Rhian Ramos is the face of HTC Smart in the Philippines

14 Aug

HTC Corporation, a global designer of smartphones, signed one of the country’s most recognizable faces — actress-host-model Rhian Ramos– as the official endorser of HTC Smart in the Philippines . HTC Smart was launched in the country in April this year, together with other HTC Sense-based smartphones – HTC Legend and HTC HD mini.

“HTC Smart is an easy-to-use, affordable smartphone with a friendly, compact touch design. It integrates HTC Sense which provides for an intuitive user experience. When we were looking for the perfect ambassador to this sleek model which has set the stage for making smartphones accessible to a broad range of people, we focused on finding someone with standout qualities consistent with HTC Smart,” said Mark Dewey Sergio, Country Manager for Philippines, HTC Philippines. “The smart, young and accomplished Ms. Rhian Ramos more than fits the bill.”

On her part, multi-talented Rhian Ramos is quite honored to lend her name to HTC Smart. “It’s such a fun smartphone!” Ramos enthused. “It’s not only for texting; it’s also for the Internet, it has videos, Friend Stream… it’s complete.”

HTC Smart Rhian Ramos Limited Edition phone

HTC Philippines’ Sergio further announced that the company is finalizing the design and the details of the HTC Smart Rhian Ramos Limited Edition phone. The phones will have Ms. Rhian Ramos’ signature incorporated in the design*.

To be launched in Q3 this year, the very select pieces will not be available commercially but will be auctioned instead. Proceeds will be donated to a charitable institution.

HTC Smart utilizes Qualcomm’s Brew® Mobile Platform (Brew MP™), a popular mobile operating system that enables smartphone devices to be offered at more aggressive price points, providing HTC with the flexibility to deliver smartphone features on devices across multiple tiers.

The company’s proprietary user interface, HTC Sense, puts people at the center by focusing on three core areas: Make It Mine, Stay Close, and Discover the Unexpected. In HTC Smart, the most notable HTC Sense application and widget is called Friend Stream, which neatly places all of the user’s interactions with his friends—be it e-mail, text message, or social media update—in one stream under their pictures.

HTC Smart also enables personal customization of each person’s phone experience: letting one create Scenes set with his chosen applications, automatically change these Scenes to suit his moods, organize contacts into specific social circles, switch from virtual alpha numeric keypad when upright to QWERTY keypad when on its side, turn the web browser to landscape mode with a single tap, among other features.

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