Gearing up for the next wave of growth in IT-BPO

21 Aug

In the Information Technology-Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) industries, the best Next Wave Cities for outsourcing in the Philippines in 2010 were recently announced. Davao topped the list followed by Sta. Rosa, Bacolod , Iloilo , Metro Cavite, Lipa, Cagayan de Oro, Malolos, Baguio and Dumaguete. Also, Angeles-Clark progressed from the list of Next Wave Cities to join the likes of Metro Manila and Metro Cebu as established IT-BPO locations.

This is an initiative of the Business Processing Association of the Philippines , Commission on Information and Communications Technology, and Department of Trade and Industry to spread the growth and benefits of the IT-BPO industry in terms of more employment, higher incomes and increased economic activity, as well as ease salary and rental pressures to support its continued expansion.

According to Ms. Gigi Virata, Director for Information and Research of BPAP, they follow a scorecard ranking that weighs the availability of talent, infrastructure, cost and business environment. The largest criterion is talent with 40% in the overall ranking as the amount and quality of available and appropriately skilled workforce remains the biggest consideration.

Another major factor is the infrastructure, which is at 30%, as IT-BPOs look at road accessibility, available international and domestic flights, reliable power supply and suitable office spaces, among others. Another major requirement is the presence of fiber optic network providers in these new growth areas. These companies need reliable international connectivity and a strong domestic backbone network, as well as relevant managed solutions that would fit their specific requirements in the sites they set up in. These together with quality talent pool are key requirements in raising the level of Next Wave Cities as prime locations for IT-BPOs.

Conscious of the needs of IT-BPOs as they expand to the Next Wave Cities, Globe provides them with a strong nationwide domestic network (data, voice and internet) that seamlessly connects to its international network, enabling IT-BPOs to run their operations smoothly anywhere they choose to move and locate in the Philippines . Backed by the network infrastructure of Globe, IT-BPOs are assured of reliable fiber optic connections outside of Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Metro Angeles.

Globe has put into commission its second fiber optic backbone network (FOBN2) that spans over 1,900 kilometers of inland and submarine cable, covering most areas of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao . This is expected to further boost the quality and resiliency of Globe network services required by enterprises as FOBN2 serves as protection route for network traffic that is currently carried on FOBN1. FOBN1 is a parallel Dense Wavelength Division Multiplex (DWDM) transmission system built in early 2000. With such infrastructure in place, Globe extends domestic and international services to the Next Wave Cities.

Through its Globe Business unit, it also brings various product offerings that enable enterprises to establish and grow their business. Its connectivity solutions allow IT-BPOs to connect their new site to the headquarters using E-Line or Direct Leased Line, or they may choose to connect multiple sites to one another without having to build physical lines through the MPLS network of Globe. Direct Internet offered by Globe Business gives constant, high speed, dedicated internet connectivity to ensure critical information sent get to their destination. Should enterprises have sudden short-term projects that require higher bandwidth, they can choose to avail of the Burstable GiX. This is a dedicated internet connection that has the capacity of up to double bandwidth bursts so IT-BPOs pay only for the additional bandwidth needed at a given period instead of upgrading requirements when the demand is only for a specified purpose. Also, Globe Business offer Carrier Ethernet services that are certified by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) as conforming to the MEF 9 specifications for service providers, a first in the Philippines ’ telecommunications industry.

There are also various managed service offerings of Globe Business that will enable enterprises to utilize available infrastructure without having to build their own, enabling them to manage the growth fluctuations that the industry may experience. One of these is the Managed Voice Services that allow IT-BPOs to make calls to the US , UK , Canada , and all countries in the world using a pay-per-use model, allowing companies to account for the seasonality of its requirements. It also offers Managed Internet Protocol-Private Branch Exchange (Managed IP-PBX) that allows IT-BPOs to add or remove new extensions simpler and faster, truly allowing them to manage growth variability enterprises may face.

Globe Business even provides Globe Hosted Contact Center (HCC) and Globe Data Center services to IT-BPO firms as part of its range of managed solution. Globe HCC is an end-to-end solution that offers the full features of contact center applications, enabling enterprises to add new, incremental seats to their operations as they move to new locations without having to build new infrastructure. They can also choose to utilize the Globe Data Center , a world-class facility that provides the highest level of security, availability, reliability and redundancy. It is the only multi-site data center service in the Philippines , with four data centers spread out in Luzon and Visayas, and has the largest commercial data center space in the country. Globe Data Center has an ISO 27001:2005 certification for having met the Information Security Management System standard and an ISO 9001:2008 certification upgrade for meeting the Quality Management System standard.

As a premier ICT solutions provider in the Philippines and ardent supporter of the IT-BPO industry, Globe built up its capability to address the rising demands of the sector through the years and meet their requirements today for expansion to the Next Wave Cities. It has also established strong partnerships with key industry players providing them the right communication solutions for their business needs.

As part of its aim to provide relevant ICT solutions and deliver unparalleled service to enterprise customers, Globe Business provides IT Consulting and Business Consulting services to them. It collaborates closely with key stakeholders, understanding the needs of enterprises and the challenges they face in the industry, to help find ways to improve various facets of their operations through customized solutions that fit their demands.

“Globe Business remains strong in the IT-BPO industry as we continue to record double-digit revenue growth in our corporate data business. In the first half of the year, Globe posted 18% increase in fixed line data revenues to reach P1,697 million. To support the rapid growth in this sector, we expanded our network of high-speed data nodes, transmission links, and international bandwidth capacity as we provided for the connectivity needs of the key players in the IT-BPO industry,” said Jesus C. Romero, Head of Enterprise Segments at Globe Business.

Globe Business is helping the IT-BPO industry continuously post strong growth and supporting the Next Wave Cities as they capture the opportunities that these businesses offer. IT-BPO firms are increasingly expanding to other key cities nationwide and Globe Business is ready for the next wave of growth set to happen across the country.

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