21 Aug

With people such as corporate executives in the country’s business districts, journalists covering their beats, and actors in remote location shoots, professing their love for BlackBerry®, people are starting to take notice of the smartphone and desiring it as a status symbol.

But more than just a status symbol, BlackBerry is growing in popularity in the Philippines because of its reliability, cost-effectiveness, and wide array of useful and convenient features.  Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) as well as its partner telecommunications companies have been making the device more accessible in terms of design, features, and even price points, giving consumers options for a BlackBerry smartphone that suits their lifestyle.  

However, no matter what BlackBerry model one avails of, a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) is needed to truly maximize the features of the smartphone.  With this service, the BlackBerry smartphone becomes more powerful than one can expect.   

BIS is an e-mail and Internet service for BlackBerry devices that is designed to provide subscribers with automatic delivery of e-mail messages, mobile access to attachments, convenient access to online content, and easy connection to popular social media applications such as Facebook®, Twitter®, BlackBerry® Messenger, Yahoo® Messenger, etc.

Subscribers can add up to ten e-mail addresses for supported e-mail accounts to their BlackBerry Internet Service account.  The BlackBerry Internet Service is designed to retrieve messages from these integrated e-mail accounts, push them to subscribers’ BlackBerry devices, and provide wireless reconciliation.  Subscribers using Google Mail™ can also synchronize contacts between their online account and their BlackBerry device. 

Besides these, a new BlackBerry e-mail address can also be created for subscribers to send and receive messages on their BlackBerry device.  What makes e-mail service on BlackBerry unique is RIM’s highly regarded push technology, which compresses data and allows users to save on costs and maximize battery life. 

With BlackBerry Internet Service, customers can also download BlackBerry App World™ directly to their smartphone.  Available through or, BlackBerry App World can be conveniently accessed over both Wi-Fi® and mobile phone networks in the Philippines.  It automatically presents customers with the relevant catalog of applications available for their specific BlackBerry smartphone model.

Popular downloads include Facebook for BlackBerry and Twitter for BlackBerry.  The ease of updating one’s status and tweets through social media applications on BlackBerry has proven to be very useful in helping users maintain and enhance relationships with their closed ones.  Another favorite application is BlackBerry Messenger, which forges a special bond between BlackBerry users as it provides a convenient and cost-effective means for them to stay connected.

E-mail and messaging capabilities, BlackBerry applications, and constant access to one’s social network are only some of the experiences unlocked by the BIS.  As it becomes more available from leading carriers in the Philippines, the BlackBerry smartphone is one’s go-to assistant in maintaining work-life balance.

For information on the BlackBerry Internet Service, visit or inquire with your telco provider.

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