Takatak Boys and Hiphop Dancers Battle Asserts the Freedom to Dance With Walkman W250

07 Aug

It was a showdown no one saw coming.  A normal day at SM Megamall took a surprising turn when a group of hip hop dancers banded together to prove their worth against another group composed of takatak boys who were challenging their street cred.  Several shoppers stopped what they were doing, became captive audience, and held their breaths to find out what will become of the tense turf battle. 

How did they resolve their differences?  By dance of course!  

The takatak boys and the hiphop dancers engaged in aggressive choreographies to see who can outmove, outdance, and outperform the other.   With every dynamic thrust, jump,  and krump, each party proclaimed their superior identity, celebrating the freedom to dance to the beat of their own music. 

Such independence was enabled by the Walkman® W250, Sony’s first wire-free and sweat-proof Walkman. 

Worn by both groups, its all-in-one design eliminates the tangle of headphone wires that encumbers you from moving the way you want.  13.5mm EX Series headphones offer clear, powerful sound plus total comfort and a secure fit during physical activity.  Designed for today’s active lifestyles, the W250 resists rain splashes or the sweat of a gruelling activity. Freedom from having to fiddle with menus is also possible, with its playlist support  and ZAPPIN™ technology that lets you pick your favorite and order your songs in advance. 

With this freedom to move, it is no wonder the takatak boys are challenging certified professionals in dancing.  This was not just a phenomenon seen in the Philippines, but in other countries in Asia as well.  Tuktuk drivers from Thailand and mall guards from Malaysia also showcased their right to groove as much as they want to their personal music. 

Liberated, uninhibited, unbound – experience the Walkman W250 and dance like no one is watching.  Get a taste of what freedom feels like.

To see the videos:

Philippine Dance Battle:

From other countries:

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