid-July.

Utility and entertainment apps dominated the chart, released today by Samsung Apps, the application hub for leading mobile phone provider Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Magic Torch, which transforms your phone into a flashlight with four different screens — standard light bulb, ecological light bulb, neon light bulb, and white screen — topped the list as the most-downloaded application throughout all countries.

Magic Torch and MyMirror (No. 7), which turns the phone into a mirror using the camera device, were the two most-popular utility apps, while entertainment programs led the rest of the field. Rounding out the top 10 apps for the Wave (S8500) were Need For SpeedTM Shift (games), Illusions (entertainment), SouthAfrica2010 (entertainment), Real Football 2010 (games), BatteryLife (productivity), Basketball (entertainment), Shot Gun (entertainment) and Exciting Freekick (games).

“Response to Samsung Apps has been tremendous in our target markets, and a lot of it is because of the popularity of utility and entertainment apps,” said Kanghyun Kwon, vice president, Media Solutions Center, Samsung Electronics. “The days of using a phone just for talking are long gone — functionality is key now. With Samsung Apps, we aim to fill the need for functionality and practical apps for all of our existing Samsung customers, as well as attract new customers by adding more unique applications. We’re excited with what the future holds for Samsung Apps.”

While a utility app held the top spot, entertainment apps boasted a heavy presence throughout the list. The third-most downloaded program, Illusions offers visually stimulating puzzles and screenshots. At No. 4, SouthAfrica2010 gained popularity during the recent football tournament. Free-throw practice app Basketball ranked No. 8 on the list, while arcade-style shooting program Shot Gun was No. 9.

Auto-racing program Need For SpeedTM Shift led in the games category, cracking No. 2 on the list, while football game Exciting Freekick was No. 10. Productivity app BatteryLife, which calculates remaining battery power based on factors such as Wi-Fi use, call time, listening to music and use of 2G or 3G Internet connections, ranked No. 6 on the list.

Created in September 2009 to provide Samsung smartphone users a dedicated online application destination, Samsung Apps has more than tripled the size of its stores in most European and Asian markets — and now offers a multitude of new applications, including games, social networking, e-books and health-related tools. Samsung Apps was created by and is overseen by Samsung’s Media Solutions Center (MSC), which is also responsible for bada platform development, Social Hub and various other contents. After recognizing the growing importance of content and applications, MSC was established to develop content strategy and tools across the company’s business divisions.

Top 10 Applications

Samsung Apps plans to satisfy the demand for utility and gaming apps with a variety of new applications on tap. Here are the Top 10 Most-Downloaded Apps from June 1 to mid-July:

1. Magic Torch — Transforms your phone into a flashlight.
2. Need For Speed Shift — Auto-racing game.
3. Illusions — Offers visually stimulating puzzles and screenshots.
4. SouthAfrica 2010 — Offered live stats and scores during football tournament.
5. Real Football 2010 — Football game with 245 teams in eight leagues.
6. BatteryLife — Calculates remaining battery life on mobile device.
7. MyMirror — Transforms your phone into a mirror using camera device.
8. Basketball — Free-throw shooting game.
9. Shot Gun — Arcade-style shooting game.
10. Exciting Freekick — Penalty kick football game

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